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After a minute on this site, I knew I have found a place where there are those like me.
Many years ago i bought the “Satanic Bible” by Aleister Crawley I think; I was searching for a path; a brotherhood, i was reading books on wicca, warlocks, almost everything i can get my hands on freely. It’s been years now and the stress of job and family got in the way of me growing spiritually. I am still a newbie but with this forum I think i can learn and grow. I am interested in the Left hand path, chaos magic and the like. There is so much to read but I will go thru it; i am eager to learn, eager to change my environment physically and spiritually, I want to change and control my environment.
Glad to be here and so inspired by someone who just joined as well "Murdered_Sun - I read your intro, that could have very well been mine.

Welcome @blackscorpion999

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If you do, what, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced?

If you don’t have any experience, what areas of magick are you most interested in learning?

Welcome @AmirLuciii

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, how long have you been practicing?

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @PissedOff

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions of magick, or do you mainly work intuitively?

I am from The Bahamas- a few practise Voodoo here - I have not truly practised any - one time I chanted to the Haitian Goddess Damballa while focusing on a major raffle here in town and got 2nd prize. I am interested in the Left hand path - i dont know specifically what but I’m about to read up on Asmodeus “devil of sensuality and luxury” since those things are always on my mind. I am open to suggestions; i am still going thru the forum reading when i can.

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and, again, welcome to the BALG forum.

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Mainly on intuition or what I receive from the spirits or entities I speak to

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Thank you for the welcome and again my apologies for my bad start

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No worries :slight_smile:

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Well, here’s my intro. I don’t really have a magick name yet, and I’ve been practicing for about 4 years. Although the results have been…very poor honestly. I started with Wiccan magick and that wasn’t getting me anywhere at all, but Chaos Magick seemed more my style. So I switched over and gotten some actual results. But my experiences haven’t been much. Some astral projection, a lot of lucid dreams lately, and I screwed up my summoning ritual. I want to practice onmyodo and evocation, but part of me is kinda scared I’ll probably screw something up and something blows up. But I’m working on it. Anyways that’s me, ask me any question you want

I started with the Satanic Bible, too

Yes i do, I have done a spell and a hex so far, the spell was a cord cutting one(i meant to do a Love Spell with lord Rosier but it seems i did the wrapping part wrong and did a cord cutting instead)

and the hex was a brake up hex which i did to my crush and her bf.

I also tried doing a honey jar but someone whos an expert told me that i gotta be a Hoodoo,or hvae one to do it for me otherwise I can’t do that because its closed atm.

it hasn’t been a long time, like i said im new to, but im planning on doing a lot in witchcraft and magick.

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome to the BALG forum.

You were told incorrectly. Many people have had success with such jars even if they don’t practice Hoodoo.

Hi all, been lurking this forum for a while and finally decided to join after months.

I’m from the Baltics and I’ve always been close to spiritual practices and mysticism since childhood, but only 2.5 years ago I started seriously practising, mainly ceremonial magick plus some stuff that intuitively feels right for me. Recently I gained interest in communicating with spirits, and as angels seemed so distant to me in the beginning and as I wanted to expand my praxis, I turned to demons and that is how I’m dabbling in LHP now.

I can’t pinpoint with what exactly I am struggling, as I feel that my praxis, mindset and knowledge has shifted so much thanks to the massive amount of information on this forum and recent workings with demons/angels, and I know that I’m just at the beginning of everything - right now I am just concentrating on developing my psychic skills and inner alchemy work (with material manifestations on the side ofc :wink: )

So I’ve been looking around this forum for sometime now and stumbled across Duke Sallos. And when I found out about him my mind went crazy like he was just stuck in my head. Like I would research him night and day. But enough of my obsession, I once had a girlfriend my first love she was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. We had to stop dating because my family moved away but I just feel like it wasn’t supposed to end that way at all… and also I’ve never really been into Christianity or any of that Satan and Ramona always interested me as a kid and now. But I’ve been meditating with his sigil and his enn for about 3-5 days now and yesterday morning after waking up I decided to meditate with his enn and his sigil on my stomach (while laying down) . I already have experience with astral projection and lucid dreaming so I’ve been meditating for like a year now so getting into the zone is fairly easy. But with his sigil on my stomach and probably because I just woke up this time was different. I started to slip into my dreams and I was getting a lot of weird images of me like in some weird places like grass fields, deserts, icelands, molten lava places. It was weird but what was even more weird was I kept seeing Duke Sallos and his alligator or crocodile ride past me. I got this vision like 4 times in different areas then the 5th time I just jumped on and started to ride with him. I know this is gonna sound crazy but He took me to her house and Me and my Ex dated for 2 years and I know the whole layout of her house and the location and he took me there. Me and Duke Sallos walked up to her front door and he opened it, he led me upstairs to her room and my heart was racing so fast. He said “Is this who you speak of and desire?” I replied yes. I told him “I just want her back in my life I miss her soo much I need to speak to her again I need her”. Duke sallos replied “So be it” he stomped his feet and flames ran up from the floor everything was shaking and I woke up. I still remember every part of that dream and it just keep replaying in my head. Please give your thoughts on this !

Im Astral_Mage from Houston, Tx. I was raised Catholic but the teachings never resonated with me. I have always had an interest in the occult and now at the age of 33 finally decided to try. I am interested in Astral projection, summoning and learning from spirits and the pursuit of wisdom. I have recently acquired a copy of the greater key of Solomon. I have read and tried to summon the first Spirit called Birto. I was hoping to have him appear before me and and I recited the spell for 2 hours on the correct day of the moon. He did not show. I have not been able to find anything on the internet other than a short reference to Birto in the forum. Has anyone successfully invoked this spirit and seen him?
Thank you for your help,

Welcome @Lostboy111 Please tell us about yourself. This post is all about your dream and doesn’t have enough information to meet our intro requirement.

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick beyond astral projection and lucid dreaming?

If you do, what, exactly, do you practice? And how long have you practiced?

Do you follow any specific systems or traditions?

Welcome @Astral_Mage

How long have you been practicing?

Not very long. This was my first attempt. I spoke with someone from the local magic shop and he said I should be fine as long as I followed the directions exactly. I believe I did follow the instructions exactly though there are footnotes stating that an abortive with a dragon drawn on it is used in some versions of the spell. I do not know where to acquire abortive vellum though.

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What’s up, I’m kind of just scrolling learning and such based on experiences I’ve had with a Succubus and some other stuff that I wasn’t aware of till now scrolling through the forum. My name is Shah my magick name is at least, I haven’t really tried practicing any kind off magic. When I was younger my parents would do all these different kind of rituals to protect me from the “eye” and such since then I’ve wanted to learn black magic so I can really defend myself and such and live my life peacefully. One of the clearest ambitions that I have is learning to balance my life in this reality and learn to project myself in different dimensions and such. The hardest thing I really struggle with is learning to be comfortable with the idea of using black magick and such. I want to learn and experience different things in life. That’s why I’m here now making an account and not just aimlessly doing research. I want to meet others and learn from y’all. Thank you.

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