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Apologies for quoting but the forum is proving somewhat recalcitrant on my mobile.

I am Lisa, brought up pagan / wiccan but found it far too fluffy for my tastes and so after a 20 year break I am back and trying to find my way on a more left hand path.

I have studied Hoodoo fairly thoroughly and many candle magic systems, a little Chaos and a little Golden Dawn. Nothing quite fits yet.

I’ve been meditating daily for over a year and finally FINALLY started my astral breakthrough. I’m hoping to find a detailed study plan / curriculum here.

Hello all!


Thanks for the warm welcome @FraterMagni, yes my intuition tells me that magick will bring my meditation experience to a whole new level. Cheers my friend!


Im rose and learning this path since last year or what i mean to say my heart since before im a pagan since the last two year and satanism im reading about them,im living here in singapore,i want to learn black magick not to harm people but this path is my call.


Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG! Enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

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Thank you,can enlighten me about my envoking king paimon?

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Take a look at this seminar on the principles of evocation:

Then run a search on any specific questions you may have (incense, people’s perceptions of his likes and dislikes, etc) and ask questions in a new topic if you cannot find what you seek, or want more information. :+1:


Welcome to the forum @Kellin. Make sure to make use of the search function. There’s a lot of good stuff here spanning back several years. In regard to your next post, lots of stuff here about King Paimon. If you don’t find what you need in @Lady_Eva’s link or the search function. Just post a question about it.


Hi I’m mati My life used to revolve around building fast cars and women blissfully unaware of magic and possession was complete Hollywood fantasy until I went to stay at a place for homeless people so I could be with my gf it was an old nunnery or something. This place was creepy lol. We decided to make a ouija and I was hooked Anyway long story short I had this marathon session alone on the board and blacked out and woke up to a whole new world of spirits and demons talk about baptism of fire for 3 years it just fucked with my head as I tried to comprehend wtf was. Happening making me think I was specially chosen then making me believe I was imagining things then it was gonna kill me blah blah until I felt this different more powerful energy who basically told me that I should take a leap of faith and do a dedication to Satan as I couldn’t find any real help so I signed my name in blood that’s when Iasked for real help and within days an energy just turned up and the subordinate was dealt with. My plead for help was heard and now I’m talking with different entities they talk through my voice and I’m on a whole new rollercoaster and I’m loving it



Thank you I will check those out.

Hello all, I’m Naztoya, or you can call me Naz if you like. I’m in my early 30s and have been a witch and pagan for about 10 years. I’ve touched on LHP topics over the years, but now I’m delving into it completely and want to learn more.
My current focus is demonolatry and theistic Satanism in general, though I also work with Egyptian reconstructionist and draconic paths. I am also working on developing a stronger connection with the dead.
I am also disabled due to an autoimmune disorder, and while my body no longer cooperates with me, I want to transcend my physical limitations through elevation of the Self.
I look forward to participating here.


Hi all - by way of introduction, my name is Courtney and I am from Brisbane on the East Coast of Australia. As a lifelong explorer, I call myself a supernatural realist, exploring traditions to get to the heart of what they teach. Oddly enough, all the useful stuff seems to lead back to the same point whereas the dogma and cultural differences seem to be just that. I am looking forward to participating in the become a living god community to share the experience of member. In my spare time I am a lawyer, sit on the board of a tech start up and wedding celebrant.



I’m Janson,

I’m kind of a newbee in magick world.

I want to learn evocations and rituals.

I want to acquire wealth and pass in some difficult exams.


Well the envokations literally have dozens of threads here and fyi dont expect all magick to work the way you want.

Lol nice!

uhmm im a female not male lol

Sorry didnt know

its all good… :wink:

Yes so just trying to check out a few things . Thanks all …

Bit scattered with life happenings. Ha !

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Well let’s see. My name is Liam, I’m an empath, and I’ve been studying magick for three years now, but nothing too intricate.
I really enjoy divination finding I’m quite good at it. I can read tarot quite well and usually read for those seeking an answer for something.
Other than divination, I’ve mostly just done more white magick things because I had a teacher who was quite strict with that so that was all I really knew,
But I’ve branched away and have been quite interested in the art of necromancy. Really it’s something I’ve always been fascinated with but never attempted.
So yes, that’s a bit about myself, I have excitement to explore the rest of this site