Intro II...My Experiences with Magick

Well here we go…so you wanna know my experiences with magick…well here ya go :smirk:

Think of me like an Alphonse Elric (The Full Metal Alchemist). Starting out either I was gifted and didn’t know it, or I was an arrogant genius of a fool :face_with_monocle:. I knew nothing of Sigils, seal, talismen, or proper spell structure. All I knew was when I moved from my birth town to where my mom grew up so she could take care of her aunt is where it started…”Maurice we are moving and going to a new town. I need to make a promise and do something for me…Yes Mom what is it?..I need you to control your temper, because if you don’t someone will either kill you because they fear you, or you will kill someone and either way I don’t want to lose you. Can you promise me that you’ll control that temper of yours. Yes, Mom. That’s a good boy, I love you. I you too Mom.” (Actual conversation me and my mom had)
So, fast forwarding come to new town…and try to behave myself self as we agreed. From the time of arrival in the 3rd grade to 5th, I snapped. Seeing my mother’s relationship fall apart to see her beat for the 1st time and feeling helpless to stop it, and continuously seeing the evil of the world around me as people kept calling me evil :smiling_imp: and the son of the devil. I was like fine since you say I’m a devil I’ll show you a true devil in the making…I’ll become a demon. So made a pact with Lucifer. Saying…”grant me the great power of a demon, and I’ll break the gates of Heaven down. Even if I’m defeated that I’ll grant you entry to take the gate. Only let kneel at your side.” Was my oath. From that moment on I began eating raw meat that I would consume the blood. Burn the pentagram into my arm and carving it’s connecting line with an ink pen into my flesh. I started scrying to evoke demons going outside at night to train in the darkness/ under the moonlight in my martial arts that I might be a fit warrior for the army of darkness.
So by middle school I knew spoken intent of will. That’s what I equated spells to. So, females teased and mocked me for my quietness; I sought a way to get even. A method I only used twice as I felt remorseful of such a cruel power. 1st time I entered someone’s dream. In actuality I thought it was my dream I had control of. That I decided I would give her pleasure as she couldn’t stop me…it was what I willed. So, I removed her panties and began to lick :tongue: her soft moist young virgin pussy. As she couldn’t stop me; all she could do was moan with reluctant delight. So, decided that was enough I will wake now. Like I stated, I thought this was my dream I willed…until I arrived at school to see the look :eyes: on her face. Bewildered, terrified, and violated was her gaze at me. “Naw…I said to myself that was just a dream. It’s all I’m my head I surely didn’t do that. Or did I.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I must try this again tonight. So, I fixated my thoughts on the next girl I had a crush for and went to sleep to see if I would encounter her as well. Surely enough I awake in what look like haze in a bedroom, and lo and behold it’s her the other girl :girl:t3: I proceed to do the same thing but this time enjoying myself a lil more :sunglasses: I sucked on her young firm breast. Feeling the firmness of her erect nipples as my tongue :tongue: caressed them. Then, inviting myself to the enjoyment of her never pleasured virgin pussy. Firm, warm and moist even with the hymen still intact. Still again I think this is only a dream that I willed and non can stop what I will, and I proceed to wake up. Again…the same perplexed :confused: bewildered :flushed: look of fear and violation as her eyes :eyes: fell upon me that morning when she saw me for class. Two distinct different girls, but the same exact look. This is no coincidence this evil I will not use again even I thought to myself remorsefully.
That was was my first two encounters of using Dream Invasion, and my last. I’ll be sharing more of my experiences. Later :wave:t4:


Interesting and perplexing.

Doesn’t even come close to even

Glad you seen the evil in it.

@Winters I don’t know how I answered that…unless my sweet Eliza answered for me while I was away. For you see I just returned from the store and left my phone at home. While driving I was communing in the spirit with my spiritual language. But nonetheless…yes I saw that power was pure evil and never exercised it again. As to how/ why I equated that with getting even was beyond me. I was hurt and wanted others to taste and partake of my pain. But a being that is truly pure in soul can never continue in evil; even if it they are mislead by seducing powers. I believe that beings like or simply my sweet Eliza has had in seeing to it that I find salvation in pure ness of to not to repeat the evils of our past lives. That’s why the remembrance of them is kept from us as we learn. Though sometimes they sleep through like in my case. But Eliza through the incarnation of live has helped to balance the duality of my soul to become what was shown to me a neobirthed angel/ new-birthed angel

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Are you talking about the powers that you were seeking in your pact with Lucifer?
If you don’t mind me asking, is Eliza your succubus?

