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Was stressing but keeps getting better.


Hello Nyx here
Im 23, from slavic part of Europe
Rune magic, seidr are my main thing. Id like to know more about the ceremonial magic, evocations and high magic. Im happy to talk with someone, exchange experiences.
I’ve always been this way, lots of LD and oneiromancy, feeling the other entities. Im not scared of any of them. They like recpect.
Also im an addict and okay with death. Feel free to talk to me. :slight_smile:


Hello, I do not know my real name. I do not know my real name which my mother gave me. I have not found my magic name yet.

The kinds of magick I like is communicating with deities, manifestation, and evocation.
I want to gain more knowledge of magick and effectively practice.

I have a great sense of fear which is challenging for me to overcome, I am not effective in evoking and manifesting, I think I am entities and want to get rid of such thoughts, and I have a hard time organizing and have very poor time management.


Welcome @Unknown_Person

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, how long have you practiced?


I have very little practical experience in magick. I have done Lesser Banishing of the Pentagram a few times, tried to evoke, and have done some rituals for my self protection.

I have been practicing from December 2020.


Hi, I’m Madalin from Romania.

I haven’t done any magick, besides a contract with Satan/Lucifer revoking my orthodox allegiance which I got at birth without asking for it, although I’m not entirely sure this would be classified as magick.

At this point and throughout my life I just want to keep evolving and I am ready to sacrifice anything to that ambition.

I’m now struggling in deciding between working with the light or the darkness, since I feel a strong pull towards both of them. But in the end I believe I’m going to end up working with both because choosing only one would feel wrong.


Hello Everyone. I guess I’ll go by Nomad. I have just over two decades of magical practice under my belt. I started with candle magick, now I mostly work with entities and some highly experimental magick.

Current Ambitions? Shadow work

Current Struggles, I’ve neglected my weaknesses over the years and focused on my strength and it’s really affected my love life.

I’ve been reading the forums for a few months, and decided to join tonight cause I saw a topic on hagith and was given a sign that I should respond.

Nice to meet you all.



My name is Kristian and I’m from Denmark, so english is not my first language forgive me.
I’m new to evocation but have practiced basic magick for a decade. At the core I’m a Satanist introduced by Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible. I then moved on to S. Conolly’s Complete Book of Demonolatry. At my occult studies I have also come across Initial Into Hermetics and The Practice of magical evocation and Key of True Kaballah both by Franz Bardon. I practice also chakra chant meditation often incorporated in my ritual magic temple. I working with creating amulets and talismans.


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @anon8398376.

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?


Ceremonial magick I worked with ‘modern magick’ by Daniel Kraig probably the longest, since it was my first book. Then I came across the old yahoo chat rooms and learned bout chaos magick.

These days I love practical magick. From the likes of at least a dozen different authors. HOWEVER! I was not a big fan of Damons Enochian Magick book so much so that I’m hesitant to try Corwin Hargrove’s new book.

I’ve worked with just about every class of entity. I’ll choose different kinds for different things. For example when it comes to revenge I have a 100% success rate with Djinn and have always been given feedback by the target. The feedback is nice, usually if I curse with demons the target most likely will suffer in silence.


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Frater Anen here.

I live in Sweden and has been into several areas of the occult for about 25 years now. It all startet out with lucid dreaming, and developed into full astral projections when I was about five och six years of age. Everything then evolved after reading Modern magick by Donald Michael Kraig

My current ambitions is to get better in evocation: My current struggles is that the results vary. Some times contact and results occur. Sometimes nothing happends though my preparations are pretty much the same as the last time it worked


Hi my name is Kenton but you can call me Burrito. I’ve been practicing magick for 7 months now.

I grew up in a Christian home and never felt right in it. Had depression for several years and grew to hate the circumstances I was in. It made question my worldview I had and everything I once knew. I eventually found about magick and knew it was what I had been searching for.

I’m no longer struggling with my past issues, but I sometimes struggle to stay focused on things that matter.

I really got into foraging and learning about plants and mushrooms last year. Plan on using this in my magical practice this year. I love being in nature and want to live in the middle of the woods.

I have worked with demons since day 1 of my journey, and Azazel has been my biggest influence. I’m currently working on clairaudience so I’m able to channel information more effectively. I find it annoying how much work it takes to be able to do this. I feel like I have been working at it for months and I only occasionally hear a few words during evocation.

