Interesting experience during connective evocation with Gaap

Had an interesting experience just now, I followed the second ritual from the GOM book “Demons of Magick” to do the connective evocation with Gaap. I done the ritual and made my request and performed the license to depart. However after I felt that that Gaap was still there, so I began to chant Gaap while staring at his sigil again and I got a much clearer presence this time, (I hadn’t really felt the presence before) this time the candles in front of me began to crackle and the magnetic clasp on the notebook I was holding opened and closed 3 times by itself. I did not feel any fear, I made my request again feeling sure that Gaap was there, informed about the offering I would make and performed the license to depart again.

I’m new to this type go magick and had performed the ritual a couple of nights in a row to get familiar with it without making a request, I had drawn Gaap’s sigil and slept with it under my pillow lastnight, I had terrible dreams but my goal was to establish a respectful approach with this spirit rather than merely trying to get what I please.

Would love to hear any relatable thoughts or experiences or if anyone thinks I couldnt have screwed the whole thing up any harder :joy::joy::joy:


Sounds fine, fine :slight_smile:

Was there a problem? Why do you think that we’d think you messed up?

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just that I had performed the license to depart then felt the presence was actually stronger, that should have been the end of the ritual. You know what I mean?

Maybe it wasn’t done trying to talk to you. Personally, I don’t generally dismiss or give license to depart. I just say thank you. They’ll go in thier own time.


Stay if you’d like, go if you must.

I don’t know why, but saying those words puts me at ease!

Did he feel like a gentle spirit to you? I find that tonight, as I closed ritual, I’ve been in a very soft mood. As if my soul has been caressed. I almost always want to orgasm after evocation but with Gaap I feel so much love.

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This was a whlle ago for me, I certainly felt at peace, it was my first experience of this kind but I certainly felt no fear.

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