Intense Transformations with the Archangels of the Zodiac

For the past year or so, working with the Shem and Goetia challenge, has led me down a rabbit hole, a path the magician within me has been yearning for years.

Ever since I started practicing magick I felt as though the material open to the public was comparable to how black magicians see wiccan books that are more so for children. I knew there was more.

I knew there was a greater form of magick, and I believe I finally found it, and from what I have been shown, this form of magick contrary to Sekhem Apep, the path of Vampyre, is called Sekhem Heru.

The path of Horus, the path of Christ.

I found Horus to be the chief of the zodiac and the gods, very much like Shiva, or Lucifer.

The more I engaged in the 72 challenge, I felt as though the macrocosm was merging with my microcosm, to the point where I feel like I am the cosmic egg itself.

I found the concept of the cosmic egg depicted in orphism as well, where the god Dionysus, is killed and then resurrected, and he is called the god of light just like all the other christic archetypes, around the egg I noticed in his depiction were 12 animals that represented the zodiac.

It was revealed to me by Enki, that the 12 zodiac represent the 12 constellations from which extraterrestrial DNA was given to humanity, to make mankind a superhuman being that could even surpass the “gods”, which is the reason in the legends, Enlil tries to destroy humanity.

I’ve been shown we are being guided and even incarnated into the physical world, to help master ourselves to the level of godhood so that no other god would have to govern our world.

Ive met magicians had achieved the mastery of being homoluminous, which made most magicians I had met look like a joke, that was the first time I saw true magick, he was of Aztec descent, and down there they have a similar prophecy, and that is the birthing of what is called the patcha kuti also known as the Homoluminous Man or the Astral Angel.

It seems that after mastering the zodiac one actually becomes the god of light aka Horus which is what the pharaohs were also associated with, until then you are simply governed by one of the 72 spirits because you exist in the wheel of time as an incomplete project.

The transformation of becoming an astral is also taught in the far East as well in Hinduism as well Taoism. However gurus and monks do not share this publicly.

In Taoism it is the completion of the immortal body or diamond body. And this is my UPG but I’ve found that the cloak of Deggal is the same cloak of light of the Astral Angel.

Since I didn’t want to summon the powers of 12 gods in one go. I decided to go by Damien Echols book “Angels and Archangels” where he actually talks about the zodiac, as well as the diamond body. He gives the names of the Archangels of the zodiac. And to basically use breathwork to breathe in the divine light.

I’ve been doing this for a few days now and I’ll tell you what I’ve been experiencing.

• I’ve been almost timeless, as if I’m bending time.
• My clairvoyance has doubled, and my telepathy is off the charts
• My ability to astral project has skyrocketed
• My ability to clear out my astral nerves has allowed me to reduce pain within my body in seconds.
• I can actually hear spirits better and my ability to communicate with the Gods has been heightened as well.
• Living in LA, this past weekend I went out for Halloween with my girlfriend and it was almost as if the spirits wouldn’t let me take part in any degeneracy, beyond that the situations I’ve been faced with have influenced me to become more self loving, selfish even, allowing me become the center of my consciousness rather than the outside world as my compass.

In a way I can tell that the powers of my astral body, or the astral angel within this cocoon is being birthed. And the people that run this world, know that this is going to happen, they know we are going to overpower them, so they would have us create our own fears with our own cosmic powers.

The 72 challenge has been hard and arduous, but I believe what’s next is pathworking through the zodiac, working with the zodiac angels, and the gates of the nuctameron, embodying the principles of Sekhem Heru. That is where we will all take the next step, if not the first step in learning real magick, but beware, you will change, for the better, but it won’t be easy, because you will naturally be very unhappy with the physical world and more centered on your internal reality to the point that will be the only thing that exists.

It’s also been revealed to me that the spirits of the Shem and goetia are the 144.000 electromagnetic currents of the body, that essentially fire the electrical signals in the brain and through the bodily systems, through this pressurization process the consciousness wakes up to the inside out experiencing, and that you are the kundalini or cosmic serpent and your inner eye is the pole star, your 12 cranial nerves representing the 12 zodiac, creating the 5 sense experience, you are the 12 gods, you are Christ, choosing to occupy a memory within the mind of god, you can choose any memory you like within the multiverse because you are the temple of the gods, the powers of the gods are within you.

I may or may not post more about this on here. I might give some more time to practice with the angels of the zodiac, and report back. It has definitely given great results on my end. And I feel like I’m growing in power daily.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Hopefully you’ll post more about this. It’s fascinating, and that’s from someone who mostly works with the darker side of things. I would never have even considered Echols’s book, but from what you’ve written, it sounds like it has a lot of potential,


Honestly I understand why people choose the dark side, I was into the dark side at one point. While vampires get a pranic activation from sacrifice or blood, there are also other ways to achieve the same power which is through breathwork. According to my findings, the darkside utilizes a primal template for harnessing power usually through killing. Death itself releases the powers of the soul from the body, that’s why it’s said gods like shiva hover over cremating bodies, for the harvesting of life force.

