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Hey guys
This is a rewrite of my introduction
I’m Eliza all my friends call me Liz, I can’t think of another name yet I could do with some help with that guys
From childhood I always thought of myself I didn’t fit in anywhere family especially. But I was still a typical child with an abusive mother, well physically and mentally well if I did something what wasn’t normal she would nip me til I bled and lock me out of the house in the cold in my vests and pants for days I had to try and feed myself. My dad ( I thought he was ) was hardly around even when he was he was verbally and physically abusive. From the age of 2 I was branded Satan’s daughter and calling me a demonic child, so I was in and out of the care system. As my mother couldn’t handle me as I loved to run around and be mischievous.
Then at 8 year old ( I never had night terrors, if I did I didn’t notice them) I saw an entity at the same time as my mother ( who got me away from foster parents, so she didn’t loose child benefit) was thumping and kicking my bedroom door saying that an entity was eating my mother but I new it was her ( as it’s something she would say) and that I was a freak of nature and that she wishes I was never born. But this entity was comforting me in bed making sure I was tucked in and to calm me down but as I calmed down and as my mother had stopped scaring me he went.
At about 10/11 year old my mother died I was put in to long term foster care the family locked me in the bedroom all day everyday only let me contact for meals school and chores. I was angry all the time lashing out throwing things but what they were doing made me worse I was even more angry. They ended up throwing me down the stairs fracturing my elbow then smashed in side of a cupboard causing me to loose consciousness and 16 stitches of the side of my face the cuts just missed my temple. At this point I was seeing entities it was like a side show. At the time it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. At 14 I moved into a children’s home and I dropped out of school as I was getting bullied. I was estimated to get A’s and b’s in science, french, German , English and history. Rest of my family abandoned me. At 16 I moved out on my own in supported accommodation I hated it I was still angry as ever. This time it was with my so called father, I kept on telling him he wasn’t my dad as if he was my dad he wouldn’t have left me in care and that I didn’t look like so he tried killing me by trying to crash his car with me in it whilst on the motorway
Then I started college and studied history and got into witchcraft , that’s when it started I tried doing spells but they didn’t work only 1 truth spell. At 17 my dad and gran died and that’s when I was told on 2 separated occasions that he wasn’t my dad. They didn’t know who it was so I have hit a brick wall in finding out. If anyone can help who was with hazel maxfield just before 1984 as I was born on 26 July 1984 I was supposed to have born on the first week of September any tips tips would help


I am new to magick. I started studying about the occult/magick in November, 2016. Found out about occult/magick through the EA Koetting Youtube channel.

Kinds of magick I like : Baneful Magick, THG Visualization, working with the goetian demons

Current goals : to be financially set for life within 10 years using magick and hard work

Current struggles : invocation

I love reading non-fiction books a lot and have read almost 15 books during the past month on the occult. Book of Azazel is my favorite.

Thank you so much to everyone on this forum for so much information and for sharing your experiences.

Edit : I have performed a blood ritual with 3 entities for 7 days straight. I will let you guys know the consequences/results in a few months.


Hello there! My name is Stephen but I prefer to go by Kajo.

I’ve been a pagan for about two years and only discovered balg and the left-hand path a few months ago. I work mostly with Cernunnos. My favorite kinds of magic at the moment are soul travel and sex magic.

My current goal with magic is to change my paradigm from a white magic right hand path paradigm to a black magic left hand path paradigm. To me, that means actually using magic to alter outside reality in accordance to my desire.

I’m currently struggling to evoke cernunnos to full physical manifestation.


For now, I’ll just go by Aza. Just had an interesting experience, and found myself subtly guided to this path. Don’t really know where to begin, but I have the funniest feeling it’ll come to me, sooner or later. I’ve had experiences piling up through out my life, and it seems to be culminating into something, what it is, I’m not exactly certain yet, but I’ve decided this is a path I’m pursuing, I’m a textbook INTJ (however much stock one chooses to put into the Meyers-Briggs test), so, I’ve got the kind of mind that makes things happen. I’m always down for a good theoretical discussion.


Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum but not so new to the idea of magick. I joined the forum because I am interested i learning more about magick, it’s history, teaching, and etc. I have been following magik for about 7 years now. Researching and reading certain things online and whatever my friends have passed me or suggested. My first introduction to magick was Liber Chaos/ Liber null and etc. obviously I am not skilled enough to even think of attempting anything discussed in those writings. I have a great respect for magick and what it can do to better man kind and the world around me. Over the years the urge to practice has grown more and more. I suppose that is why I am here now. I would like to start practicing. If anyone has any information I should read for a beginning alchemist/ magician It would be greatly appreciated. I am highly drawn towards helping others and building up others as well as building up myself my surrounding and situations around me. I have no urge to hurt harm or change the will of any person with in circumstantial reason. I would like to consider myself a alchemist and would love any help moving forward in my journey.

Thank you,


Hi my name is Kenneth I’m fairly new magick, I’m only really good at candle magick so far and I have been trying to branch off to other forms of magick.I’ve been trying astral projection but I’m have some problems with.

I got into magick when my parents told me stories about there experiences with it. All though they abandoned it I got interested so started researching everything I could on it and found out how to do candle magick and I eventually found Become a Living God on YouTube and watch everything I could on magick I saw there. Now I am currently working on astral.