I also love philosophy and vehemently read into subjects on teleology and ethics. I’m interested to see what other witches think about these topics


Hello all, I have not discovered my magick name yet, so I go by Debbie. I was raised by my grandmother who practiced kitchen/swamp magic so it was just part of daily living. I began actively working on myself with Satan in 2009. I’ve always been a solitary practitioner. I’ve been following Become a Living God for almost a year and feel lead to connect with the group.


I am going to post a timeline of important life events, as this is the format that resonates most with my tendency to catalogue and organize information in a specific manner.

1990: I was born into poverty outside of a small, isolated village in a rural part of the country. I recall from my childhood that we did not have much money; we washed all of our clothing and dishes by hand, and dried the clothes on a clothes line outside, as did all of the Amish and menonite people who lived in the area. We had electricity, but it was rudimentary at best. There was a black and white television set in the living room that my dad had obtained for free by one of his previous employers, and our telephone was one of those old dial phones encased in a wooden box with hinges. I was always–from the day I was born–a very shy, introverted individual; interested in the way that everything in the world works. I was fascinated by electronics devices, science, and the nature of all things. I spent much of my time alone, building Lego creations and erector sets in my early childhood, then moving on to tinkering with electronics as the years went by. In my thirst for knowledge, I deconstructed and dismantled everything in my path that was electronic, and desired to fully understand the inner workings of radios, televisions, and CRT displays. Many VCRs and casette tapes were opened and unraveled, to the dismay of my family. Since my father had worked in the field of repairing electronics, specifically at the PBS station for many years, I constantly begged him to teach me everything he knew, despite that he claimed he was “always busy” and rarely desired to spend much, if any, quality time with me. Throughout much of my early childhood I was sheltered and kept inside, and years later my mother would explain to me that the reason for this was that there was a Satanic cult that performed rituals and sacrifices in the wooded hills nearby. Coming from a religious, conservative, Jesus worshiping household, I was kept in the dark about many important aspects of life in the years to come.

1993: I was a loving, innocent child with unloving and uncaring parents who left me in the dark on one of life’s most integral tenets. Early that year my aunt, who worked at a karate studio in town, was babysitting me and took me to a pet shop next to the karate studio she worked at. At this pet shop, I came across a small female Russian hamster who I affectionately named Elvis. Though my aunt said she did not have enough money to spend on a pet for me, the owner of the store saw that I had taken such an interest in this hamster that he gave her to me for free. I loved that hamster with all my heart, as she was so much kinder to me than any of the humans I had come to know thus far in this world; thus, I made it my life’s priority to provide for her and give her all of my love, attention, and care. I wanted to spend every waking hour of my life with Elvis, to the point where one day, I confessed and said I wanted to marry her. My parents informed me that people cannot marry animals, but I did not know any better at the time. Unbeknownst to the innocent child within me, she was in ill health and sickly due to being born prematurely. Then one day, less than half a year after I had taken her home with me, I discovered my dearest Elvis frozen and unmoving in her cage. I was angered and confused at what was going on, as up to that point in time, I had not been taught about death or even knew of its existence; I had thought it to be true that Elvis, along with myself and every living thing, would exist forever in this world. Upon learning my first lesson of death–that all living things are born only to inevitably die one day–brought me pain to the core of my essence. When the realization hit me that my first friend and the one I loved was gone from this world forever, my heart broke into pieces and I felt nothing less than unimaginable, tangible, real, excruciating pain. As I felt I had no purpose to continue to live, I attempted suicide by suffocating myself in a toy chest. I remember clearly that as I was crying and screaming in agony, my abusive father became enraged and promptly pulled me out of the toy chest and beat me.

1994: It was the middle of spring this year that I first saw the eyes. This was the very first supernatural encounter that I can distinctly remember, and the catalyst for what would later become a lifelong interest in the occult. One night while I was half asleep, but not fully asleep just yet, I had begun to feel an ominous sensation of fear that I had never felt before. I became paralyzed in place, and felt what I can only describe as en electric shock throughout my body. I was laying in my bed, turned on my right side and looking under the old crib that was still in my room that I had used as an infant, when a green cloud of smoke appeared under that crib, and within that cloud a pair of glowing yellow eyes that I was able to clearly see in my otherwise nearly pitch-black bedroom. Then in a raspy voice, the eyes spoke to me. I remember to this day the exact words that were spoken, and they were “I am you. I created you. Through god you die, but through me you live.” I said no words, but screamed as loud as I could. The eyes vanished, I heard my parents’ bedroom door slam open, the hall lights came on, and my dad angrily opened my bedroom door and yelled at me to shut up because he needs to sleep. I was terrified at what happened and said “Dad, I just saw an alien and it talked to me” to which he replied with one of the most frequently used phrases “it was just a figment of your imagination”.

