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Nissi Cosby
I’ve been studying magick since 2015 but I just acutally began practicing it December 2017. Being a obserer most of my life, and not an action taker, held me back from expericieng the wonders of Magick.
Sigl Maigck, Candle Magick, Knot Magick are a few of my favorites thatsw ive recently used. And im defifnlty looking forward to eploring more about them.
My current goal expanding my writing skills along with reading. I write poetry and also use them in my practices. Hoping to display a book for future people that’ll be interested. I’m currently struggling with keeping my focus on writing ideas, but I’ll hang in there. Thankx guys!


Hello, I am Isaac. like you’ve all guessed I’m a skeptic towards unseen forces but that didn’t stop me in the sheer curiosity of something new no matter what it was, Bored, I started scanning through about 4 books composing of topics of Palmistry, Divination and Astronomy. This actually became fun since I liked playing around with people I would start asking for their palms, laying down playing cards, rolling dice and some more. From then my peers would start making fun of me and as if this “Shit” was really, as a good actor (that’s what i thought) I said yes, but more importantly did I believe it? No. From there I started diving in other books and since I was still considered Mentally health I rationalized it was all psychology, so that is what I divided straight into, with that said I got into lie detection, NLP, Hypnosis, Meditations, Cognitive Psychology and heck even Animal Psychology. Now with all this said I am no Expert at any of these fields… Fast forwarding 1 year I’ve got into the same dilemma I Magick Real or not? Then E.A Koetting, I remembered his first video I’ve seen, It was something about Love Spells from there His videos would interest me more and more… What a persuasive mother fucker then comes a video about evoking Godlike powers, “here goes nothing I’ve said” First sense was Fear after 3 repetitions Chanting and Chanting, I’ve continued just to do it, then A dire curiosity came I started collecting books all that are related to the occult, Now I’ve got 1000+ pdf Files just waiting to be printed out

To be continued…

Type of Magick I like is Binding

My Current goal is to round up some people to make a change for the evolution of our race

My current struggle is I guess Fate it is going very slowly


my name is mobin im a student ,broke of corse :sweat_smile: and i moved to a different country ,recently i have been trying to educate my self about the world and etc i do not believe in existence of a single god, or creator but i believe in different dimensions and being who live there ,
i have been searching for a place to educate my self on magic thus far i have only learned little about the third eye and the wonders that are just beyond my reach .I know nothing ; and i dont know any way to start . i do how ever have strong experiences and have deja vu at least 2 times a week so strong that i wonder for a moment if im sleep or not :joy: so i know there is something there .i look forward to learning


Oof ok so I’m Chi and I’m a beginner black magician. I’ve been interested in witchcraft/occult since I was a young girl. I really really really love anything and everything to do with demons, entities, and death magic. I got really serious about my craft after confirmation from an otherworldly being that I would be really good at this. My current goal is to get past level one of the Antichrist Training Manual. Hmm, I have a lot of struggles I suppose? My main issues would be that I’m terrible at focusing on my path and a lot of other things distract me from doing what I enjoy. I’m absolutely terrible at meditating because i can’t still my mind or my body. I also struggle with finding where i actually want to go with my path but it switches so often that I’ve just decided to go with the flow.
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Hello Chi, what kind of meditations do you know?

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Enlighter! I like the chill of your choice, Definitely my first time here

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hi isaac ;do you have any idea where should i start? i mean what is the most basic thing i can start on?

I personally started with the so called nonsense vocalizing where you just make sounds until you catch a word or phrase and start repeating that over and over until you feel like not doing it any more and wait for the next day by the way i do this at night before I sleep, but since you mentioned Deja vu that seems that you must go to someone on astral projection on that, I’ve started astral projecting to a point where I come back I don’t remember why I was at a certain area of my home and of course i eventually remember, I’m very inconsistent with it though so I’m no expert on the topic

I really just attempt to do a basic lotus position meditation but slightly modified. Following my training, I direct energy to my Sacral Chaka while I meditate. If that makes any sense.

Of course, Now there are two types Grounding and Trance State are you aware of these?

Probably not.

I am new to the balg forum. I have been watching EA koetings videos on YouTube for a little over two years now. I find the occult very intriguing and interesting from an intellectual/spiritual perspective. I have never practiced magic. I am thinking on using a money candle spell to get a little extra cash. any suggestions. does this work or would I just be wasting my time?


Hell-o and welcome. Is funny that you started with JoS as I did (not really, I dont like em), but as a first step to your own path it served its purpose which is a good thing. Hope your son gets better soon.

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We can devour the world together!

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Yah a lot of them dont like me now lol. Oh well. You’re right it did serve its purpose. Got my foot in the door so to speak. Also thank you I appreciate it :slight_smile: he has actually been a lot better since last night

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Hey Timothy I’m Paul from the UK I’m here as I’ve always been interested in the occult and watching videos of yours on become a living God it’s got me more into it. My goals is to be able to astral project and explore other dimensions. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated .


Take a look at the links in this post: Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum - #2757 by Dinmiatus :+1:

Also, this thread for inspiration. :smiley:


Hello everyone my name is Lilith Luna Gonzalez-Vivas. I am interested in black magick and blood sorcery but I haven’t done any magick yet. My current goals are to learn more about Satanism and to start hormone replacement therapy, My current struggles are finding people who accept me for being transgender and coming out to my family. My other issue is my gender dysphoria


Hey, my nickname is wicker. I am interested in the arts, I used to roam these forums for quite some time and I decided it was time to create an account to share my own experiences and connect with other occultists more. I am keen on chaos magick. In the meantime, I’d like to get working with beings of Goetia to enhance my life.