I am sure there are lots of like minded people here for me to converse with if i want to. Thank you for your kindness and taking an interest in my spiritual experiences. I know there are a lot more kind people here than hungry trolls, they are just entertaining sometimes ;).

My first experience were with air elementals and earth elementals/fae the connections made with them are pretty freaking nice lol.

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I find them so much more easy to connect to than a lot of other entities imo. Maybe because they are more close to home than other beings? Idk, its fun though.

They’re the reason I’m re-pursuing Celtic shamanism/Druidism lol. They are so under appreciated in my opinion lol.

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I actually find people incredibly fascinating, I watch them for hours “not in a creepy way LOL” We have such a huge impact on eachother, whether it be words, thoughts, actions or just plain energy exchange.

Iv’e learned in this forum the valuable skills of “it’s not just what you say but it is how you say it”. Know that not everyone will agree with your opinions and thats ok. Just rise above, because conflict is nothing more than a battle of energies really. Take things said on here constructively and put them to good use.

I can see your a good guy and your whole being is in the right place and open to the experience, so just enjoy it all, lessons can be learned anywhere.

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I actually feel connected to all the elements. Of the traditional ones air is my #1, I can actually see it’s presence like a swirling glitter in the sky, and it actually follows a set pattern and is clustered together like flocks of birds.

Earth would be my # 2, very connected there, just being out in nature, sitting on the ground and meditating is the most amazing feeling, knowing that you are connected to literally everything.

Fire would be my #3, flames just do this amazing dance, they are all consuming and unforgiving but extremely beautiful and their color changes depending on their fuels source.

Water last but not least. While I love rivers and lakes, I am not fond of swimming in the ocean personally. I prefer the ocean at night, it’s one huge mirror reflecting the vastness of the universe and is a great conduit for transmitting energies across the globe.

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I think everyone is connected to them all to some extent. I would say i am mostly connected to water, i learned to swim from a young age and have always loved it. Going to the beach is still one of my favorite things to do, i have to get in the water. Then i would say fire second. I have always liked burning things, and watching bonfires for hours, maybe that’s a little psycho? Probably. Then i would say Earth, which i wish i was more into, it would probably ground my crazy Aquarius ass more. Then air.


Too true, otherwise we would have nothing to stand on, freeze our asses off, go hungry and thirsty, and suffocate LOL

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Lol exactly

I find my connection more to the nonclassic elements of its the classics elements like fire, water, earth, air to be secondary in a sense.

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Share please?

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Share what?

I know this has already been addressed in an amusingly but concrete response but I will expand upon this.

There are certain biological attributes Homo Sapiens possess which distinguish them from others. Intellect is biological, as is ferocity and physical strength. You can cultivate these to an extent but there are always biological limitations depending on genetics. This is natural, human biodiversity. Equality cannot logically exist except as a Utopian concept in the underdeveloped consciousness of certain dreamers, which, when attempting to apply within three-dimensional space, is meaningless.

“God,” in the sense of which you are using the concept, is the primordial condition responsible for the manifestation of substance (theories, concepts, archetypes, matter, dark mater etc.), and let me assure you, we are not that pre-condition which the Greeks termed “Theos.” We can become, through certain alchemical process (such as calcination of the self) another god (in the sense of entities and those who harness metaphysical power that can influence or change three-dimensional space).

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What did you mean by no classic elements

Thank you for sharing your point of view :slight_smile:

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Oh! The spiritual elements such as darkness, light, solar, lunar, to name a few that the primordial gods and elementals embody. Fire, water, earth, and air are just as my friends and I call them “classic elements” because they exist within everyone whereas the nonclassics not so much within everyone

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The second part is a point of view but the first is scientific fact.

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Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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I respect your opinion, but i was not speaking about physical superiority, but talking about the essence of the soul and consciousness and where that came from. I firmly believe we are god in spirit. I have actually been attacked for this belief by non-physical entities some would call “archons”, and yes i have some gnostic belief as well. I do believe this world is a trap mostly, but also a learning ground for souls. But for souls who do not realize they are an infinite being, i believe they are a lot of times tricked into reincarnating back onto this planet. I have seen the entities who do this to humans, and have been attacked by them. They sorta look like grey aliens by the way. The rabbit hole goes very deep. But if people wanna keep denying these things and be in lala land and in there “comfort zones” more power to you. There is my “concrete” response.

Very interesting, thank you for sharing that. I feel quite connected to solar.