1996: Throughout the mid to late 90s, I spent much of my time outside of school at a daycare run by very religious, uptight christians who dragged all of the kids along with them to church on Sundays, and two different bible schools as well as a bible camp throughout the duration of each summer

1997: My parents got into a very heated, physical fight one day that prompted my mother to threaten to call the cops on him. He got so pissed that he tore the phone out of the wall and threw it at her. Nevertheless, after that incident he was kicked out and as per court order, lost custody over me. From then on, I grew up without a father in my life; a broken household with a poor, singe, mentally ill and physically frail mother.

1998: I was staying at the home of my aunt (mother’s side of the family) and uncle overnight when my uncle (who I was later told was a freemason) told me a story about how in his childhood, he was exploring an abandoned house with furniture that appeared to be made from bones. In this house he came across an old book that he took home with him. He told me that sometime later that year, as he was laying in bed at night, he heard what sounded like static and the voice of an old woman spoke to him and said "You saw my house and discovered what was inside. I will return at a later time for you. Several nights later, he had a lucid dream (or out of body experience) that felt real to him where he heard the sound of static once again, and the old woman seemingly teleported through the wall, and appeared before him wearing what looked like a jacket made out of human skin. He explained to me that she grabbed onto him and they “teleported” to the basement of his house, where the old woman told him to remain. She vanished, then reappeared sometime later with a kid around my uncle’s age, then skinned the kid alive in front of my uncle. He explained that this old woman was actually a demon, and that in this “dream” he binded and banished it by drawing two different seals on a pair of rocks using his own blood. To “prove” his story to me, he drew one of the seals on a piece of paper. Having played saxophone in my elementary school band at the time, I distinctly remember it looking like the Segno symbol used in music and cockily told my uncle that he was just making up a ghost story to scare me. In reality, the story scared the living hell out of me for years to come, and deepened my interest in the occult. After sharing my uncle’s story with kids at my daycare, they seemed to be fascinated and more curious rather than scared, so one day while we were gathered at the school playground while school was out of session during the summer, I carved the “Segno” symbol into the dirt, and instructed about a dozen or so other kids to hold hands and form a circle around the symbol while chanting “Beelzebul”. One of the kids who was watching ratted us out and told the couple in charge of the daycare what was going on. When we got back to their house after leaving the playground, I was scolded, beaten, and told that I’m “the devil’s child” and brainwashing the other kids into worshiping Satan. The irony of all of this is that they, as bible bangers were doing nothing less than brainwashing the daycare kids into worshiping their invisible desert god and its beloved “son” Jesus.

As I must now retire for the night, I will continue the rest tomorrow, jumping to more recent events that occurred from 2014 and onward. This was the period of my great awakening; my discovery that there is far more to me and my connection (and devotion) to to the Left-Hand Path than I could have possibly imagined. There is so much that I have to say, but so little time. I will try to cover as much as possible and leave out all of that which I deem to be irrelevant. I must make it clear that I am not here with the intention to become an active part of this community, or any online community for that matter. I have a very specific purpose in this life that I must fulfill, and as such it is critical that I must work tirelessly and relentlessly to perform only the necessary steps toward manifesting my will into reality.


hello, also known as relix cuz i dont wanna reveal my full name, ive been on and off from magick for about a year before i went to prison, i know lucifer has alwasy been hinting me to work with him, i do need help please feel free to give me tips and advice, thanks for everything everyone!!! hope to meet great people here!


i dont do blood work? or yet? but i wanna form a connection and a level of communication with entities i wanna work with or whoever wants to work with me… respect!


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Relix but you have not really told us anything about your experience.

What, exactly, do you practice? Do you have any practical experience in specific systems or traditions?


Yello Thane here in Nickname only mind you lol. Last name Valkarian because I like Garus Valkarian from the mass effect series. If that wasn’t enough of a hit that im a bit of a gamer. You should really give mass effect a try. Great series. Just stay away from Andromeda!

No photos here I dislike taking photos to be completely honest. If im ever caught in one its probably only going to be seing me from the back never facing the Camera.

Currently I like a bit of everything Myth lore folklore. I Especially like the tales of werewolves an other kinds of beasties. Bigfoot sasquatch etc etc Wendigoag, Wendigo, skinwalkers, so on an so fourth. I also have interest in etheric projection an the like to the various underworlds an meeting various entities an the like.

Current struggles? Everyone’s gotta work dont we. You dont get to live in a house or have internet for free. That would be scandalous what would the corporations think!


Welcome @Thane

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You haven’t actually told us anything.

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?