Hello everyone merry meet. You can call me Idris, im 19 and from India.
I have DID so i might sometimes refer to myself as Vibba or Paine.
I currently want to study hexcraft, daemonolatry, entity work, general spell work, sigils, astral stuff and want to learn a bit about all the paths before choosing one.
i currently work with Lord Lucifer, Lord Asmodeus, Prince Sitri, and Goddess Aphrodite.
My current projects are self betterment, chakra opening and also im working on a big project of making a new relationship with an ex, its something my entities gave me the go ahead for.
I need help with this particular project and with how to communicate wih demons and deities,since i am new i cant provide much help, but i can always sharemy experiences with the entities i have worked with, and i also can do pendulum divination.

Hope to make some friends on here.

Welcome @Idris

How long have you been practicing?

Do you follow or have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

And please don’t role play as someone with a mental disorder. This is a magick forum, not Tik Tok, and we’re not stupid here. DID is a serious condition, and we can easily tell the difference between someone who really suffers from it, and someone who is just pretending. If you do so, we will close your account without further warning.


Can you explain how you are getting the go ahead from entities as well as needing help with communication?

If you’re having communication issues how did you get a go ahead?


I’m sorry but you may not do this here, the forum is not equipped to handle multiple personalities.


Hello, I’ve been practicing witchcraft now for about 6 months, and been working with the entities for about 2 and a half.
No I do not have any specific systems or traditions in relation to witchcraft, I mostly just do what I feel like at the moment, and I do not have a specific path atleast as of now.

I am unsure why you think that I am roleplaying as somebody with a mental disorder, I truly am not, I have had this for a long time now, and I wouldn’t know anything about tiktok, it’s banned in my country.
It is something I have had for a while now and I know that because I have been to the doctor’s to get all this checked. I apologize if I came off wrong in anyway, but i can assure you of not roleplaying or pretending.

Understood, I will make sure to keep the DID aspect out of this forum.

Okay so I use a pendulum to communicate with the entities, when I first started working with them, I asked them for help with my situation and they only denied me, so eventually I gave up on it and then put all my focus into myself, it took a while but I picked myself up from the dirt, with their help of course.
And then one day I asked if o should go for the girl again, and everybody said YES, I was shocking so I asked a lot more wuestions and they all answered yes. Turns out they wanted me to work on myself first.

By communication issues, I meant that I want to TALK to them and HEAR them.
As of now all I can do is feel their presence when calling upon their name and then get answers through a pendulum.

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your magical experience.

It is the latest trend on some social media platforms, such as Tik Tok and Discord, for wannabe magical practitioners to say they have DID, and to claim to have alters with names straight out of fantasy novels and television shows, so we view such things with a heavy dose of skepticism. We have had such pretenders here before and they make a mockery of spiritual experience.

This is a magick forum, and it is not set up to deal with people with legitimate mental disorders, so we generally close any accounts that present as such immediately. However, we have decided to give you a chance to show us that you are not pretending, and are truly interested in learning magick.

Welcome to the BALG forum.

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Thank you, appreciate the quick response, I assumed I would have to wait for hours for a reply :sweat_smile:.
And yes I can say I have met wannabe practicioners through discord and it really disgusted me.

I would like to have one clarification, so am Is one of my alters not allowed to post on the forum? Because we do share our experiences with each other and 2 of us are truly learning witchcraft and another one of us is intrested but as as much as us, we also have 2 others who aren’t interested at all, and don’t usually front, so they mustn’t be an issue .

We would appreciate it if you do not post as one of your alters if at all possible. It may cause confusion for members here, and is too easily faked (one of the things pretenders like to do, for example, is to ask a question as an alter, and then respond to it as themselves).

As I stated above, this forum is not set up to cater to people with legitimate mental disorders, we are not medical professionals, so if your condition makes it impossible to post as yourself, then we would have to close your account.


Ah okay I see, that’s perfectly fine I shall post only as idris then. Thank you for the clarification.
Merry meet.