According to the gods, the absorption of life force through death is what created karma, they coined it as Nephilim magick, beings that could not access the energies of the soul/solar energy or stars themselves, so they would kill to harvest that solar energy to then mold reality, that’s largely the reason archons can only exploit us through our own fears.

I’ve found that the cosmic crown is actually the zodiac and the all seeing eye to be the North Star, according to Enki, the Djedi knights of Atlantis as well as Egypt, took part in rituals to bathe in the starlight, and that’s why the pyramids were aligned with the stars of orion.

By channeling the light of the angels, which are self sustaining sources of light that are part of the source of creation, we can reconnect these fallen parts of ourselves back into the divine state.

I believe most people get into dark magick because that’s all they’ve ever been taught by their mentors, I know the type of energy sacrifices can generate, however with the right knowledge and tools, the same power can be unlocked through working with the zodiac and the self sustaining sources of the celestial realm, because that’s honestly what the dark side is doing as well, it’s just not as clean and from my experience it has a lot of backlash, because when you unleash energies that dissolve self, the act of harming others turns into harming yourself. That’s why Kalachakra practitioners are taught not to kill or even eat meat, that’s why I cautioned people with this path because if you’re not ready to break free from the darker aspects of human nature then it will definitely create some upheaval.

I will definitely report back, I’ve already had interesting developments today and haven’t even done breath-work yet, so I’m excited for the new upgrades


For a while now I’ve shared your belief that the occult “literature” available to the public is watered down, to say the least. I’ve mostly worked with Qliphothic demons and I never did much with the Goetic spirits. That’s just the way it worked out.

Is the 72 challenge a necessary pre-condition to do what you’re doing now?


I wouldn’t say so, for me personally the 72 challenge has just been very intense, some days I was really depressed and in pain even, sometimes even physical pain, the spirits of the 72 challenge are still a part of the zodiac, but the archangels are more like chiefs of these angels, that’s why there’s 6 Shem angels under every zodiac archangel, 12+6=72.

I’d say the 72 challenge makes this easier, because we’re basically integrating the outer layer of the divine mind, and then the next layer is the angels that serve under the decans which are usually in pairs of 3, and then the zodiac archangels. I’m personally jumping from the 72 challenge to the archangels. Though it is definitely more amplified and intense, ever since I started working with them I feel like I’m on a different planet/timeline.

I worked with them again last night, and I basically switched to a universe where I was the macrocosm, where I was basically god, and then I jumped into a reality where the elites were defeated and wars around the world dissolved, where collective peace was achieved.

And I think this has to do with the prophecy of the 144.000, and the return of Christ, I think it’s actually a consciousness, not necessarily a man that’s going to descend from the sky, but is in fact the earth and sky itself. My head is crowned by the zodiac and Polaris, and my feet rooted in the earth, I am the god within the cosmic egg, reborn as the astral angel. Which is honestly what the biblical resurrection is. It’s the same concept in Egypt, you are Osiris, and are reborn as Horus, Horus is the eye between the zodiac, the pole star, the combination of all gods, the path of Horus is how you break out of the cycles of reincarnation. By completing the wheel of time via the zodiac. So in a way it’s already been completed, we’re just living a memory. Everything is happening simultaneously at the same time, and you harmonically connect with any memory you desire.


During my initiation through the Qlipha of A’ Arab Zarak, I got a line of pimples or spots from the back of my right shoulder up over my right ear and down my jaw, accompanied by shooting pain like electric shock. I dissolved a lot of trauma, integrated and generally woke up. They disappeared as soon as the initiation was done. Maybe it’s similar.

I’m very interested in Homoluminosity, the Astral Angel. I often thought that the more we identified with the true Self, as opposed to the personality, the closer we’d be to genuine magical abilities. What you’re doing is maybe even a step further than that.


The thing is most people achieve the true self mentally and hardly ever sustain it.

Becoming the astral angel in a way is self deification, you no longer need to work with astral entities or any gods. You become Christ embodied, when I first activated my homoluminous dna, I was seeing my light as clear as day and other people were able to see it too, even some of the Native American descendants from communities out here in LA looked a little frightened after witnessing, I’ve had other instances where I’m just walking through the walk of fame, shining the light and people around me would give me compliments and seemed to be quite fascinated by my aura, one time a kid asked me if I was a prince while I was in this state. I’ve had people remember me from the future even. I met another guy like me, and he was like I said Aztec descent, but he was more advanced than me, he was on some doctor strange level luminescence, I was able to see his astral body, his astral light was like tangible, I could smell it, taste it, see it, he did a cleansing on me, and after that my magick become incredibly empowered, every word I’d say felt real and my clairvoyance was heightened, colors were more vibrant. It was truly fascinating.

