Intranquil Spirit Question?

So I know the spell is used to bring an ex back, but would it be possible to do it in a way that my target just ends up tormented by the spirit(s)?
I had cursed this target previously however I’m getting the sinking feeling that its not doing as much damage as I would like.

This person is a horrid, abusive and deeply disturbed predator who has hurt many innocents and they deserve to suffer for all they have done. I also suspect this person tried to open a bank under my name as I had recently gotten a card that I never applied for, this alone seems like a coincidence but months prior I caught them with my ID + bank card. I was trying to get on disability and they knew this, they knew that if it went through than I’d be getting a hefty paycheck. (Think a few thousand kinda hefty)

Something was looking out for me though bc that card ended up getting suspended immediately afterwards, thankfully there was nothing in it so there was no loss on my end.

I want to use the spirit(s) for some old fashioned justice, however I do not know if doing this would be seen as disrespectful to the spirit(s). Could I adapt this spell to suit my specific needs or would doing so backfire?
(Like all good hunters, I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike as I need some heavy protections + the materials still before I go guns blazing.)

I actually tried this and it fell completely flat. I only tried once, but my feeling is that the nature of the Intranquil spirit is she wants to do what she wants to do, and if you’re not playing ball with that she doesn’t want to know… she’s not up for negotiating terms.

For sending a vengeful spirit after people, the best results I’ve had was with Sorceres Cagliastro’s THE BOY from her book 29 deadly sigils. A daemon born of suffering, that’s all he knows and it’s what he brings. My very intractible target is now showing concrete results, like breaking a leg (not just having his check engine light come on like before when I was actually going for a car crash), after I performed her ritual to make him pay with his health and longevity for harming me.