Interesting questions about egregores

Are egregores really self aware or are they just programmed to act like sentient sapient beings? What might happen if somebody asked an egregore vampire like Dracula to turn him or her into a vampire? I would guess that persons astral body would become an astral vampire body but the physical body would stay human depending on how strong the egregore vampire was.

Your physical body will always remain human regardless if you’re dealing with an egregore or not. There’s no such thing as an actual physical vampire. That’s just fantasy. No matter what kind of creature you get “bitten” by, a bullet to the head will stop you cold just like anyone else.


Yes i know actual physical undead vampires are just fantasy. I was thinking if somehow the egregore was a physical being that might change even if just barely. Although i bet its not easy to make an egregore completely physical as it would probably require thousands of magicians heavily focused on it for a long time. Also thanks for the fast answer.

An egregore is basically like any other spirit. Perhaps not quite as powerful as a demonic king that’s been around for a thousand years, but if it has absorbed enough energy to evolve, it can certainly come close.

Many groups and orders create egrogores to act as guardians and storehouses for their knowledge. They not only protect during rituals, but help to fuel the magick.


Physical is not much of significance in spirituality or occultism, Everything you heard about physical vampires are totally made by hollywood, even though blood drinking sangune vampires exist, Its more of a disease and they got no powers or neither they burn in sun.

We need not make any egregore for making us vampire, Cuz there is already a path for vampiric transmutation of soul and many of the existing entities are already capable of doing this to make you a astral vampire.

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Could an almost physical egregore be possessed by or fused with an infernal demon god and then permanently possess a corpse?

There is no almost physical egregore if it doesn’t have a human body.Though i am not sure an egregore is capable of possesing a human body.

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Well i heard of psychic vampires just being humans taking the energy of other humans.

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Thats all they are, What more specialities do you want them to have?

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Maybe an egregore cannot forcibly possess anyone but if somebody willingly invoked an egregore it would probably be the same as possession.

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Even a very powerful entity, will not dare to forcibly possess anybody.

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Nothing really useful for being magicians or even logically possible but it might be fun to bend or break some laws of reality.

Why and how is turning something astral into something physical not significant to spirituality? If its impossible to turn astral into physical then how is there a physical universe right here? I know its probably kinda pointless even if possible though.

That is not true at all. Spirits can and do forcibly possess people. A magician can even send one out to do so.

While possession does allow for some supernormal abilities (people being ridden by a Lwa in a Voodoo ceremony, for example, have been known to swallow poison and broken glass with no damage, as well as run themselves through with a sword without dying), they can’t break the laws of reality to any great extent.


@DarkestKnight. Thats interesting. These groups that create egregores sounds like your info on Tibetan tulpa creation.

@DarkestKnight. Thats actually awesomely amazing in my opinion to even be capable of that. Thanks for telling me. But what if those were somehow just rumors or something instead of proven fact? Even by my logic that sounds unlikely to be possible.

Hmm interesting, Ofcourse magician can send out one but i was saying in the context of the entity of egregore you invoke.

Egregores are never physical beings. As I said, despite being created by humans, they are really no different than any other spirit. Demons, angels and gods are not physical like we are, so why would you expect an egregore to be?

Tibetan tulpas are a whole different category all together, and I don’t think there is really a Western equivalent to them. Many people use the term to refer to servitors but they’re not the same thing, from what I’ve read. Unlike servitors, tulpas are said to be completely physical and can be seen by anyone.

There are first hand accounts by anthropologists, who have witnessed such feats.

A female anthropologist was possessed simply by watching a Voodoo ceremony. She didn’t participate, but was still ridden by the Lwa.

Invocation is a sort of controlled possession. The difference is you don’t lose your consciousness like you do in full possession as in invocation, you are taking on a certain quality of the spirit, not giving yourself over to it.


Yes, i have seen about some sadhu kinda human appearing and dissapearing out of nowhere while me travelling in spiritual places of Himalayas. but I don’t know what kind of power can do that .

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I have seen this happening in my village and also other villages, Whenever we do very big rituals and ceremonies to village spirits, Many of the women doing rituals get possessed and they start dancing. But i won’t say forcefully but because they believe.