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I love Glasyas Labolas! Like appeal zest to me is high I have an interest I may get closer in future

Weather magic since 2017, I have always been able to see spirits, I astral projected alot in my childhood, started again in 2020

I like the goetic Vine alot too, I unconciously channeled his/her name in my chilhood

• How long have you been practicing?
• 2 years
• Do you follow any particular system or tradition?
• Demonic magick based on EA system
• Do you have any practical experience in magick?
• Yes, evoke daily
• Where are you from?
• Finland
• Current ambitions/struggles
• Accumulating more power

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Hello everyone.

Some years.

I follow the path of the left hand.

I felt the magic when I was a child.
A little experience in magic.

russian federation.

Thirst for spiritual, magical and intellectual development.

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Welcome @LunarKing

Approximately how long have you practiced?

What, exactly, do you practice? This is pretty general and doesn’t really tell us anything.

5 years.

I took the left-hand path this year.
At the moment, I am engaged appeals to demons, read demonic mantras. (enns)

I’m sorry, but you’re not making any sense. How could you have been practicing for five years, but only started the left hand path this year? That is contradictory.

If you have prior magical experience, what is it?

Hello. English is not my first language. I am from Latvia originally, but currently live in England. I have not been practicing magic, but want to learn. I currently don’t have experience with magic. I believe a lot of non-physical beings are trying to harm me so it is a requirement for me to learn magic and banish them and shield myself. I have to purchase books as soon as possible to learn magic spells, but have not done so yet. One of my goals would also be transform my being into a programmer with a programmable code system built in my being.

Before the left path, i practiced angelic and planetary magic.

Hi everybody! Y’all can call me Maya. I am very new to practicing magick. Long time believer, recently started practicing. I don’t have a particular system yet, but I am intuitive and let that guide me. I am still learning about everything.
My ambition is to make my life easier with magick as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. My struggles are patience with the outcome.

Hi! Not comfortable to say my real name, but if you want to call me something then J will do.
Just starting my journey into the occult as I’ve always found it interesting and just came across this here forum.
A bit of a freak, a few mental health disorders which make me hard to communicate with, but give me a chance before stopping talking to me plz :smile:


Hello everyone! My name is Amie and I’m located in the mountains of the state of West Virginia.
I first learned of E.A. on TT, and fairly recently. I’m so glad that I found this forum and community. It gets lonely a lot and I will absolutely love the feedback I have seen offered here.
I have worked with Lilith, Lucifer, Seere, Sitri, Clauneck, Asmodeus and Marbas. I feel like I’m at a standstill by means of communicating with them fully due to severe ADD and am working on my meditation skills. I have gotten confirmation from them though.
What brought me to the LHP initially was issues in my family life, although I have always been drawn to it.
My partner is near liver failure and will not see a doctor due to also just being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He is in complete distrust of doctors. He currently thinks I am AI and not real, and told me a few weeks ago he’s not even attracted to me. I’ve been working to heal all aspects of his life. I’m also trying to erase all trades of my ever being diabetic so I can be his living donor, as it would post no risks to him to receive a piece of my liver, only a risk to me. There were no warning signs of his PS until a sudden breakdown this past April which led to a weeks long hospitalization.
I’ve done a lot of baneful work also, against a few people who have slandered myself and my dad.
I have done a good bit of financial workings to develop my business and just get ahead and it’s been so very slow.
I’m always wanting to learn and improve and be encouraging to everyone I can. I have been through a lot and am so very thankful that now I do not feel alone. As someone adopted into a Christian home, deconstructing is a long process. I’m doing really well with it! A huge disappointment to me has been Lucifer. The first time I called to him I felt the most loving peace, after a lifetime of being brainwashed into fearing him. Better late than never, I suppose. :blush: I’m just thankful to know the truth now!

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Welcome @Amie_Gordon

What do you practice and how long have you been practicing?

Do you follow a specific system or tradition?

What are your areas of magical interest?

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Hello, I have been on the path of magic for some time but I feel that it is time to level up my game and get more serious. I have been a follower of E.A Koetting and other members of BALG for some time and went on his site and ran across this forum. I am glad to be here!

Welcome @GratefulQueen Please tell us about yourself.

Where are you from?

So what, exactly, do you practice and how long have you practiced?

Do you follow a specific system or tradition?

What are your areas of magical interest?

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Yes, I’m from Atlanta GA. I was working with the left hand path spirits but not as often. I also used the “Gallery of Magic” books at one point.
My main area of interest is becoming a Luciferian.

And how long have you practiced?

Hi, I have been practicing worshipping and communicating with Hellenic deities, mostly Hekate but also others like Aphrodite, for the last two years and eight months and now I’m going to begin relating to Lilith. I was using the Hellenic version of the LBRP but I think that now I need a ritual with inverted pentagrams and that doesn’t include a cross (to adapt it to Lilith).
In my life I’ve gone through the Kabbalistic stages of the Middle Pillar but my life has been very frustrating, I’m not sure if it was the sephiroth or the klipoth.
I am from Spain. Here most people are Catholics and I was raised as a Catholic but that religion hasn’t made sense to me in twenty years. I’ve practiced some Kabbalah, but angels are assholes. I’ve practiced Buddhism also, but boddhisattvas aren’t very supporting although Hekate wants them to have influence in my life. The best things that I’ve found are Hellenism and Satanism. I’m trying to have a good relationship with Hellenic deities and the Infernal Divine and grow in knowledge, power and freedom.

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Greetings, everyone.
I’m new here. I have no experience in anything yet, but I joined this forum to learn.
I’m from an Asian country, and English is my 2nd language.
Looking forward to interact with and learn from you all.