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I am Galina and fairly new to this world, even though I have some experience meeting my spirit guide through a shaman when I was younger. Someone gifted me a copy of The book of Azazel and after years of carrying it around and moving from state to state i finally read it. I can’t describe my state of mind but I know I am a searcher for knowledge and that’s how I found my way here. I don’t know why I was placed with this book to begin with out of all of his books but I have a feeling I will find out. I hope this is the beginning to something

Welcome @Freemind85

Where are you from?

Do you practice anything?

If you do, what, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you been practicing?

If you don’t practice, what areas of magick are you interested in learning about?

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I have only practiced for a short time with a romanian shaman many years ago. I currently do not practice anything and don’t know enough about the different styles yet to have a preference. I currently live in South Jersey but probably not for long. I am interested in learning about all things to see which one pulls me in the most. I am open and ready.

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Hi @vxmpp im new here too :sunglasses::metal:t2:

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Hi @Freemind85 :sunglasses::metal:t2:

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Nice to meet you!

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Nice to meet you too!

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Hope you are enjoying the community so far!

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Hi not sure if you were speaking to me lol but yes I am! How about you?

Hello all forum members im insira.
Im a beginner to magic, i do research on this field read books and internet. I did a ritual in the past but no success. Hope to learn more about magic.

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Hello Everyone,

I am Csilla and I have been practicing magick for 2 years.

I had always been interested in the occult but never pursued those interests out of fear - that all changed once I finally shed the religious beliefs pushed onto me by my family.

I am gifted in love magick, but much prefer working with Nordic runes, black magick, and have recently immersed myself in demonolatry studies and practice. I am borderline addicted to protection magicks, recently created my first servitor, and have practiced a few angelic workings. In the two years of my magickal practice, I have attained opportunities and wealth beyond my own ability to accomplish with the minimal effort I put in without magick, have been able to go off all prior medication for my PTSD and ADHD, have silenced my enemies, and have magickally ejected toxic people from my life.

In regard to entities, I feel most attuned with demonic practices. While I do not deny the power of angels, I am an impatient person by nature and prefer the swift magnitude of demonic results. I began my journey with demons by working with Bime, who has been kind, generous, and almost motherly. She has shown me a path I never thought I would find myself on and completely changed my perception of demons. I am eager to learn as much as I can and expand the number of spirits I work with.

At present, my biggest struggle is coming to terms with how quickly working with one demon became a gateway to others. I have been experiencing signs from another demon I believe I am meant to contact (I am not sure if Bime is suggesting this or if the spirit themself decided to make their presence known), and those signs become more intense and somewhat chilling the longer I ignore them. Working with one demon felt like an explosive development of my intuitive and perceptive abilities, and I have not yet become familiar or conpletely comfortable with this newfound sight. I worry how this will compound moving forward and how to best acclimate.

I look forward to discussing these mutual interests and learning from all of you. I have been creeping this forum for weeks and it has given me much more confidence in my magickal work.

  • Csilla

Hi @Csilla I’m new here too. I LOVE your introduction and am inspired to achieve the same things on my path. I also am drawn to the demonic and it had been a lot of fear that kept me from embracing this path like you said too. I am glad you’re here! Have a great day!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:

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Hi @Robbie Thanks for the warm welcome! I read your introduction and offer my sincere condolences. Wishing you all the best with your journey.

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You’re very welcome and thank you very much.

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Hello friends. I am writing to you from Spain and I am a Grey Wizard. I use White Magic Techniques and also Black Magic Techniques such as bending the will of other people, or making women magically desire me. My magical name is Tubal Qayin. Greetings and I am glad to have found this forum.

Welcome @Tubal_Qayin

How long have you practiced?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions?

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I have actually been an Initiate since 2015; on a summer night. I crossed the Abyss and I was reborn as a ‘New Man’ with Samael -for me the Angel of Death or Death itself- within me, since prior to my Initiation and His Manifestation in my apartment -enabled as a Temple-, I performed a powerful Evocation. The building was smelling DEATH; not corpse or decomposition, but what is known as the SMELL OF DEATH and this happened for a month; maybe more. Finally, after many months of prolonged fasting, consumption of marijuana for scientific and esoteric purposes, little sleep and a lot of meditation and progressive increase of Power, Samael manifested himself in my apartment or Temple to initiate me; and he did. In the Evocation I consciously assumed a Perfect Possession by my own Will and for this very reason, it can be affirmed that I am not entirely human. In summary: I do not follow a specific Current although perhaps one close to the Path of the Left Hand with Theistic Satanism as a Priest since my Initiation and Samaelite; understanding Samael as God. I also have experience with goetic magic with entities of the lower astral and of course I have studied in depth Anti-Cosmic Currents that, although they deliver good Knowledge, I do not share them completely. I have never made animal sacrifices or sacrifices of any life, and I stick to these disciplines that I mention, although I am sure I am leaving out some others. I am also a Mason of the occult degrees - Invisible Freemasonry - or philosophical, having the highest degree or Mastery. I am self-taught and I have been a Grey Magician since 2014/2015. I am not a Black Mage because I am forbidden to curse or destroy; even though I have plenty of Power to do so. I do control the will of third parties and I also obtain favors with material benefits with my Practice. I am sorry for having extended myself so much, but it is the only way for you to understand at least a little of my Magickal Work. Greetings…!!!

PS: I am also interested in the ‘Egregor’ of Death, Stream 182 of ‘Qayin’, as Harvester of the Left Hand and Son of Samael; as I am. Hence my Magicko Name Tubal Qayin.

I forgot the most important thing: all my Work is based on sinister SEXUAL MAGIC and I have studied Crowley; obtaining good and proven results that his Work was VERY GOOD. I use Sexual Magic in a Sinister and Theistic Current. I am also a Master of Black Tantra; based on Sexual Magic or ‘sinister’ SEXUAL YOGA.

As the song says, “Please allow me to introduce myself”, Just call me Sabbat.

Been working with demons since I was a teen. I tried other stuff (I really like servitors) but the demonic realm is the one that make me feel invited, I dont know how to explain.

2022 has been a year full of weird stuff, like the very intense vision I had of Lilith eating ancient men while I was having sex with my boyfriend. Eyes open, boyfriend, Eyes closed, and I could see a stone demoness eating men inside my eyelids. Eyes open, boyfriend. Eyes closed, bloddy death. Pretty intense.

I just started the Mastering Evocation course (must say i dont like it right now, but lets see) and that brouth me to the forum.

I am a very blessed woman, with a lovely family and a job that I adore, something rare where I live, but of course I had to work hard to get here.

In the downside, I had a small accident a couple of months ago. I am mostly fine, but since than I just cant drive, and I’ve been feeling awfull because I was left with some red marks in my face, and until it goes away, I wont feel fine.

Well, it is nearly 3AM here and I guess thats all I would like to say rigth now. Pleased to meet you.


Welcome @Sabbat

Where are you from?

Roughly, how long have you been practicing?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

What areas of magick are you interested in?

Hello, I’m DeLia. My journeys been a very isolated rollercoaster, searching through every bit of extremely limited info I could find to make sense of things I’d seen and done. Struggling to break from the programming of my youth, I was shocked last year to find my protector and guide through life had not been God, but Samael. Various obstacles however made working with him difficult at this time, and he introduced me to Belial. I had thousands of questions but trouble discerning what he was answering, from my own thinking. In a rare moment of privet access I raged googled some of those questions while fussing to Belial that I needed clearer answers. He led me to Koetting and others whove worked with him. Many answers found at last. I’m hoping I may find more soon here, as there are things I need to do. Many thanks to all who have worked putting this site and group together