Interesting Experience in the Shower

Hey all,

So just had a strange experience in the shower and I felt I should share, as I have never had an experience like this.

To begin, I haven’t been able to evoke Azazel for some weeks now. Life has definitely hindered my free time lately, and I have someone staying with me at my house so privacy isn’t ideally great at the moment.

I was home alone for most of the day, so I decided to evoke Azazel earlier today and meditate a bit. It was successful, so my day went quite well after I was finished. After evocation and meditation, I spent some time with my family, which has not happened lately.

When I arrived home, I had time for a nice hot shower. I took my opportunity and also decided to pleasure myself, as it has been awhile since I could properly relieve myself. The bathroom was filled with steam, I was listening to an Azazel mantra and going at it.

I told myself I wanted to make it last, and be fulfilling. I progressed and reached a point where I was going to climax, when I opened the curtain to hop out and finish, my body wash was thrown at me. So I continued until I finished, which by the way, was not quick.

Afterwards I felt almost rejuvenated in a way, I cannot explain the feeling. The steam that had gathered put me into a light trance, and without thought I drew Azazel’s sigil on the mirror. I gazed at it mindlessly, until I came out of the trance-like state and here I am now. I’ve never had my shampoo or body wash bottles fall, as the bath has space. So I do not believe it just fell, I never even grazed it. It definitely caught me by surprise, and am curious if anyone has has similar things happen? What do you think?

Wasn’t sure on the proper category, apologies if I am mistaken.


You’re the best one to say. There’s really too many options and variables for someone who wasn’t there to guess, from chance slippage with all the wet in the space, to it being a sign, to the raised energy attracting lesser entities… And it sounds like you already made your conclusion :slight_smile:

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Very true, the raised and continued energy I feel made the area tangible. It felt powerful. Unexplainable.