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Welcome to BALG forum, newcomers.

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And I hope you enjoy the ride here.

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Hi Everyone

My name is Julie-Anne and have huge interest in finding out more.

I was raised in an all girl catholic boarding school so was very conditioned.

Ive been a practising wiccan for many years. But things have not sitting right with me for many years and feel I need to answer questions I have about Lucifer/Satan and demonology.

To be given the chance make up my own mind and learn from them. I know its all misunderstood history and I want to be able to learn more.

I have been researching about Lucifer and demonology and hope that I can have the chance to work with them. I keep being drawn to Lucifer and this calling has been going on for a while so I need to do something about it.

I do not want to harm anyone nor do I crave or desire anything except to respect others and learn what I can.

So… I annouce the start of my long journey and looking forward to respectfully getting to know everyone and advance my skills and learning and hearing about other peoples experiences.


Hello everyone
I don’t know what to say lol anyways I’m new here well it’s my first day I like all kinds of magic but I prefer black one I have never tried it before <<because I don’t know how >> but i read a lot about it since I was 15 I wish I can learn it and I hope could know how to communicate with the spirits …


My name is James aka monpaix1105
I’m Interested in the occult form of Majick left and right hand as I believe in balance. I’m not sure about my current goals I don’t have any that I would like to share publicly but I know my struggles and I work on them.


@Ari @monpaix1105 Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG!

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Me, outside of Sydney.



You’ve come to the right place.


Hi everyone, I’m Tyler :slight_smile:
I’ve been silently reading the plethora of knowledge in this forum for many months now.
Figure now’s the time to be a proper member & introduce myself.

I’ve never done magic by the sense of wiccan or black, but I participate in rituals with one of my tribes(Hopi) for my clan & our kachinas.
I’ve always been interested in Beezlebub since childhood. Just drawn to him for whatever reason.
I am Hopi, Mohave, Tongan & Jewish which causes a lot of spiritual annoyance for me.
I have Christian, devout Jewish & hardcore traditional family members all pulling at me for the sake of my soul. :confused:

I hope to use the resources of this place to further my personal knowledge of beings who aren’t restricted by human constructs.
Also, it would be interesting to meet gods of my ancestors by their different names. Maybe they would take on different forms per name? Idk, but that would be interesting, lol.

English is not my first language, so if I make grammatical errors or just mash words together, sorry! Lol :smirk:


You may refer to me by the username I’ve selected. I am a practitioner of roughly 2-3 years and have been studying just as long. I have experience in a few traditions and forms of magick, such as necromancy and more. If you’ve questions, you’ve but to ask.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -
Arthur C. Clarke



Hey another Jewish Indian! Tips hat. :wink:


I simply do not know where to start a new comment on mobile so I hit the reply button on a comment.

Hi all, I am an aspiring magician. Although I still am a follower of a traditional belief system, I’ve been involved with the paranormal throughout my life and have begun an inclusive attitude for different practices and paths. My interests are mysticism, Tarot, Norse runic magick, I Ching, Enochian (mostly Aethyrs), the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo, curanderismo, philosophy, physics, and music.

I am always aspiring to push myself to the limits of my ability. I am an affirmative existentialist, not seeking a meaning of life but making my life meaningful. Philosophy wise I am versed in existentialism, Whitehead’s process thought, and the work of Hegel in addition to postmodernists like Derrida and Deleuze. I find their work is very informative for the clash of science, humanism, and spirituality.

Spirituality wise, my path began with purchasing my first tarot the Crowley Thoth. Since then I’ve delved into other decks but it is still my primary. From there I learned about his work and began a review of paths before and after. I’m not a thelemite but I agree with a lot of things he said and taught. Then I went on to read about Levi, Agrippa, Dee, DuQuette, and Paul Hughes Barlow. My presence here might seem strange though since I primarily work with angels. It was after reading “Tarot and the Magus” that I began noticing how Grey everything is, even dealing with spirits that otherwise I wouldn’t consider because of my beliefs. This became a further point of study to see how magick corresponds to my traditional belief system and turns out there is a lot of lee way. Divination seems like weather forecasting, prayers can be invocational or evocational, etc. Some people like to associate RHP with Order and LHP with Chaos but both can be interchanged depending on what needs to be accomplished (inducing chaos to free someone from oppression; inciting order to gain traction in life). So my path would be a synthesis, the Clasped Hand Path.

Struggles wise, in my youth I’ve had very transformative experiences that only later turned out to be me either making contact or creating thought-forms who are still with me. I haven’t developed much with them aside from developing mental workings. So I’m trying to make those connections stronger. My biggest hiccup though that I have to overcome is to actually perform a working. I’ve only done a handful since I started my path and all have worked out. It stems from my own personality for trying to keep the peace with others until I really need to alter the currents in my existence. So I feel that this site and the knowledge therein will be beneficial to me. Perhaps not all of it but I’ve already found some kernels of truth to pave the way in my path. I’m a very eclectic person in the style of Krishnamurti and Bruce Lee- use what is needed, leave out what isn’t. A last point, part of my heritage is Basque and am always looking for resources regarding their ancient beliefs and practices.



My name is Kylie.
I’m still quite new to the whole left hand path thing.
I got introduced by a friend mid 2017 and fell in love with the left hand path.
My goal this now is to learn as much as possible and gain more knowledge from people as not many information are out there in the open.
Currently, I’m trying to figure out how to work with different demons at a time.

Its nice to meet all of youx


Hello, I am Lucy. I practice Necromacy, sometimes use Goetia and Enochia. Also I practiced Vampirism in many forms during past 23 years. I believe in destruction more than in anything else. Nice to meet you all.


Welcome and I wish that you fulfill your quest for knowledge&wisdom in this life :raising_hand_woman:
Simple wish from my soul to yours :raised_hands:


new member;

mid 20 yr old residing in the PNW, introduced to occult sciences at a young age, mostly practicing sigil work, tarot, eastern philosophy, yoga, tantra etc i joined the forum because i have recently been attempting to communicate with spirits/demonic entity and balg seems to have the largest network of practitioners i have found thanks


Me too. Welcome to BALG forum.

My name is kelsey honestly i am uncomfortable with showing my picture, ive always had a connection with magic i have the ability to see the future in dreams and sometimes visions for som unknown reason ive been connected with demons but mostly reapers the beings known as the grim reaper throughout my entire life they kind of became like my closest friends although sadly they no longer visit me, i am new to the actual practice and seeking a mentor, but my main goal is i wish to become a succubus. I was raised in a Christian atmosphere where the practice is considered evil therefore ive told no one about this, only my aunt who told me that most of my ancestors were witches and that magick is in my blood and that one made a pact with the reapers to protect those in my family that has the ability to use magick but she said that she believes that i am the only one of my family with this ability in this generation that is still alive. Therefore no one in my family could teach me many of them disowned the use and marked it forbidden for any children in my family to learn or even know about it i wish to learn i thought the reapers would help but as i said i haven’t seen them since the last time a demon attempted to kill me by setting an illusion of a drowning child since i had no knowledge of how to swim