What’s up!
I’m Lucas from Brazil. I started studying occultism last year. Went through a lot of struggles with religion/path seeking etc. Right now i’m studying stuff from Samael Aun Weor, which i think it’s nice but since it has a lot of religious BS i’m kinda thinking on leaving already.

I saw the videos of E.A. At youtube and Timothy’s black magick manifesto. At first (about 6 months ago) i didn’t like it (RHP mental control lol) but now i’m realising this is probably the best school of thought I’ve came through. I’m just loving the discussions on this forum. So much wisdom here!

Anyways, i kinda struggle to even start any magickal practice… I still fear of evocations and rituals. I’ve participated on a ayahuasca ritual on 2015 that left me with a slight sleep disorder and ironically that was what made me in search for occultism knowledge. Learnt a lot from that and still learning :smile:

I hope i can contribute to the comunity in some way and thanks for the awesome work at BALG!


Welcome - I like the fact you’ve got off your backside and done some research.


I have found that each one is an aspect of the whole, and each one is within you just as you are a reflection of the whole. If that makes any sense. Anyway welcome!


Your name: Steven from Ontario
• Kinds of magick you like: Just beginning primarily reading LHP related stuff and things for protection
• Current goals: to stay married and have a successful fulfilling marriage and family
• Current struggles: Marital problems and magical attacks


Try searching my posts for the words Hathor candle for information on her, she’s a strong protector of marriage, and one of the oldest known goddesses in this cycle of human history.


Hi my name is Alaina I want to learn what all of the demons can teach me.I don’t know what type of magic I like yet.


My name is Hali. I’ve always felt that I’ve been driven by something darker. I’ve recently become very interested in Black Magic/voodoo/satanism among other things, and I’m attempting to learn about them. It’s actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, but then again, most people are afraid of these types of things.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this website and I’m hoping to make friends and learn from you all as I’m so interested in everything. I haven’t found places that are super welcoming yet to teaching people who aren’t very educated on any of these topics, but there seems to be a lot of great people here. Thanks :slight_smile:


welcome, fellow ontarian!! nice to see someone else from the north on here c:


Hello, I’m Castalia, I am here anyway. Castalia was the name I chose when I took my first fledgling steps into magic and esoterica when I was 16, after a book told me I should have a ritual/ceremonial name. Let me apologize if this post comes through incorrectly. I am still learning about the forum.

I will be 33 years old this March, and I live in the rural boonies of Upstate South Carolina, USA. I was raised in a version of Christian Pentecostalism so strict and strange that their parent church disowned them, so I rebelled hard. I would call myself a magnet. From the age of 6-20, I saw and heard things frequently, that few others did. I had incredibly meaningful dreams as well. This all intensified in my teens to somewhat impressive dimensions in which I affected someone’s health and held eventful seances. In my 20’s, I did Datura with a self-proclaimed Shaman and it seemed to have narrowed the doorway. It’s just harder to get there from here now.

I’ve perused your experiences here and they fascinate me. So I am here to gain insight and knowledge through them. I want to know truths that go beyond the meat and the physical. I also desperately want to insure that I never have to come back here in the case that reincarnation is real. I don’t relish being human. I would also like to find ways to lessen suffering among our whole species, if only in a psychological way that eases the angst of our state of being, and makes people less unhappy. I was drawn to Traditional Gnosticism for these reasons.

I’m not comfortable posting a photo at this time, but maybe I will be later once I’ve gotten to know this community. Thank you for your attention and your wisdom.


Hello my name is Debora, I’m 30 years old and I’ve had some time to study occultism. I started in my teens reading about chaotic magic and practiced for a short time some things inside the Chaos Magick. For some years I distanced myself from these purposes by dedication to other areas of my life that consumed my time. Due to some personal problems I currently have a little more time than before and my goal is to practice and learn more about chaos magic and black magic; My current difficulty is to get rid of some astral attacks that I have had that have brought me problems in my life very badly and with that protect me and manage to solve my life with my own efforts without the intervention of my enemies.


Hello brothers and sisters my name is Mike and I’m from calexico california and I am very new to this but i am very eager to learn all I can about black magick


Don’t worry I work with king paimon but I struggle to evoke him fully but I can tell he is there


Hi all. My name is Damien. Yes I have heard all “The Omen” jokes. Live in a small town in rural Queensland Australia. Went to a religious primary school. Was left with an intense dislike of organised religion by the time I hit puberty and sought out alternatives. Thanks to limited books in the library and no or limited computer access I was unable to search further until recent years. I stumbled across this site and feel that it has made my growth explode in speed. I can only guess how many other people are in the same situation. I never thought about brainwashing seriously until I realised I was a victim of it the same as the majority of the population who have been lead to believe entities apart from angels and god were evil. I am so thankful for finding this site which has opened my eyes. I now trust entities like Sallos and Marbas and look forward to becoming more experienced. Also thank you to all who reply to what will possibly be some pretty inane questions but hopefully my posts will help other newbies in the future.
Hail Marbas
Hail Sallos
Hail Dantalion
Hail Vual


Welcome Hali, to the forum nice to meet you, welcome to ascension.:sunglasses:

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