Intranquil Spirit Question

Hey all. I know there are a lot of posts on this topic, but I didn’t know where to put this.

I recently paid someone to do the Intranquil Spirit spell for me on an ex. We are on friendly terms, just don’t see each other and communication has stopped. The spell was completed 20 days ago, and I am aware that these things take time. My question is what if I’m not sure if this guy did the work? Is there a time limit that I need to wait before either finding someone else, or doing it myself? Can 2 different IS run at the same time? I don’t know anyone else who can do this. So many scammers out there. Thanks

Depending on how much you paid it can go either way. I’ve had people ask me to risk my life working with them in full sincerity for $50 before. Most people would take the money and ignore them just for the absurdity of the notion alone

I’ve also had people send me $1,000 for Angelic workings and I’ve poured everything I had into making those rites all they can be and then some with support work I never charged for to help it along better

What you’ve hired them for is the magickal equivalent to a mob hit in terms of risk so there’s a lot to it

I’d do a reading if I were you


You can use a pendulum to divine if the work was done.
And then you can continue asking yesno questions to delve deeper into it.

I just did it and I got a firm yes.

However, this:

This is doubt, and nothing kills magick faster than doubt. It’s like you’re doing your own counter working against the magick, and sabotaging the work. So it’s good you have a way to firm up your belief so you don’t do that, or hopefully the mages will is stronger than yours.


Thank you everyone

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I understand where they’re coming from, but that’s fucking theft. If not able or unwilling to do the work, they should politely decline; that’s the most professional thing to do. Heck, they could also simply ignore the client and their request altogether, which is not as nice but much nicer than taking the client for a ride.

Besides, such clients may not necessarily mean disrespect… They may not even be aware of all the risks of certain operations (not sure what type of operations you’re referring to). And to some clients, 50 bucks may literally be the most they can afford at that point in their life (esp. if out of work because of COVID restrictions such as the vax pass, etc.). Reasonable clients will offer to pay what they can safely afford. Once again, the magician can always decline.

That said, I’m very glad a client was generous enough to pay you $1,000, and I hope by now they’ve obtained much improvement in their life. That’s the thing, there is never any guarantee when it comes to magick for hire, even if thousands are paid, the client follows the rules, and just because a witch charges $900+ doesn’t mean they’re legit! Many have been scammed out of thousands and then left w/ nothing to show for it.

And finally, if a client experienced much success in career, finances, etc., they’d be so grateful they’d gladly pay the witch a larger amount (had the witch agreed to be paid more later).

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