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Hi! I’ve been browsing BALG For a couple months and finally decided to make an account. My name is Veronika and i’m new to LHP. When I was a baby I had a lot of “imaginary friends” which i now know were spirits, and i started reading tarot at 13. Wicca and white magick never appealed to me, which was frustrating because I thought that was the only way to communicate with the other side. This summer a couple of my addictions got out of hand and I wound up getting sent to a rehab a couple hours away from me. Upon arriving I met someone who gave me a book on astral projection, and started talking to me about sex magick (Which I’ve never heard of before) (Another scorpio of course mind you ha), aleister crowley, and the left hand path. I had no idea what it was, any of it So I immediately was interested. When I got home I started looking around the internet and found this forum, while I was reading around the posts I just got this feeling and knew this is what I’ve been looking for. My entire life I’ve never felt connected to anything up until now and i knew this was the path i wanted to take. I’m an extreme newbie so i’ll probably mix a lot of shit up on here and embarrass myself but it is what it is. Heres some pictures of me.



Welcome, I hope you find everything you need here.


Thank you :heart:


yes…my twin and I…or is it me and my twin? grammar…blah

yes, simple to learn and yet hard to execute properly w/out sounding like a total moron

know which one I am!!!


oh how awesome…childhood pics and the way OUR PARENT’S USED TO DRESS US

smacks forehead

Can we at least match…please…or not.



I started my magical path being teenager, but mostly struggled with different cards divinations and slowly learning anything I could about magic … which for sb raised and living in Poland is quite hard. Last year something has changed - I am not sure if this was in me, or just I started to see things other, but it speeded up my path for sure. Currently I am trying to work on my Kundalini and focus mostly on my path, especially after some dreams which “forced” me for it.
Currently struggling to learn evocation.
As I wrote before - I came from Poland and my real name is Marta
I am computer graphic, which is also my hobby and I am 28,
Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hello BALG,
Long time lurker here and tonight I decided to make an account. I did not see an introductions category so I hope General Discussion is okay.

I’m DreamScythe and I have always been obsessed with my own brain! A really cool Earth Science teacher in high school introduced me to meditation and ever since I have been on a quest for something greater.

I think I may be able to contribute here for anyone interested/posting about dream study, lucid dreaming and even some astral travel - however I’ve never been able to leave my room regarding OBE’s. I’m working on it. :blush:

I also work with crystals and am on my way to better understanding tarot cards.

I’ve worked with Demons Of Magic by Gordon Winterfield with success. Shout outs to Bune and Paimon. :wink:

I have already learned so much from reading all of your experiences and stories. Thank you!


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thanks for the help


Greetings! :slight_smile:

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Hi. I’m a korean. My magick name is Audreen.
My goal is to succeed in astral projection and communicate with the spirit existence. And being a great black magician.
I want to find a mentor to lead me.
Great LPH


Hello everyone my name is Sandy and I live in Dorset, UK. I was born and grew up in traditional hereditary witch family … always been drawn to the left path however when I left home and tried to make my own way it was just easier to keep “everyone else” happy to avoid confrontations etc. Been running my own holistic therapy centre for almost 10 years which is great and have worked along the Shamanic path for many years healing peoples deepest emotional turmoils.

However, I feel the need to explore my own being, I am 50 years old in a few years and to be honest I actually feel bored and felt I have reached the ceiling in what I can do physically. I know ive been soul traveling for years but usually unconsciously. … To finally be able to find a course that takes everything back to basics to learn to soul travel properly has been a real eye opener for me and although I have only just started the course, my dreams and my readings have already gone to another level.

Currently experiencing a few issues actually separating from my physical body consciously due to overwhelming nauseousness but I’m pushing through that.

For the first time in a LONG time I am actually starting to feel like me.
Thank you everyone


Greetings fellow Brit! :smiley:


Greetings returned :smile: thank you :hugs:


Hello i’m not really sure how this forum works but hey im really new to any form of sorcery or occult paths if anyone could help i would really appreciate it

my name is Johnathan
i am interested in black magick and norse sorcery
be able to invoke a spirit successfully
lack of experience and knowledge


Hello everybody! I call myself Sortiarus (latin word for sorcerer), I’m a gay man, 51 yo, raised and living in a small town in the south of Brazil, near Uruguay. I was raised Catholic but early in my childhood I was introduced to sorcery through some Candomblé rituals. In my youth I was introduced to Umbanda and Kardecism, in fact I “developed” (they say this) in a white table for almost a decade. I joined also an spiritualist circle called Esoteric Circle of Thought. Later in the college I discovered Qabalah, Ritual Magic and Neo Paganism and started doing my own magickal experiments. In the late 90’s I and some friends set up a coven to study and practice witchcraft but the coven ended in a decade. Now I walk my path alone. I’m into crystals and Reiki. I earn my living doing tarot readings. Since major happenings three years ago I am gathering pieces in order to get strong and move ahead. After those happenings I started studying Hoodoo, Conjure and Rootwork, so I started working with Psalms, Angels and Saints and it has helped me much. Some sort of synchronicity brought me here today. I have been feeling that I need to deepen my understanding of some subjects. Thanks the creators of this community for this opportunity! Greetings all!


