Greetings to all, hope everyone is doing well. As the name implies, I am Shadow Monarch or just Shadow, whichever you prefer to call me by. Found BALG through E.A’s videos. I am a newbie here, quite new actually, I am well aware of the do’s and don’ts but never really tried the whole aspect of sigil magick, black or anything in general. To me, Magick is a whole, no choices. People decided to list Magick in categories for easy use, ain’t that weird?

With that aside, I have recently been seeing Lucifer’s sigil. His sigil appeared when I woke up, first thing in the morning. Of course, nothing happened during the day, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary but I have been seeing these weird shadow-ish orbs from the peripheral vision of my eyes. Although I plan to do an evocation at some point (hopefully it works the first try), other than that, its pretty normal. That’s about it from me.

Thanks for reading. If you do have questions, do let me know.



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Do you have any experience at all in magick?


Welcome to the forum.

You can use the magnifying glass for any search.

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience :slight_smile:

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Yo, hello, just a slight help. How do you PM others if you are a new user on here?

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You cannot. The ability is restricted by the system until you reach a certain threshold of activity by contributing to the community. It usually unlocks within a week if you actively post, reply to comments, read threads, etc.

However, if a member sends you a PM, you can reply to them. You just can’t initiate a conversation.

Holy sh**… that’s like a lot of work though, :thinking:, thank you for the response though :smiley:, if you don’t mind me asking, how many entities have you summoned so far and worked with them?

I’ve been practicing evocation consistently for the last ten years so…a lot. lol

Hard to keep track, eh? It happens lol… how does an evocation go for you generally? Calm or rough or it just depends on the entity?

It’s more like, how is Life going at the moment. If Life is a bit turbulent and stressful, it’s hard for me to get into the right mindset for evocation and magick.

Most of my evocations are pretty smooth, once I get into the appropriate state.

So with your experience with evocation and all, has it made your life more open/relaxed/guided, etc? if PM-ing was available, I would have shared some experience…

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Nope. If anything, it has made my life less relaxed, open, and guided.

I don’t bob along with the flow of circumstance any more. I am responsible for steering my own ship, and for dealing with anything that goes wrong. It can be a heavy burden sometimes.

Once you have touched magick, it will never let you go. You will never again be content with an ordinary life. You begin to learn that the world is not what society, and religious and political authorities, tell you it is. It is so very much more.

It feels like I opened Pandora’s box, and unleashed something within myself that needs to look, to see, deeper, and deeper beyond the ordinary.

To paraphrase a quote from Q, on Star Trek: TNG: “This universe is filled with wonders you cannot possibly imagine…and terrors to freeze your soul.”


This one is quite interesting to note, in fact, when i researched magick (back in the day, i used to research on magick like a drug addict cause of the wonders it had spread and the ways you could practice it), i felt detached to the worldly surroundings, and i would want to explore more.

There was this feeling that said you have to find more and learn through the experiences that you gain and understand from it

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Never fear sharing your experiences here. It’s what we are all here for, after all. A fair amount of us have seen, and done, some shit (and dealt with the messy consequences afterwards), so don’t worry if you think it might sound crazy or too far “out there.”

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Yes, it is true that in the occult people make all sorts of wild, outlandish, claims. We get a fair amount of that here as well. Part of it, I think, stems from a desire to escape their mundane lives, fuelled by a steady diet of fantasy novels and Hollywood movies, and part of it comes from wanting to feel special and unique, to be seen as superior to others in some way. It is the nature of the occult, to be a haven for all types.

Usually, if you have a bit of experience, you can intuitively know who is LARPing (live action role playing) and who holds actual power.

It actually sounds like their shared belief created a egregore that produced poltergeist activity, in a similar way to the research group that created a ghost named “Charlie” that was able to knock over chairs by building up a backstory about him and concentrating on his characteristics (i can’t for the life of me remember who did that experiment though, or where I read about it :thinking:).


No, they created the egregore. They invested enough energy into their story that it coalesced into a spirit which then fulfilled whatever expectations they held.

Human consciousness can create spirits. Magicians call them servitors, or familiars. An egregore is basically an evolved servitor, created by a group of people from a shared pool of energy. They are usually created by magical orders to act as the guardian of their temples and as a group mentor.

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I never knew human consciousness was able to create servitors. Would be cool if one were to be lazy and binge watch netflix while asking their servitors to order Pizza good move? I dunno…

After that, I persuaded the person to leave the group and just move on and gladly he did and so did I… its been a few years from that incident. It was a hard time to move on from lol

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Servitors were all the rage back in the heyday of Chaos Magick lol

There are many ways to create them, and they can be used for almost anything.

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I created a servitor who protects my home, preventing harmful people or energy from entering.
She usually just sits in the hallway. Ordering a pizza would be nice.