Hi, I don’t have any magick practice
I’m from France sorry for my faults
5 or 6 month ago I was watching a video about templar orders, then like 2 month later I had some strange dreams

Long story short I’m here to understand things about demons and angels, magick in general

Welcome @Valknut

So no experience in magick at all?

That’s a tall order. Is there an area in particular that you are interested in learning more about?

No I just did 2 spells that this guy on Youtube “Anewbiz” post, money and call me spell
The money spell I don’t know it take months for some people, and “call me” It seems to work with a friend but I’m not sure

I will try to do it with a recruter for a job, salut him with hands and don’t forget his face
But it’s hard to give them the cv to them, it’s to the secretary and when they saw my beard they forget me, I’m not submitting myself to shave my beard to bullshit job (not a big ass beard btw)
I like to hear or read the testimony of those who worked with thoses entities

@Valknut Please familiarize yourself with our rules. Political topics are prohibited on this forum so I removed your post.

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