You’re not in any trouble with Lilith love, in fact she loves a good healthy dose of blood :slight_smile:

Good job :slight_smile: yes she’s terrifying but that makes it all the more exciting.

I and other forum members have written about her, all you need to do is use the search function.

Remember the best teacher is experience. Until you experience her for yourself you’ll never truly get a real understanding of her nature


I have already started to experience her but not too much… It seems like she is both terrifying and friendly. Both aggressive and peaceful. She chooses her prey based on certain characteristics that She hates but also finds close family members based on the same process of judgement. I dunno… Now that she is part of my life along other of my demonic family i will understand Her better.

Edit: I am also approaching Her incredibly careful. Both out of respect and awe but also out of fear not to mess it up badly out of lack of understanding and prejudice.


Enjoy the journey it’s going to be a fun ride :slight_smile:


Greetings everyone! Ok so hopefully I’m posting this into the proper designated spot for introducing oneself as new to the BALG Forums. If not the right location for this, please kindly advise me and I’ll repost at the right place!

Alright, onto my introduction. I’m a 35 year-old, straight, single male from the famous “GETTYSBURG” Pennsylvania. Go ahead and “google it” if your not familiar with the particulars of where I’m from and desire to know more about it. In brief, GETTYSBURG is a popular tourist designation every year for its past involvements of events surrounding the civil war. It’s also notably one of the most haunted locations in the United States, in fact, I believe hearing before that it qualifies in the top ten list according to some sources! I’ve personally experienced numerous accounts of paranormal activities and events in this location so I can confirm to some degree the accuracy of this claim.

At the present time I’m no longer living in Gettysburg but I’m not too far from it either. Still living nearby in a small town in Pennsylvania.

From a very young age, I’d say a few years preteen plus, I’ve had an enormous amount of interest and zeal in the subject of metaphysics. Fortunately for me, growing up, I had a very close relationship with several family members from both sides whom had intense knowledge of the various umbrella of subjects under the category of metaphysics / new age.

Here is a sampling of the subjects of knowledge that I’ve either taken an active interest in or that I’ve obtained a working knowledge of;

**All of the major “new thought” religions to include; Unity, Science of Mind, Christian Science, and Divine Science. Also have had a general interest in the philosophy of the major eastern religious views such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

**Older works by authors such as Neville, etc. whom paved much of the way into modern new thought, new age, metaphysics, magick, “the secret”, “the law of attraction” etc. whatever label you choose I find that it’s all got much in common and truly not all to much in disagreements among the various path workings.

In no special order; crystal healing, chakras & auras, color therapy, music therapy, vibrational therapy. Energy healing. Alternative medicine and the movement that goes along with it. Think about Kevin Trudeau “Natural Cures” they don’t want you to know about. That kind of thing along that subject matter. Aromatherapy, meditation, yoga; in particular Siddah Yoga.

I’ve also been blessed or cursed to some extent by further awakening in the matter of individual sovereignty. The true nature about our relationship to so-called governments. I’m aware of and advocate belief in individual sovereignty and ones God given rights. Check out the writings and ideaolgies of Lysander Spooner, Larkin Rose and Marc Stevens. That will cause a major shift in consciousness which I believe is fully compatible with truth one discovers in study of magick.

I have an ambition to start a local study group at some point in the near future where one can learn about magick, sovereignty, and natural health, as many if not most, eventually discover the other two movements as well, and find them to be complimentary to their overall approach and study as a whole.

I’d absolutely love to find a comptable partner in the very near future. Someone with whom I can have to call as my best friend and lover both! I’ve come to the realization that my success in a relationship is in large dependence on being with someone already well established to and/or acceptant of occult views. It’s really that simple for all the obvious reasons for those whom are awake or in the process of awakening.

I’m a big fan of magick! I have been successful with candle magick, divination by use of rune stones and tarot cards, and divine healing.

At this present moment I’m in the process of rebuilding my life from the ground up. I’m looking to engage in genuine friendships along this path. I suffered a major heart attack in July 2017, just several days prior to my 35th birthday. I’ve been making steady and consistent progress along the way. As I’ve stated I would deeply be greatful for new long term genuine life long friendships. Even a lover, if that possibility presents itself!

I’m greatly thankful for each and every contributer to BALG and it’s underlying concepts. I feel a great affinity towards E.A. and his early years and I feel we have had much similar in growth processes of the past in our younger years.

I’m enclosing a few recent pics. I hope that this brief intro and all who stumble upon it find great success with their application and appreciation of magick. I’m open to any and all relationships that may result from my posting here and look forward to being an active participant in this group! Love to all!

In Godlike power and boldness
I am Phil



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