Inter-dimensional gateway

Azazel pops up tells me he has a inter-dimensional gateway for me he then possess me and i wake up to this.

At two cardinal directions are circles and the other directions diamond shaped symbols
In the center is a bowl of water, with a odd cross symbol and weird shapes at each arm with four crosses on the inside.

I didn’t understand i scryed into it and it began flashing the floor began dissapearing the gate took on multiple dimensional shapes, a voice echoed from the gate.

" We are the inter-dimensional council your spiritual companion Azazel has opened a point in your dimension for us to operate through, we see you but you do not see us, YET … i am the a singular individual speaking on their behalf, my name is Raba’Tah it is time your species understand the truth ".

WTF a demon getting me in contact with inter-dimensional aliens …

Ah fuck another whole puzzle to put together.

Thoughts ?


'Tis a never-ending riddle brother.

Actually this makes perfect sense. I work with aliens and so do some friends of mine.


I’ve heard some wild conspiracies that Aliens are simply demons who were able to engineer physical bodies. Don’t know how much truth there is to it though.


Aaaaand got it drawn on a bunch of notes :3
~lets screw up this world, by not knowing what the fuck i’m doing :smiley:

Of course, i’ll try to copy this thing :wink:


I’m definitely interested in working with this portal.

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We allllll arrrre on ourrrr quessssst forrrrr powerrrrr :stuck_out_tongue:

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You know, there are points where the two don’t seem to be very different from each other at all, in my experience… I feel like I’ve met Demons who I’ve mistaken for inter-dimensional aliens, as well as inter-dimensional aliens that I thought were demons, etc… haha


Yesssss, brother…

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So, got it shared on two facebook accounts and one mystery forum :3
~let us begin this madness :smiley:

“love ya azathoth” XD or something

YESSSS :imp:

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What is the symbol at the top of the picture?

Azathoth has become more and more present in my life and practice recently. I’m glad to see his name being posted.



'Ello, mate. :slight_smile:

sends waves through the emerging head with dancing fingertips


That’s fucking awesome.

Actually that is pretty on point, IMO. I firmly believe that there are different “species” of entities. For all I know one or more of these species are in fact aliens, or even some kind of psychic consciousness from another plane or dimension. Crazy stuff…

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The deeper I dive in, the more I start to think that the most ancient and powerful deities are in fact what you speak of…


It’s true. A weird perspective on RHP is that you can still acknowledge a source, but still have different sources. In other words, whatever is the source of this plane or dimension is not neccesarily the source of another. And not neccessarily synonamous with an ALL.

So if there are multiple whatevers, these energies might cross at some point, creating phenomena or some kind of access. So, different entities from different spheres of existence (species) could have a presence. They are all gods/beings/whatever, and not even neccessarily gods of this sphere.

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I have also come to the same conclusion that the source of one dimension isn’t the source of another, as in each world there is different creation sources like in the norse there was ice and fire to birth creation.

In others there is God or in others there’s a singular point of consciousness and energy the further that moved away from the original source the energy then became solid matter.

So in fact all these sources could exist in multiple dimensions, each with different possibilities playing out their role simultaneously.


I envision a sort of “family tree” or similar symbol where branches grow out from a certain source and where there might be a “fruit/family member” on the tree’s branch, that would be where the source reaches into other dimensions allowing the different possibilities to exist and branch out further into each separate dimension…

…but of course there are more sources, more possibilities, more branches, more fruit, more worlds within worlds within worlds… A network of branches, or tendrils, or nerves, or whatever creating and inhabiting and experiencing everything…

I wonder if one were to try and separate or untangle these pathways they might find the source of a source of a source…