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Thank you, and welcome to BALG!


@DarkestKnight I finally did it!:sweat_smile:

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Hello, my name is Joseph.

I have been off and on when it comes to magick. However, I do wish to change that.
I guess my current goals are to improve my senses so that I can work with evocations.
My struggles would be my hectic schedule and a horrible tendacy to procrastinate and be lazy.
I joined this forum because there seems to be alot of good information, along with many active users.
I look forward to the help and interactions I can get from this forum.


Hello! I’m David and glad to be apart of this forum. Ive been following it for awhile now but finally decided to sign up. I’ve started getting into black magic about two years ago and am just now starting down the paths of African Voodoo. I formed a few pacts with a couple spirits and while my goals were I’m sure like a majority of people to have more money, etc. Ive noticed the big thing the spirits want out of us is growth, which is why i’m exciting to connect with others in this forum. My Current Goals is to step in to my full god-like power like we all have naturally. Current Struggles would be mastering the art of scrying and other divination techniques such as tarot cards and shells.


Welcome to the forum!


Description about myself.I am from Fiji Islands and searching for love and relationship. I hope this will work on my ex girlfriend whose in Sydney, Australia. I want her back with me for life.

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How do I post my greeting and introduce myself here

By doing the same you did in this message. Just type :wink:

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Hello, all!
My name is Jesse and I mostly study Druidic and Bardic magic. I’ve also been delving into Solomonic texts and reading up on Noridic lore and magics.
I am in the United States, though I move around a lot.
I hope to learn from many of you and share my own findings as I can!


Howdy, I am Siconyte.

Former wiccan.
Former rhp pagan.
Former Christian.

I saw what I was doing wrong, trying to impress others, and I turned from that into stagnation.

I only recently picked up the athame again, but with a much clearer and much more self centered goal.

I am a natural energy worker, and I think I’ll fit in well here.

Although E.A. and I would probably have some tension between us, I am glad he started this project. I respect him as a fellow magician.

The flows of chaos are unceasing, one must utilize what is there. Black magic is not evil, it simply is.

I am primarily interested in deepening my understanding of the myriad spiritual currents, and since the other ways didn’t have the answers, I’ve found that the LHP does have them, and is more than willing to divulge that info.


hola, soy farmaceutico de profesion,se de espiritismo venezolano, reglaosha e ifa,palomonte, aunque no soy practicante en este momento, no hay buenos guias, y solo quieren sacarte dinero, asi que estoy recorriendo mi camino espiritual, soy enkista, hace poco y tarotista, al igual que reikista, de niño veia y escuchaba algunos espiritus, siemnpre estoy queriendo aprender, y llegar a algo que de verdad me guste, y no sea tam complicado como la santeria en la que me inicie,pero no segui descubri este portal ayer, me parece interresante leer experiencias y aprender acontactarme con mis guias, yo mismo gracias por recibirme hablo español.

Hi, I’m a pharmacist by profession, I know of Venezuelan spiritism, reglaosha and ifa, palomonte, although I’m not a practitioner at the moment, there are no good guides, and they just want to make you money, so I’m traveling my spiritual path, I’m Enkista, recently, and tarotista, like reikista, as a child I saw and listened to some spirits, I’m always wanting to learn, and get to something that I really like, and not be as complicated as the santeria in which I started, but I did not continue to discover this portal yesterday, I find it interresting to read experiences and learn to connect with my guides, myself thanks for receiving me
I speak spanish


AradiaX, I checked out their store website and I’m definitely going to be go and see Sen for a reading among other things. He even offers courses on various subjects! Thanks for the info!

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No problem! He’s read for me a few times and he cuts to the chase no sugar coating anything :joy:. Too bad you just missed hex fest I think it was last weekend they had a huge cookout

I had my kids anyway, and no way am I bringing them to New Orleans. The city has just become too dangerous imo. To bring them to anyway, they’re (almost) 7 and 8. Just curious, without giving away too much information, do you live near New Orleans, or just visit the city a lot?

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Oh I don’t blame you it’s definately not a place for kids.

No I’ve yet to go to NOLA but it’s top of my list. I just know quite a few people who live there and I think the city is beautiful

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Hi! I’m Isabella and I am interested in all types of magick, but mostly black and kitchen magick. I hope to be a doctor one day, and to be an… okay witch, hopefully good witch. Current struggles are age, anxiety, depression, and items for witchcraft(i.e. athame, wand, ect.). I hope we can all be good friends! (:slight_smile:


Welcome to the rabbit hole! :wink:



I’m happy to have found this forum and the wealth of knowledge and experience here. I’ve been studying evocation for about a year. I’m interested in learning more about different disciplines and traditions and especially like to dive down into how these things evolve over time.


Hi Tenebrae,

You sound like an interesting person. I was reading your post a while ago and I was thinking that I would like to ask you some questions in a private massage, but unfortunately I still haven’t figured out how to send someone a private message (I am not really familiar with any type of fora, so I might have missed something)…I was hoping you could tel me how that works? Thanx in advance!


Shamala Dagdagrion