Intresting dreams

I have a weird thing rarely when I’m sleeping, sometimes I dream that I somehow become a different being not from outside but inside, it feels like something enters my body, I looked into the mirror last time it’s still my body but it makes me feel very different sometimes very bloodthirsty so bloodthirsty I don’t even know am I still in control but I never hurt anyone I can stop myself I’m the one in control and like last time it can make my energy feel very masculine, making my muscles rock hard, making me feel so strong I could destroy mountains defeat whole armies alone and never be tired for more whan entenity with so much power. I’m not sure should I start worrying, every time it happens it feels good tho. What others think?

Do some banishings with the intent to clear the space of energies that may cause you harm and see what happens

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Sounds like you’ve noticed a parasite. It will try to hide if it realises you’ve seen it.

At the bottom on the unofficial tutorials thread are a few parasite tutorials you might be interested in.

Maybe, I will check can I do any good banishings if there really might be one.