Hi. Name is Seth or “GaySatyr” (; yes i like satyr’s, not just because they’re sexual, but they just look cool and they are heavily connected to music and so am i! I am a “witch” i guess, but everyone uses magic, even those who don’t think they do. Everyone uses psychic ability on a daily basis. I have had an account before, but i mostly just read posts/threads, i am not that social on the internet, and for good reason. Anyways, much love to those who read this post, we are all equal and we are already god.


Both are false. Carry on.


Welcome to the forum, though I’d have to disagree when it comes to occult capabilities and mundane capabilities equality doesnt exist which actually is a good thing.


Instead of being a condescending, why don’t you explain why you feel that way? Because i can assure you that we all came from source and we are god. I have talked to extremely powerful witches/occultists about this. Even V.K Jehannum has said this. But if being condescending and thinking you’re a special snowflake makes you feel better than everyone, then “carry on”.
This shit is why i left these forums in the first place.
But i do not expect you to reply. Bye.

Welcome to the forum.

Would love to know a bit more about your magickal experience, how long you been practicing and your age is helpful just so we know how to craft appropriate responses.

I get where your coming from and I do agree with your last statement to a point. When you say equal and we are already god, I would have interpreted to mean that we are all the same as far as humans, made of the same stuff with much more in common than not.

We all have the same potential, however equal in terms of knowledge, abilities, financially and a myriad of other labels we use to define ourselves then equal we are not.

What was it that actually drew you here to the forum?

So I’m the snowflake, but you’re the one blowing a gasket in the corner? :thinking: Does not compute.

So you’re so mature you can’t tolerate anyone with a different opinion without breaking down or running away? Okay, “snowflake”.

Which tells me nothing. I guess everyone who has a blog is now some kind of authority on everything. Make your own conclusions and stop expecting people to respect yours when you drop names.

Prove it then. Your idea that all things spring from the same source, is not wrong, it originates with Pythagorean thought, a school of thought I abide by to some extent, the source in Pythagorean thought is called One. My problem with your claim is regarding two points:

  1. There is no such thing as equality. If you are equal, why aren’t you a professional athlete? A great author, a great musician, a genius scientist? These are just someways to determine one’s ability, but the fact is nobody is equal to anybody else, because each individual has a different level of potential. Believing you’re equal to all the best people is a delusion, I prefer to not delude myself, and don’t take kindly to those that do.

  2. You claim we are “all god”, which is also hogwash. If you were a god, why would you be wasting your time here? Why would you be subject to the transmigration of souls? Why would you need to use some form of spiritual development or alchemy to escape the aforementioned system?

When you make outlandish claims, including everybody, which includes me, don’t expect everyone to be happy about it.


I just don’t get it. If you don’t like someone, you don’t like what they’re saying, then why create unnecessary negativity? This is MY intro, hate to break it to you but i am allowed to post my beliefs as “outlandish” as they are, LOL, but you are also allowed to reply of course. However i just do not get why you reply to me, instantly being condescending when 1: i do not know you, 2: i did not say anything outlandish, the belief of everyone being apart of source god is extremely common. This is the BALG forums, this entire forum is FILLED outlandish shit LOL, why single me out and be an asshole to me? So if you get so easily offended by peoples beliefs, then go back to being Christian, you’ll fit right in.
We are spiritually god, you can create ANYTHING in spirit/astral and do anything. In flesh, no, 3d physical reality has its rules and this Earth is a learning ground.
If you don’t like me or my outlandish beliefs, here is a fucking tip, don’t talk to me, its really simple. Do i need to write it on a sticky note and slap it onto your forehead?

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He’s pretty blunt he’s not really single you out lol trust me, while I don’t believe everyone comes from a single source. I can say when he has these discussions he’s usually just really blunt and kinda the few who gives rise to questions regarding beliefs self created rather than adopting other’s beliefs kind of thing. Of course he can speak for himself but I’ve been in this situation with him before as well.


My bad though, in a forum where people talk about fucking demons and gods/goddesses, flying, teleporting, worshipping Cthulhu etc… Then minute i say we are apart of source god, which is my belief through my own spiritual experiences and gnosis, i get attacked… LOL i am not even mad, this shit is actually really funny. Oh humanity…

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Lol you’d be surprised at the amount of extreme shit is talked about here, talking to demons and gods and such is like the norm lmao


I work with angels mostly, mostly aa Michael. As for experiences he actually shows himself to me occasionally as a blue light. I have worked with Satan, my experience with him was good, he is my friend and is quite fatherly. He reveals himself to me as an inverted pentagram in my minds eye, also by making me see 666 a lot anywhere. Bad experiences were mostly sleep paralysis related being sexually harassed by a lower entity a few times, or just trying to scare me, doesn’t work lol. I have not actually practiced very much magic, most of my experiences are third eye/psychic related. When i said we are all god i was talking more in soul/spiritual sense, not physical, that is where he took me wrong.

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It’s ok. The people of this forum are from all over the world, so misinterpretations are part of the course. I have worked with angels in my time which I have not yet shared. Probably back in the 90’s and had good experiences.

I work exclusively now with what are known as the nine demonic gatekeepers, dedicated to unravelling their mysteries that so many have skewed the meaning over, in an effort to help mankind. One person at a time if necessary LOL

What was your experience with Satan? I find him also to be very friendly and very giving not at all the dark version that so often gets painted. But thats my personal perspective anyway.

Sleep paralysis is not a bad thing once you get used to it and understand it. It can be a very useful tool for astral projection experiences if you can stay calm enough and endure the sensations.

I’m glad the fear didn’t work on you, shows your strong of mind and that will get you far on this path.

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I think I like to trigger you, it’s funny. Because I imagine you going like this:

Despite the fact i have literally been laughing the entire time because of you misinterpreting what i was saying, and making yourself look like an idiot. But i get it, you lost the argument, now time to post gifs and troll, unfortunate. You do you. Good luck with your life. But sense you’re going to troll now, no sense in replying anymore. Bye.

I will look more into the nine gate keepers, seems very interesting. I find Satan to me very friendly, at least towards me. I think he is possibly an aspect of Samael, not 100% sure on that though. I think i about projected one time during SP and projected to the other side of my room, but quickly got sucked back into my body. I have had paranormal experiences ever sense i was a child, at least 6 years old, but most of them were not positive unfortunately.

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But you have had some positive experiences, tell me about one of those times

I made myself look like an idiot when you cried when somebody pointed out that equality is a sham and you’re not a god?

Guess you didn’t come across as a fruitcake there huh?

Maybe you should read my reply, here’s a hint dumbass:

as well as:

So the question was clearly answered, but since you seem to be either illiterate or some kind of simpleton, you seem to have skimmed my response.

When you make claims, delusional claims about you being a god that’s fine, delusional people will be delusional. When you use the word “everybody”, you’re lumping me in with your delusions of grandeur.

I lost the argument when you threw a tantrum about having left the forum before when you got offended, and you clearly failed to read my reply? :man_facepalming:

I guess I’ll leave you to it then, no use in trying to educate somebody who cannot read.



My most positive experience i ever had was when i am pretty sure i “felt” god/source and the love was so intense it literally knocked me onto me knees. This happened after i prayed to god. I also have seen fairies around me quite a few times as these little sparkles of light in my room, i still see them sometimes. I feel i am quite connected to the elemental’s, which would explain my attraction to satyr’s. I feel i am quite connected to agartha. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, now we know what your interest is it I’m sure you’ll get a lot of conversations there’s plenty of elemental people here.

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