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Hello My Name is Lilith Night, but my friends call me Emo Teen. The magick of my choice is black, but I have not performed any rituals for Satanism or any magick since I dedicated my life to Azazel. My current goals are to transition from male to female and to become a high priestess of Azazel. My current struggle is dealing with my ptsd and getting acceptance from family for practicing Demonolatry


Hi everyone! I’m new here. Didn’t know where to post my first post, hope this is the right place? So, i am 30 something girl from Finland. English isn’t my native language so forgive my grammatical errors :laughing:.

As a child I’ve had very restricted upbringing. My parents were very religious and I grew up believing in god and hating Satan and everything it represented. Maybe around 20 years old I started to be fascinated with Satan and demons. I already believed in them so this was a given. I started to pray to Satan for things I knew god would not grant me. I did it out loud cause i was told that he couldn’t hear thoughts, only god would. So I was quite surprised that I was granted almost everything I was asking him. At first I thought it was a coincidence but later on I started to really believe that he did it. It has been over 10 years and I must say it has been incredible what he has done for me. The stuff his been helping me with had something to do with love and seduction. Well almost always anyway.

Now I’ve been following this forum and I’m intrigued more and more about the demons so many of you seem to use for different purposes. I’d like to learn this.

You may call me a satanist or whatever. But I don’t quite like to see myself that way. Becoming a living god is really what inspires me. But isn’t that what Satan is all about to us humans? Religiously anyway. Remember what he said to Eve at paradise: “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God”. -Bible

I’d like to know if there is more people like me? Perhaps from similar backgrounds? I sometimes find it hard to shake those religious beliefs of right and wrong, don’t you? :blush: Anyway I’m glad that I’ve foud you.



Welcome. Your post is in the wrong place, but was great to read anyway for lots of reasons. I’ll try to remember that you’re a “whatever”.



Thanks, means alot! :blush: and again so sorry for my misplaced post. :flushed:


I’ve merged these in to the correct topic, many thanks and thanks to @HermDemon for posting the link. :+1:


Incoming! :rofl:

Dropping a fresh welcome basket off.

Enjoy everyone and welcome to the forum :grin:


That was on my foot you dick…


Well ya should have moved :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you Brother!
I also seem to understand things better when I take time away and come back to the path, which is always really good…

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Sure, always happy to help others if I can! :grinning:

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Thanks so much, Brother!!

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Hello everyone, I’ve been told I should post something here, so here I am!

My name is Lucas Menezes, I still consider myself a novice, however not a dabbler. My main “area of magick” is norse magick, but I’m also very interested, although not all that good, in evocation, speacially with the beings in The Book of Azazel an Kingdooms of Flames.

I’m currently in a bad financial place so if anyone has any tips I’m open to it.

I guess that’s all!
Best of Luck.


Hello fellow travellers,

My name is Tom. I have always had a thirst for Truth and the unseen worlds. The most interesting teachers to me have been the ancient Greek Philosophers (especially Socrates), Orphic Mythology, DMT research, OOPARTS and Prehistoric Civilizations. I am also a big fan of the Eastern Traditions and The I Ching. Recently I have been delving deeply into Falun Dafa, a prehistoric Cultivation method.

I hope to chat with you folks soon!


Hello, I’m Margaret.
My favourite type of magic is shapeshifting. I always wanted to be able to physically change my body into anything I want.
I found BALG by actually searching ways to perform shapeshifting on google.


Hi i am Hocine and i gound this site when i was searhing for pacts and demons and how to do pact successfuly i. Am searching to make a pact with Paimon and also learning from others .


First step is calling him King Paimon :wink: . Second is evoke and work with him and others plenty. Dont begin at pact


Thank you @KingOfHearts616 it’s been two days that i began meditating seeking his help and after every meditation( which lasts 1h or sometimes more ) i feel weird and all my thought fade away and i feel empty inside just thinking about king paimon and after half an hour i begin to realise that i have finished meditation is that a good sign ?


If you have experienced something with king paimon please help me how to do and tell me how to conect with him


Hi my name is jewel . I love doing jar spells, that seems to be working great. However i want to do black magick i find it very welcoming of the energies. I am new to this but have help a few people with problems.
I am presently struggling with communication with these entities. i have seen the power they have and respect them fully.
I am about learning and welcome any advice and guidance
thank you .



Welcome :slight_smile: there loads of meditations on youtube to help you open you clairaudiance and clairvoyance. so start there with some guided meditations. :slight_smile: