Intro + In search of info on NAP- beginner curiosity

Just new here,been reading for days on this site,found it through net in my search for NAP proper activation of rituals,hoping to answer questions that a beginner seeks. Im Van,I am not into magick since,I have a firm belief,of the Supreme Being,the Name above every other name,which we refer to as God.My faith on that One supreme creator of all does not fall short,in this search,I came to believe that it proves more of God. As a creation,I am a seeker of truth. Humans are holy beings,being a creation of The Holy one,we just need to remember who and what we are. Every soul in us is very important. We are travellers of this world, what we gain in this world ends with timeline…so its not good enough to lose ones soul in exchange for the world.,coz were created far more than that.
Just curious about NAP,I intend to get to it,and explore it in this lifetime. Get to know more of it than just read by myself.
Any information will be appreciated.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

I added “intro” to your title as it is a rule of this forum for new members to introduce themselves and there is enough info in your post to meet the requirements.

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Start here:


Thank you cyberseeker, Darkestnight and lady Eva:)

Magick occurs in every religion but also jas nothing to do with religion. You can keep your religion and still use magick.