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@Worthless How long have you practiced magic?

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Hi! It’s really nice to meet you all! I’ve been using this forum since I first started my craft as a lurker, and it has genuinely helped me out so much in terms of discovering my path and being able to understand the entities I interact at a deeper level. You can just call me Stonks lmao, like the meme (maybe that’s just a gen z joke ;c). I’ve been informally practicing for I guess almost 4 years now but started intensely practicing a couple months ago when I started delving deeper into demonolatry. I still very much consider myself a beginner to the occult and the left hand path in general. I’m a sucker for working on my astral senses and enjoy protection magick as well as baneful magick. My biggest goal as of now is to cut through spiritual materialism and make the majority of my craft primarily in the astral as well as fully develop my clair and astral senses. I’m currently starting on draconian pathworking and hope to go into qliphothic pathworking in the future as well as refining skills of invocation, evocation, and potentially channeling. I’m still fairly young compared to a lot of other practitioners, but I’m so excited to be here and learn from others who are just as enthusiastic about the subject as I am!


I am Aiden, I was recently introduced to Lord Satan and the Left Hand Path by a kind friend.
My goals are to manifest success in my academic career through communication with a deity coupled with hard work. I’m struggling to get girls too, though I believe in myself and that it’ll happen when it’s time.


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @raffele34.

Where are you from?

Do you have any experience in magick? You haven’t told us whether you do or not.

Hi there! :smiley:

Please do answer the questions from other members so we can talk as people and not just random screennames. I take it you’re in the UK? :smiley:

I am as well!

What brings you to magick?


Incase any of you haven’t heard it yet. Check out that magnifying glass :mag:. You can use that search feature to access our absolutle wealth of knowledge that has been gathered here. Just take a moment and search. Youll probably find all your questions already answered. Seriously, give it a search before you waste your time asking. You’ll probably find the answer you would have been waiting for in a reply.

Secondly, if you dont even know what exactly it is you’re looking for. Check out this awesome post. Its a repo of a lot of useful tutorials aimed toward new people. I am constantly picking through here and learning new things.


I am from India and I have near zero experience with magick

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Hello Everyone! As of now i have no real expierence in magick Was reading about ways to summon the angel of death and stumbled on this site!. . Currently im trying to get back on track with my path and find myself again for a part of me has been lost.

Hi all, not sure how much personal details I’d like to reveal given the content of my posts.

Anyhow, I’ve been practicing hoodoo for the most part (basic candle burning) and chaos magick (sigils) but I want to “graduate” to stronger stuff now. That’s all I guess?

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested.

Where are you from?

How long have you been practicing?

Hi, In Brian, A former Bible Basher, then former kabbalist, turned tantrik, who decided you have to experience ‘truth’ and ended out seeing life as living in a question - not just get hooked up in speculations turned into dogma. Now I am blessed to increasingly confront my own inner adversary, see the light in the shadows instead of run from them.

I have a keen interest in psychology, occult and religious history. I find it helpful to understand what people believed in the past, instead of being caught up in New Age feel good distractions, brian2


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @opus125

What do you currently practice, and how long have you practiced it? You haven’t actually told us anything about your experience beyond saying you’re a former bible basher and Kabbalist.

Don’t cut through “spiritual materialism” too much or you’re doing the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. People get so caught up in trying to deny the ego, that they are actually making their “ego” more influential.

Have you ever tried learning from (or embraced) the bible? This is something people have believed “in the past”.

Hi, I’m Danielle. I’ve been actively researching the occult for the past two years, focusing on mostly demonic and angelic magic. Besides from tarot I haven’t really been actively practicing. The more I read the more I feel like I don’t know anything. I have a handful of GOM books and have tried a few small rituals from them without much success. I struggle with visualization. When I close my eyes there’s only black. Images don’t come no matter how hard I try. My senses are clouded and I’ve been told I have multiple blocked chakras (heart, crown and possibly throat and root). I am able to somewhat visualize with my eyes open, like picturing scenes while reading a novel, so I feel like there is some hope with that lol.
A little more background, I was raised Catholic, refused to get confirmed, was atheist for years until
I started down this path. I live in the US (NH). Anything else you want to know just ask :slight_smile:

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Welcome Drizzo.

If you dont mind me suggesting energy work by Robert Bruce its a book
This will teach you tactical imaging.
you dont just have the 7 main chakra you have millions of tiny chakras allover you body.
If you open your energy on your legs this will increase the flow of energy in your root chakra.
The book will train you also to improve your visualization open your chakras and heling and this will help you to have strong OBE because of your strong energy u will be able to push out more energy makeing OBE so real that this reality seems like an illusion.

Also if I may recommend Psychic self Defense by Robert Bruce also a book. You can find these books on Kindle.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Thank you! They’re going on my Amazon list right now :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Of course … I used the term Bible Basher to critique my earlier black and white thinking that excluded realities that did not fit my world view. As a student of Biblical Greek, Hebrew and Archaeology I soon realized the heterogenous diversity of the past. I now seek to see every history or myth from multiple perspectives. Behind every story, there is a human struggling to square their beliefs with a world shaped by inequality, paradoxes, and distant historical forces.
I embrace the contradictions and perspectives to invoke (or evoke) the unfolding of the question.


You intelligently described what I too try to do, except with current events.

It’s hard just to see our current events from multiple perspectives objectively.

I feel it’s necessary to a degree to think black and white. For example, it’s impossible to make a decision, like should I take out the trash or do laundry first? Imagine doing both at once. :grinning:

But yes, I really feel you and know where you’re coming from.

This is an excellent way of putting it. We change/form ourselves and beliefs to adapt to the world. This is hard and there are so many different beliefs and perspectives, because of all the “paradoxes” here on Earth.

I like you already.


Hello members of the forum. Please call me Charlotte. I’m 19 years old from South Africa. I have been lurking on the forum for a few months now and this is my first introduction.

I’m a skilled astral projector (using unorthodox means I would rather not disclose) and possess whatever knowledge I have in fields such as evocation and baneful magic.

I’m also open minded and wouldn’t mind trying out other forms of magic in other fields, except I’m sexually ascetic.

After years of struggling to attain ritual tools and ingredients needed for evocation and other rituals, I resorted to astral projection since I read/heard rituals are performed a lot easier in the astral plane (although I don’t know how effective they are). It’s a lot easier for me to work in the astral plane than at home where I live with a strictly religious family and have a room barely twice the size of my bed.

I have botched a few evocations and these failures led me to trying out astral projection (I hope I was right in making this decision). Now that I can astral project a couple of times a month and the length of time I spend outside of my body has increased dramatically, I now wish to get down to serious business.(if you can, please explain to me if astral evocation is beneficial than evocation in the physical world)

I hope we can assist each other on our journeys and treat each other well. A friend, Charlotte.