I later learned that this form of magick is actually Vajrayana Buddhism, specifically Kalachakra tantra, Kalachakra meaning the wheel of time, which happened to related to the Mayan calendar, from my workings with Enki, these were the true teachings of the Anunnaki. And that our power lies in the ability to draw down the timeless super self into linear time to exercise its powers, resulting in homoluminous energy, we are able illuminate the physical shell and world. Because the zodiac and the pole star connect to ain soph, the limitless light, the generative principle, the sun then manifests the ethereal blueprint into an atomic manifestation which creates the physicality. I swear that mf did a banishing ritual with the limitless light, and within seconds the space was cleared, 5 minutes later after I’m walking home I realized he banished my ass out of there :rofl:


This all sounds really legit, but a lot of people make a lot of big claims.

Tell me when you throw a fireball, do some real magic physically outside your own mind like telekinesis or something and I’m with you.

Because all this won’t fight and destroy the armies and tanks of the elite.

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Reporting back for my second post

I got back on doing breathwork with the angels again, the zodiac and the celestial sphere has basically in a way became the center of being for me in a lot of ways, today from my breathwork session, I tapped into what is called the astral light, I found that the subconscious clutter as well information from the causal body becomes a soup of light that forms the astral body, I found that feeding certain thought patterns and actions even, connects us to similar bandwidths of energy, mingling the mind and astral body with energies that are of a resonance within the astral body, the astral body magnetizes the codes to itself to then compress it into physicality. So in otherwords, this entire thing is a simulation of spiritual energy compressing into more density through time.

Within this light I saw faces, shapes, colors, emotions etc. it felt like the play-dough, that formed and filled existence. It was the light between everything. By tapping into the essence of the astral light/matter, I was then able to tap into more ketheric energies as well which allowed me to enter a trance state where I was communing with the gods and goddesses, time was also different it was as if I time traveled into the past that is our present from our future, I was able to see from the end of time, and that’s when I accessed this pure white light energy and through it connected with my godself or higher self that was merged with this current soul within my oversoul construct, I was shown that I was integrating fragments back into my soul body.

It’s like I install the astral and ketheric blueprints into my aura which then materialize the qualities of these spirits and lights, the realms they dwell, the energies of those realms, that also express themselves in the material reality, within the sphere of form. This was a substance that was felt through all six senses simultaneously, creating the 7th sense, the combination of all rays of consciousness that create what is known as the HGA, Horus, Diamond body, Higher Self/Ipsissimuss.

My ability to communicate with the gods is becoming like a daily habit, the efficiency of the communication however is dependent on my connection with myself as well as the archetypal forces within my divine mind. It’s as if I’m becoming one with the mind of god, that’s exactly what happened, I went back up to Ain, where the primordial goddess resides in her blissful state of absolute union, the strength I’ve been accumulating, the sheer power has broken through veils of ignorance, and decay.

It’s on this path that I’ve found the secrets of the cosmic tree, and understand why most do not and most likely will not succeed in magick.

I have hard time fully defining and even remembering all the details but all I can say is, it materializes in my aura either way because it’s coding reality from a template level that the human mind doesn’t consciously really comprehend fully because it’s the language of magick. It is definitely a language of its own and those that know how to speak it and express are magicians by nature.

Lots of gnosis just in one day alone.

I also experimented, to see if eating before the breathwork generated the same results and as I expected, doing breathwork within the same hour of eating didn’t get me even near the same state of being this practice usually takes me too while I’m fasting, however today I ate like 3-4 hours prior and the results were drastically more potent, I’d say it was middle compared to what I usually experience while fasting.

I’ve also noticed my ability to overpower magicians that spy on my from the astral plane and have even evoked me to get information on me severely bite them in the ass, I feel more powerful then ever and I feel unstoppable. But ultimately it was a light that catalyzed various parts of my psyche


Approximately how long do you do this practice for each day?

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I’ve been timing it, on average around 20-25 minutes.

The longer the better from my experience


I did the breathework today again, past few days I was getting a lot of gargoyle energy in my field, didn’t feel like it was the ideal energy for me to be connecting with. So after taking some breaks and integrating, I felt much more open and calm afterwards.

During my breathwork sessions I get imprints and memories from my toroidal field charged and cleared, sometimes this causes me to faint, or have muscle spasms, get flashes of visions.

