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No man.


Hello from Romania!

After years of being lost on roads, depression, addiction and between I found my path again , and it’s like home.

I will start with my story because will describe and says everything about me.
At the age of 16 I was so in love with the path of darkness, so soon I was into it fully. I’ve met some people from my home town, soon another group from another city and started to gather when was possible. My girlfriend at that time decided to take me to meet her mom who was a right hand magician, as soon as I have entered the room she said to her daughter that I was black and my energy felt bad. Long story short, I was speaking every night with spirits, me and my friends, at the beginning we we’re playing with ouija a lot, but that wasn’t enough for me, so after month’s in this path I was successfully speaking with Belial, in one night ( and last one ) I asked him if I can call him whenever I need him, he said " yes, every time" so at the end of the ritual I did so. As soon I went to sleep I called him , at a short time in a matter of seconds I heard a big boom on my balcony, and my apartment was at the sixth floor , I knew it was him, so, he stared knocking in my window, as soon he did that I was paralyzed in my bed for a few seconds but felt like hours. In my stupid way I asked him to leave ( I didn’t had the guts to look at the window) so, as soon I was able to move, I’ve flew in my mom’s room and slept there for 3 months. In my house was an entity, sometimes I was able to see the shadow, even some friends did it .
That night was my last contact with .
In the Next years …well, I had some tough years, depression, drug addiction ( until 27 ) alcohol ( until 28) bad luck, everything went upside down…

2 years a go, my wife had a women in.her life ( she was working on my wife before meeting her ) who was in a coma and after came back she came back with some powers, and my life was bad, I had voices my head, suicide thoughts …she worked on me and she said that was an entity with me. However, at the end she said that we need to see each other again for another session…we never did because she moved in another part of the city.
Blind and misguided and on another path…
I got a book about Theta Healing, at the page of 85 I have realized that some of those practices I was doing them at the beginning, 16, 17 years old but Don’t know how … in a second I was on the internet reading the Satanic Bible ( again ), after I finished the Bible I was reading non stop like a maniac books, pages, until I found E.A’s books and realized that all this year’s I was lost from my path, from my home and away from my mission here. And I felt good. It feels good to be back. From darkness to darkness we rise.
I feel bad because all my beliefs and what I was doing were right but I was thinking bad about them…now, I’m home and it feels good and I’m happy I have found you guys.
In the last couple of days, after watching a video of E.A’s summon Belial, I started to feel weird, good but weird. At the end of it, I was having vomiting simptomes, didn’t do it but it was like something was pushing something outside or wanted to get outside, even now I have some.
A few days a go, I had a voice telling me a name, " Kaal ", I found out that means ’ without protection ’ ’ naked '… I’m still fighting and trying to make the difference between my voice and that voice.
Since I called Belial I’m having bad dreams, today I felt bad, and a growing man at 31 had feelings of crying.

PS: I’m 31 years old, 2 little boys, I’m a active dj & producer ( minimal , deep ) and as full time job I’m a Assistant Manager for a Romanian Designer.
About my tattoos, all of them are made from voices that came in my head.

That’s all.

Sorry for the long story and thanks for your patience. ( sorry for some grammar mistakes)
Hail Satan


Hi, my name is max. I am currently 18 years of age. I got into all this because i recently awakened as a sanguine/psychic/elemental vampire hybrid. After that a few latent psychic abilities activated in me (telepathy, second sight, strong clair senses, chi manipulation). I am interested in strengthening my current abilities and awakening the still undiscovered ones. Another interests of mine are necromancy and vampirism(obviously). I think i have some sort of divine ancestry but it seems that isnt that rare here. I hope i make a good member of this beautiful forum.


Welcome @Haze

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it? Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

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I know that i practiced magic and ritual sacrifice in my past live if that counts but no details. I am very new to most of this so my practical experience is low in quantity. I am using my activated abilites as often as possible to train them. i communicated with a dead family at a graveyard and i talk to my spirits often. Besides my low amount of experience it feels like i am very talented because everything comes to me intuitively and i have abilities many people need several years to develope. i have a bit experience in energy work regarding kundalini. it works very well with my chi manipulation and energy healing abilities. I have no experience with any specific system or tradition since i grew up without any contact to magick.


Hi there @Haze welcome to our forum :sunflower:

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Good day everyone. I am Vahanna. It’s been a long time since I was involved in any kind of magic.

When I was very young I would get premonitions. Generally of things that needed to be stopped. I also would know when someone had died. I would be in an empty room and hear my name. I never knew who it was just that it was male or female.

Over the years my ability has diminished until recently. As I began to look for answers it seemed to have led me hear. Working with black magic and demons.

Currently I have been trying to work with Azazel. I have not made contact or seen him yet but I do feel a presence around me. I am always open to suggestions if anyone care to give any.

Having said all that, I look forward to hearing and getting to know you all.




I am Zee Yad. That is my introduction.

Thank you.


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I’m sorry,@ZeeYad but this is NOT an introduction. It tells us nothing about you or any experience you may have in magick so it does not meet our rule. Please introduce yourself properly.

Where are you from?

Do you have any experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas of magick are you most interested in learning?

More information is required, as it helps us to provide appropriate advice and direction. Failure to do a proper introduction may result in the removal of any subsequent posts you make until our rule is respected so please answer the questions.


Hello everyone,

My name is rasul. I am 28 years old. I live in the Netherlands. I am interested in philosophy mostly about deep questions about life, dead and existence. I am last couple of years looking for new inner knowlege and inner wisdom as in gnosis. sinds a year I am looking for some good beings or entities that could help me to find more gnosis like beings as hermes Trismegistus and Isis and to find knowlege and wisdom for material related things but for me the inner knowlege and inner wisdom gnosis is the most importent knowlege and wisdom. But by searching for these beings or entities it led me to the studies of the esotheric and occult. Sinds then I studied the esotheric and acclut boeks. That is why i have decided to joing this forum to cummunicate with people that are intersted in esoteric and occult subjecs and studies.


welcome @Philosopherx

Do you have any practical experience in magick or the esoteric?

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it?


Hi! I’m Angie. I have been at least dabbling since I was 11 (I skipped past wish spells and went right to evocations). I practice Thelema and miss my church friends dreadfully.

My goals currently are basically to figure out if I want to go the bohemian artist route or the PhD route. With a Masters I’ve found myself in this horrible liminal space where it concerns job prospects.

I’ve been taking advantage of the pandemic to really focus on my art and my practice. I hoard decks like a dragon and I’m working on my own.

I also have 17 cats. Animals love me, and I love them. I’m definitely drawn more to the “lookit at this cool rock I found” entities.

Fun fact, I’m helping out and working on a movie that takes place in Hell! I’ve lent several books to the director to help him with building Lucifer’s character, since the central premise is that Lucifer is forcing the protagonist to have some character development.

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Welcome to the forum. About how long has that been?

You’ll fit in real well with the cats :slight_smile: I think most of the peeps I like around here, love them.

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Well I’m 32, so it’s been a minute.

I think people here may appreciate that 2 of mine are named Astaroth and Dantalion.

Of course my familiar is Almond Mocha Cappuccino.


Hello, my name’s Ahmed. I live in Morocco I’am 21 years old.
Beginner to magick.


Do you have any practical experience at all in magick?


Yes, in the past i try to invoke lucifer by put my blood on hes sigil and by chant hes mantra

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Evocation is magick too?

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Of course it is.