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I am a 33/F from PA. Trying to find my own truth to all magick. I began with a self journey of discovery which led to learning about the arts; numerology, astrology, chakra/energy work, tantra, shamanism…tarot…crystals…maybe my REAL problem is focus? However, everything fascinates me and I am in love with it all…trying to find my place within this world of “blah”. I wish to live not just to exist. Finding the passion and purpose…the darkness is my calling and light. INFJ. Introvert. Red head. Eclectic and abstract…I am not into the ordinary. I am looking for my dark prince…why are people so hard to find in real life to make such connections with? I guess saying your ideal date would be to go to an abandoned cemetery, museum, talk magick, and walk in the woods really is a turn off? Lol…I just wish to apply my knowledge as that is my current struggle. The application…the “seeing”. I also wish to find a clear direction if possible. Some real connections with like-minded individuals. I have found myself pulled to all types of magick and backgrounds…which only makes it more difficult. To me they are all beautiful…they call me all in their own ways. Although, I have always found myself pulled to darker things.


hmm…I never smile…sooooo let me post a SMILING picture…(think I heard this my entire life…I hate smiling actually…)


I’m right there with you. I hate how my slanted smile ripples my cheek in photos. Haha. Looking good. I was actually struck when you first came on the forum, by the fact that you look like you could be a member of my extended family.

This is me. Informal and formal (trying to be a model)

But we think that often of strangers. My Mom found an enormous creepy old photo at a stranger’s estate sale that looks like she and I once, and keeps it in her bedroom.


Lovveee it!!! Get it girlllll. ;)))) hehe


Yeah…I try sexy and it is like total fail. Lmao

I am more of the weirdo who just wants to be free and whatever in the woods…wilddddd. But…unfortunately societyyyyy frowns upon such behaviors booooo


You can pull off photo sexy easily if you have a photographer that gives good directions. I’m usually just a weirdo too. :slight_smile:️ I got a set for free to help a photographer build his portfolio.

My face is so red in the first one cuz I had been clearing brush and machete-chopping privet.


So…for trauma work, bc I cannot remember to process properly to rid myself of my awful ptsd and anxiety…any suggestions? I struggle with childhood and incidents from teenage years (don’t we all) but…on a serious note, needs processing badly. Holding me back, but cannot remember.


Hello everyone! I have practicing Magick for over 12 years now, but have really only begun to make real progress as of the last few years. My scope is wide and I try to find any scrap of workable magic from any system, however my approach is strictly Left hand path and Hermetic. I traditionally began by studying Crowley and Thelema with Chaos Magick. I am also an Independent Comics writer and artist.

My focus as of late has been towards Dark Ascent and Evocation.

Much Love to the proprietors of BALG and to all the members!


Welcome! I have some history with indy comics art and publishing as well.

You should be able to find plenty of help with that here. =)


Ask for a read in the power sensing thread. Be prepared though cause you may hear some things that will scare you a little bit.


Hi, my name is CB MacAoidh and I am a dabbler in black magick. I joined this forum because I want to learn all about it and meet new people. I also wanted to join to apologise to Lord Asmodeus for my behaviour. I was extremely rude and should have been more respectful.

I am very sorry.

And Hello everyone.


Thanks for the the welcome! What kind of comics and such?

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Core shamanism can help a lot with this kind of thing, you can travel in spirit worlds and work with the energies of what happened to heal them, and they’ll often take a symbolic form that you can interact with to acquire knowledge.

I’ll send you the first part of the process to learn this method by PM.


Sure thing! I’m sorry I missed your message. My name is Jack. I’m new to magic so I’m not too sure about what magic I like, that’s why I’m exploring the optional. My goal is to find meaning in life and within myself through the arcane arts. My struggles would have to be my past and how it haunts me


Hello all! I’m Liz and I’m pretty new here, although I’ve had this account for a month or two. My lack of posting probably just came from a little anxiety (what should I post, where should I look, how relevant/irrelevant are my questions and so on). But i was reccomended to check out this place by a friend and every time i came to him with a question he said “hey, thats a good question for the forum, why don’t you ask on there?” So here i am, newly 23, caught trying to find a balance between science and spirituality and trying to make sense of this world and my place in it.


I’ve done print and web, as well as illustration and I manage a webdev group now. I have a lot of contacts in the industry, actually. I can PM if you want to know more.

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Welcome to the family Liz lol


Lol thanks man

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There are no stupid questions