Intro From The Shadows

I’ve been here a while and posted an intro in the big Introduce Yourself topic way back whenever, but never did an individual introduction like I was supposed to, so here we are - sorry it took me so long.

I found this forum when I had a dream where I was complaining about not having a connection to any god/angel/demon/spirit like a lot of people seem to have, and this guy said that I did have a patron and it was Lucifer. I was shocked and horrified, but by the end of the dream I had come around to the idea and was ready to find out who Lucifer really was and not just accept the biblical version.

Anyway, a lot has happened since that time, I’ve had further dreams where I’ve communicated with Lucifer directly, but I suppose I’m frustrated that I only ever seem to be able to communicate with entities when I’m asleep, I struggle to do so in a conscious meditation, so I feel I do need help to improve that.

My previous magical experience is long winded and a mismatch of various paths. I was always drawn to witchcraft in general but was always told it was wrong, not because my family were religious but because they were spiritual snobs. They always said it was a lesser form of spirituality and tools and ritual weren’t needed, so I never got the opportunity to delve into witchcraft like I really wanted to until now - I’ve burst out of the broom closet with jazz hands and all. I don’t really associate with any sort of defined path, be it LHP or RHP, because I’m not a rigid kind of person, I go wherever my interests take me.

I love all things herbs and crystals, candle magic both fascinates and frustrates me, and astral travel when I’m not asleep is something I do want to work on. In fact, any conscious conversation in a meditative state is something I want to work on.

So, I hope this is okay as my official introduction, and sorry for the long time lurking.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Welcome bac :slight_smile:

Thank you, thank you :grinning:

Your first introduction in the main thread was fine. You didn’t have to do an individual one lol

But welcome back.

Oops sorry :sweat_smile: ah well it was playing on my mind and figured I’d just do it again to make sure.

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