With an element of timelessness, I’ve noticed this ritual has turned me into a skyscraper type structure in the spirit realm where the heavens meet earth, integrating the transdimensional self has allowed me to create more from the realms beyond linear time. In a way I’m leaning to manipulate astral light that, light that moves through linear time differently.

The angels also showed me how to create what I want to create with my astral body and showed me the dimensional mechanics when it comes to manifestation, and revealed to me the creative processes that over between the Ketheric, astral and physical bodies.

I felt pretty relaxed during this ritual, I had a lot of mind chatter I didn’t even realize that was there, after the ritual I felt much lighter and calmer, my clairvoyance has definitely improved as well, some days I want to just explore with these archangels for hours and hours because their downloads are extremely helpful, powerful and have lasting impact.

I intend to get on this more often, I am trying to do it daily, I was also recommended by lord shiva, to cast solar crosses around me for protection while doing this ritual.


Your journey sounds amazing. Making u a better person yes, more aware of your powers. No fears. Light moves fast. Can u send it for astral healing?

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Honestly you can do anything with it

The zodiac are known as the triplicities of the godhead. Meaning each sign according to its element has its attributes of generation/creation - Operation - Destruction= G.O.D. Force that forms the elemental sensory reality. I’ve noticed an increase of light in my toroidal field in general, it’s been a continuous process for me, I’m still discovering what I can do.

The ritual in a sense generates the holographic reality through the light of the angelic zodiacal forces to turn the practitioner into Christ consciousness but you must overcome and deal with your shadows and any stagnant information or emotion stuck in your astral nerves, body and have a more general focus on the causal body. In essence a lot of these powers are the powers of the astral and Ketheric bodies, so in a lot of anything is possible including astral healing because you are mastering the astral and Ketheric lights.

My ability to reduce pain in my physical body by astral healing and my ability control my astral body through the causal body, has allowed me to perform magick directly from my mind alone. But the angels also reveal the ways in which you do so, it’s very much like mushrooms, they bring you down to the core for you to face a lot of things but through the process you also learn valuable knowledge that make you more whole, the whole point of the practice is to become an embodied magician that has integrated the godhead, you can do anything because you are integrating the forces of nature into your consciousness. After that point all is mind the universe is mental, as above so below, as within so without, as the universe so the soul.

That’s a hermetic formula for magick. These angels are electrical information currents that form the universal geometry within your being. You are made in the image of god. The soul creates the physical reality, harnessing its power is what allows us to co create with the universe. The zodiac is your crown, and the North Star is your pineal gland, you are literally the cosmic egg inside out. Polaris is your crown, the violet Royal light, the infinite omnipresent star that generates this reality.

That’s also why you gotta expand your astral body to fit to occupy the entirety of the universe when doing the LBRP. People just don’t know how deep it is and don’t understand that the 12 zodiac are the 12 strand DNA, we are made of the titans and the gods, unlocking this power is the first step in any real magick, because DNA is consciousness and magick is based on consciousness, that’s why people like the Tuatha de Danaan, also known as the shining ones, a group of ancient people that kept the fire of the gods alive in Irish mythology taught the knowledge, crafts and magicks of the gods. It comes back to the 12.

Even in Aztec inner alchemy you visualize the lotus on top of your head blazing with the cosmic holy fire. Same in ancient Egypt as well as Hinduism, the thousand petaled lotus is the crown of god, you are Krishna, Christ in the middle of the flower aka toroidal field. It’s all a hologram.

This is Anunnaki magick. And it was taught across many isolated cultures such as incas, Chinese, Mesopotamians, according to Enki there was like 5 school of magick on earth located in various different locations around the world where they taught humans these ancient universal truths and magickal practices, If you do the research you can see the connection everywhere. This is the first step to real advanced magick in my opinion. I’ll be stepping out of time for what feels like entire lectures on magick but in real time it’s like 30 seconds. The way I operate is become beyond multidimensional. Its like I’m breaking through all the barriers that keep me from becoming the source including barriers such as time and space.


Today I did the master protection ritual from GOF, along with the sword banishing.

Summoning those genius’s into my life with a non JCI sigil of my creation that I will be posting soon, as I was opening my my personal grimoire, I sensed the presence of lord shiva, he told me this operation would be life changing and so I called him to guide me through it.

I was surprised because of the genie turned out to be very powerful, their magick was so illuminating to the consciousness, almost as if they were timeless aspects or powers of the soul. With each call I felt my words come to life, mid ritual just after reading a few sentences, I could barely breathe and I was in a lot of discomfort physically, it kept getting more intense so I closed the portal. The sigil was supercharged, I felt the raw power of the sigil in my hand, blazing through the realms, blazing the powers of the genie in every realm beyond the veil.

As the ritual ended I sensed the presence of the archangels of the zodiac as well. I have a feeling they guided me to the genies…