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Hi there! Thank you for reading this!
My mame Is Sandra Barcala, i’m 18 years old and ive been always interested in the spiritual world. I was raised in a Catholic household, then switched to atheism. I’ve been confused and suffered spiritually because of my family. I’m old enough and I want to change. My eyes opened a few weeks ago, almost a month or maybe two, when I realized that my mind guided me directly to Loki. First, it was through the videogame God of War 4. Which introduced me to a deeper side of Norse mythology (this almost a year ago). From there on, I saw the avengers movies and blah blah blah. I know that are not as close as I’d like them to be to the eddas. But I’ve been investigating about the God of mischief and been dragged to him directly. I built an altar and I want to be as close as I can (could be gradually or drastic, I don’t mind) to my (new) deities.

This shrine is not ready yet. I would love to hear how to make it better and more significant. Right now I have it for the pets I’ve owned and now are in a better place. I love animals and I preserve their bodies as a stronger link to them directly, for showing them love and proving them that that will be always in my heart. I want to also share this link with Loki, my purpose with him is merely as friends for the moment. I want to understand him and prove him he has a friend in me to lean on, and I expect the same.

I barely know anything about how to contact them, or how to meditate… I’ve read some of the blogs here and I’m super excited, I want to try everything. However, I’m just a begginer. And I want to know what would be better for me and also for the gods to be introduced to each other.

If you have something in mind please leave it on the comments! I appreciate everything you recommend me. Thank you so much for reading and have a marvelous time!


This is going to sound disrespectful at first but Loki found it very humorous and appropriate during the time I worked with him.

To have a symbol of his stories (and remind yourself it is okay to laugh and have a good time), you could place a couple balls or marbles, some cord and a small figurine of a goat. This is a reference to how he played a role in establishing peace with Skadi after the Aesir were responsible for her father’s death (which was three different tasks, one of them being able to make her laugh. Loki was the only one who could accomplish it when the other gods failed). If you are interested in more about the story, it is the Marriage of Njord and Skadi within the Prose Eddas


Lol by getting his balls tugged on!


E.A. has a pathworking course for the norse pantheon including connecting and an initiation with Loki.

I have found that just making a sincere effort to pray to or talk with any of the Norse pantheon has resulted in contacting them and them interacting with me.


As for direct techniques, you can try sitting before your altar and light a candle for Loki.

Then try to see his name and only his name in your minds eye and breathe out, giving energy and admiration to him while watching that energy be absorbed by his name in your mind.

I have found that as a good way to let any entity know that you are contacting them as well as giving them some of your energy at the same time.


Thank you for your response! I find very helpful to place some toys and symbolic stuff that reminds me to smile. To shrug it off with a laugh. And Loki teaches me a lot about how to laugh even from my mistakes. I placed in the altar some balls of different sizes, some are bouncy some are not, I couldn’t find a goat tho. I really appreciate your help.

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Thank you for answering! I just looked up some prayers for Loki and turned on the candles, stared at them for the longest time lmao. I begun talking to the fire about what I have to offer to him, about looking for a friend and how the stuff in the table were for him.

On this technique I found it kinda harder. I still don’t know much about mind eyes or third eyes or… Even how to meditate. I tried my best and felt how my body went kinda numb and I could feel the warmth of the candles and how I expected to contact him. Anyway, thank you so much for the help!

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Interesting introduction to Norse religion :stuck_out_tongue: I had a similar introduction, Bathory’s Hammerheart album (although I had read part of the Eddas before) strongly inspired me to look deeper into the religion as I wasn’t aware that anyone still worships these Gods. Then I read some Norse Wicca book (which I didn’t like very much) and got into Asatru.

I’ve never set up an alter or anything like that, just contacted them through blóta and prayer like @MysticNick suggests, and every time I’ve tried to contact like that or even just through a conscious desire for connection they have heard and became present, so intense ritual isn’t really needed to make contact.


Welcome to the forum @Sandrabarcala . It is a rule here that all new members must properly introduce themselves, and you have provided sufficient information in this post so I have moved this to the appropriate section and edited your title.

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Thank you!

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