Internet Sorcery // Musical Sigil Magick

Curious to everyone’s opinion…

¶ Here is the basic idea:
Creating magick sigils with specific intent and placing them in music videos posted on the internet as a sort of alternative digital ritual spell charging the sigils with the music.

† My understanding is that creating multiple alternative sigils for a servitor increases it’s growth rate allowing it to skip straight to that of an egregore and speeding up the time it would take to reach godform. So why not use digital manipulation to create a sigil that warps and strobes visually with the beat of high energy music. Then placing that video on the internet which is basically its own realm separate from the physical world composed of pure energy and information. Basically that is the theory…

‡ I believe I already have a mutant Godform egregore (that had possessed me after fusing a servitor I had created with a demonic entity and charging it with negative emotions as a teen) bound to a sigil and essentially banished to a website in a similar fashion.

★ What does everyone think of the overall theory? Would this technique allow a sigil spell to independently stay charged and possibly strengthen it’s power? Do you think the website would have to be viewed by a living lifeform inorder to gather gnosis or would it be able to channel it’s own feeding off the general gnosis of the internet in it’s entirety of just pure information energy? Also would stumbling upon such a website create potential for the entity to possess another person and escape? How does everyone feel about the intertwining of magick and the internet/electronics in general?

I’m sure plenty of similar things already exist both with and without knowledge of having done so if such a theory works.


Placing sigils in media is not an original idea. It’s been a staple of Chaos magick since its inception.

I have never heard of that happening. My understanding is that a servitor’s sigil merely encapsulates its basic programming, so I’m not sure how multiple copies of its program would turn a servitor into anything but a servitor. A servitor grows by learning, not by the charging of its sigil.


Yes I know, but my understanding is usually they are placed to subliminally capture gnosis from the viewer. Where as I suppose the difference would be rather an attempt to generate energy to charge it using the information itself of both the music and visual manipulation.

I got the idea from researching Fotamecus

From what I have read, Fotamecus evolved by being used by a large amount of people. The more he was worked with, the stronger he became. It wasn’t the distribution or charging of his sigl that increased his growth, but rather the constant flexing of his power. :thinking:

PS: I’ve moved this to the Chaos Magick subsection, as this topic falls more readily under that than General Discussion.

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Taken from the original text at:


Fotamecus was originally a sigil which then became conscious and turned into a servitor. Modifications were made to the original sigil to make it a viral servitor. The Fotamecus viral servitor.

Right on makes sense thanks!

I guess to refine the question would the media have to go viral online to work or could it manage to serve it’s purpose basically from the shadows hidden?

In my opinion, both ways would work. A viral video would disseminate itself far and wide, increasing the chances of people charging the sigil and feeding the servitor. A sigil embedded in a single web page could achieve the same result if you use it in conjunction with something to drive more traffic to the site.

There are videos on YouTube that have sigils embedded in them to attract more views, but there is really no definitive way to guarantee your media will go viral, unless you do a secondary sigil for that purpose as well, perhaps a mantric one in the music itself.


This is, or was, popular among chaos magickians, who call it 'sigil bombing’ - usually via graffiti or papers left in public places. As a digital alternative I don’t see why not.

Many metal bands use sigils as thier logos and get an effect. This is one of my favourites from Lord of the Lost :slight_smile: (Not my tattoo, but I can’t say I’m not tempted - I got some merch instead)

So yeah I think that’s a pretty proven method.

I think it’s to send energy to the thoughtform/spirit/god itself, that the sigil represents.

I don’t think it’s going to matter what genre of music you use, what matters is the emotions it causes the viewer to feed it with. Which means you have to give them a reason to feed it as opposed to just seeing it as a random pretty image.
I’m personally not of the mind that having people just look at a sigil gives it enough energy to charge, not even if a million see it, not if they only view it neutrally. They have to view it with heart.

No they’d have to charge and open the sigil, to contact the entity and make the connection, and then they’d have to give it permission or invoke it. The entity is not ‘in’ the sigil. The sigil is just like a phone number to contact it.

I consider myself a ‘technomage’, in the sense that I work with the entities of software products, so I’m a fan. As an animist, and building on the work of Michaele Small Wright, businesses and discrete creations of humans can absolutely have intelligence and consciousness of thier own. Basically, they are small gods that humans (being creator beings) have collectively created, i.e. egregores.

Yes. The world is chock full of spirit in many forms, and it can all be communicated with.


Thanks this is all good insight that I feel is connecting the dots in explaining some things I was sorta overlooking. Makes sense to me.

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I you want to use the example of Lord of the Lost, there’s a ‘credo’ - basically a sung incantation, or galdr, that goes with the sigil and also charges the spirit of the band. They sing it at thier concerts.

Check it out and tell me if you also thing this is charging them up: :slight_smile:

"We give our hearts to the Lord of the Lost
We live in the dark, not in heaven we trust
We give our hearts to the Lord of the Lost
We’re ready to depart, not in hell we do trust
We give our hearts… to you *

  • Here the band gives back in unique voice, completing the energy circuit making it personal to the crowd, and so the magik is grounded - that part’s important - it’s very well done, yet subtle.
    I have to admit, I’m super impressed and totally allowed myself to enjoy giving in to the pull of this energy, it’s harmless and fun. I think it’s a wonderful example of magik at work in plain sight. I might be adding 2 and 2 to make 5, but I think it’s deliberate.

Paused at 40:20 where the credo starts if you want to watch the energy in play:
The crowd is singing it and feeding the band so much energy it’s truly delicious - and they absolutely love it, which is exactly what you want. Give them something, to get back even more.

The start of the ‘official’ credo video repeats the sigil, and it features on thier stage attire sometimes.

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The music itself isn’t that great but the concept is there
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