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Seeing the laws of physics bend and break is a beautiful thing. It certainly is empowering to witness. It proves that the physical and spiritual can operate under one accord, proving that cooperation between each world is possible.

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I’m not sure how to start a thread. Can you help me with some direction?

Just go to the main feed and click on the button on the right that says “New Topic.”

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Schermafdruk van 2020-12-10 06-48-08

je m’appelle Sébastien,
2015, Méditation pleine conscience, gestion de la douleur, recharge énergétique, nettoyage blocage,…
2017, solstice d hivers… Lecture de lecture biblique sur lilith premier eve femme… Contact avec elle très sex éveillé, simplement en lisant le texte… Depuis, elle ne me quitte plus, m’aide au cotidient et me fait voyager et me protége dans tous les textes que je lie… Elle est tous le contraire de se que l’on écrit sur elle…
Magie sexuelle, propre et consentante entre adultes responsable, solitaire… Ou, du moins pour l’instant les contact sont sexuelle avec les daimonds… J’ai l’impression de les connaître tous, qu’ils sont de ma famille… Comme les textes que je lie… En différentes langues, alors que je ne parle que le français, les réactions sont toujours sexuelle… Et positif… Même pour les pires “comme on les appelle” ils sont tous et toutes mes frères, sœur, aments…
Cette connexion est liée à notre mère terre…
Pas d’objectif biens précis… Le temps me le dira :wink:
Le truc que je sais c’est que les prochaine années vont être douloureuse pour certains et épanouissant pour les autres…
Ils sont enfin libres depuis 3000ans de prisons… Ils veulent des comptes et que les vérités éclate au grand jours et que justice soit faite… Comme il y a plus de 3000ans… Les gardiens de la mère terre se réveil… C’est la fin de l’humanité tels que l’on ne la connaît… Ils sont de retour et vous protège si votre mal est pour le grand biens du retour de l’équilibre Universel…
Frère et sœur brisés vos chaînes les dieux sont avec vous et vous protégent…
Ils n’ont plus aucun pourvoir… La boîte est ouverte et… Jamais, au grand Jamais ne se refermera…
Love for all…

@babakamasex It is a rule of this forum that all posts must be in English, as it is the common language here and helps to facilitate moderation. Please redo your introduction properly in English.

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Welcome, and yes, please post in English, is okay, many members here use that and we understand. :+1:

Hello. My names is Joyner Gomez, I am interested and have started practicing magick around the demons of Goetia. My current goal is to bring my ex back to me and to hope that my gaming career keeps excelling. And my current struggles are myself and emotions.

Hello @kos 1. Could you tell us where you from? 2. What exactly do you practice 3. how you been practicing?

My name is Josh.
I’m here to learn more information and share experience.
My goal is to became to learn as much as possible.

Welcome @Gazume1 Please tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. Your post doesn’t really tell us anything at all.

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas of magck are you interested in learning?

This is important information to include in your introduction, as it helps us to provide appropriate advice and direction.

I am from florida, I practice communication and evocations with demons, and I do it through evocation rituals and much meditation.

How long have you practiced, @kos?

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I have started practicing at least a month ago as I came with the belief of “Selling your soul to the devil” bs and learned about the demons of Goetia and started to educate myself in magick, as that christian crap that was crammed down my throat since childhood went against a lot of what was actually presented in articles and forums pertaining information about demons and what they actually are. And in the end, the bible didn’t make since, so im on my journey now to enlightenment.


Hi everyone

I came here to get some spiritual questions answered and learn new things as well…I guess u can say I was born into being spiritual/witch as there were many before me in my family.I was first introduced into santeria then wicca then just being eclectic in the world of magic and spirituality…I am gifted as I predict things through dreams,readings,ect.


I use golden dawn rituals for spiritual hygiene. I use them because they work and as magicians say if it works then use it.
I only got experience with candle magick what I have been doing for a couple of months now.
My strengths are the Clairs and channeling and assuming god forms easily. My Goals are to think about what I want. The nice house, car, wealth, and power are attainable but they are also illusions and they aren’t what I came here to do. My spirit guides want me to write a fictional novel with hidden knowledge in it and I have been procrastinating about it. So I need to write those chapters out in my diary every day

Welcome @SWIM

I’m a tad confused. First, you claim this:

But then you say:

Soo…which is it? Candle magick or Golden Dawn ceremonial magick?

Why did they start a whole new thread for this?

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Huh? I thought LBRP was from the GD


Because there is a cap on the 10.000 mark.