Interesting turn of events!

LONG READ & NSFW/potentially graphic for some.

so for a while we have been dealing with this ass hole. He was a contractor (fake one) and helped us out for a bit.

  • alcoholic.
  • smokes meth. K2 and does fentanyl apparently because he left all sorts of little stashes hidden in our property!
  • stole $25,000 from my family.
  • tried putting a $15,000 or so car loan in my name.
  • stole my uncle’s computer and tried to pawn it.
  • almost gave my mom a heart attack
  • brought some meth head low life to my house to smoke meth with her and have sex with her.
  • is just an all around 40 year old 280 pound 6’3 creepy fat slob around women.

This all boiled me inside slowly cause he was hurting me and my family.

Now I forgot to mention he tried pawning my uncle’s vintage stamps as well. After he destroyed my satanic alter (which pissed me off beyond belief lol) like 2-3 days later the police came for the stamps and dragged him out on a trespass. I didn’t think that was enough cause he was still roaming around hurting other families and screwing them over.

So I recently grabbed only 1 red candle.
I did the most basic candle curse in EA’s baneful magick book. Visualized the sick fuck h*nging himself on a ceiling fan (dark yes I know but he deserves this and more).

Turns out he didn’t pass away as fast as i thought he would but things are falling apart for him! We start with him now being locked up in another county for a probation violation!

I’ll keep updates below! I just hope this donkey dick falls to the ground. Considering this is a curse with the goal in mind to drop the bitch. I will be doing this ritual multiple times a week as per my intuition instructed!


Interesting. So how much time elapsed between the ritual and the first results starting?

Can’t remember exactly but like a week

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Nice work! Looking forward to the updates :smiling_imp:

Ah. New updates! And this is looking good.

  • first got a tarot reading. It basically just explained what kind of lying piece of shit the bitch is so it sounds like he’s not getting better if not getting worse with his bullshit.

  • I randomly thought of the word “bankrupt” so I got a pendulum reading. Yes. This bitch has officially went bankrupt.

I CANT WAIT to see what happens next.