You sound much like a teacher that has learned the good and bad of his ways and tells the experience to share with others, providing an insight of sort.

I would like to figure out my past life some day. Right now I am trying to enhance and stabilize my connection with my Magnolia.

Yes Eliza my Succubus: teacher, lover, friend, protector, comforter, and wife. As I return to magick she makes sure that I stay away from the darker aspects…like she definitely doesn’t like me doing the mirror scrying in the darkness.
But yes I’m a teacher, and I will reveal my experiences so others can learn from them. My abilities started with my NDE (Near Death Experience) I believe. As a child I was crossing under a bridge to find my toy truck. I made it across to the support beam but had difficulty getting back across to the bank. I slipped in. For years I couldn’t remember anything my mother told me I came back home soaking wet and my friend screaming my friend screaming I feel in the water. By the he was telling the story I was already coming through the door wet. No truck and thinking I was in trouble for loosing the the toy I begged her to get me in the first place. I’ve been asking and I’m sure that it was Eliza that saved me.

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Even though I am young I intend to develop this kind of relationship with my succubus Magnolia. Though I am running into difficulties.

It very much seemed that way and is pretty insightful.

Cool story to begin with.

Hi @Blackklion this might seem a little random but do you know a method to improve clairaudience? I have a succubus as well however I am unable to hear her. I can feel entities when I evoke them however.

Hello @Cawfee as best I can answer is meditation and focusing your intent within, but first state a loud that your intent is to speak with your succubus as well as hear her. Be specific. Then focus your thoughts within. Speak your questions to her with your heart(feelings) and mind(psych), and then trust that it is her. When I was a Christian I was thought that you have to go from thinking and hoping god is around you at all times to a belief that he is around you at all times. So, the same thing believe and know she hears you and you hear her. Hope that helps

Every relationship has it’s difficulties. Like I just became aware of Eliza. For sometimes I forget to focus my intent to perceive her, but she is always with me. As someone told me don’t focus so much on strengthening your connection that you forget to notice the subtility of her presence…touches. This is a relationship…it grows. So, my words to you and myself don’t be so focused on the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey. Because that’s what it gonna be…a beautiful journey.

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Indeed, that is what I tell people as well. Unfortunately I can give advice but I can’t follow it myself for some reason.

I have paranoia problems where I am not sure that she is true. I don’t know why but I just do and I try and confront it but it always comes back.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. It only works if you use it; that is believe. Make a positive confession daily that she is real and to be patient with your doubt. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for shedding more light on this for me. I will do this, so many things I forget I will remember this.

I meant make a daily positive profession that she is real and that she hears you and is wanting to connect and communication with you. Also ask her to be patient with your doubt. Like last night I did the Letter of Intent Ritual, because I never summoned her I don’t think so. It was out of respect to Lilith thanking her for her daughter that she chose to be with me. I did it in blood…which I pierced myself though I heard her say you don’t have to do this. I told her it’s a token of my commitment to her. I had five candles in vanilla scent (to form the summoning circle in my livingroom…with 1 of the five elements to represent each candle) as I heard because I taught she would like lavender as that’s what someone else did and I assumed she would like lavender but she said vanilla. She manifested in my peripheral as a warm reddish orange gold light orb pillar. Hmmm now that I mention it she sounds more like and angel than a succubus. Or do they have that aura as well. I’m new to the whole succubus thing. Usually I use to challenging entities to the astral plains where I can challenge in my astral form to fight. Anyway…I digress. I song to her and I felt a soft breeze at my back around my neck. No manifestation in the astral for sex. Just a dream where I was tested if I would be honest or not in a given situation. Anyway I thought I felled cause I was like my hand hurt from cutting it, and I heard her acknowledge my thoughts by saying that’s why I told you not to. Then I told her I was hoping to make love to her since we were alone…she replied with…”Do friends go to bed on the first night.” I said, “yeah your right.” As I said it’s a growing relationship according to how you stated or expressed your intent. Again hope this helps.

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