Inspired by the Crooked Man - Daddy's Got You!

So, I read with interest the three threads regarding @CKendall’s experiences with the entity that eventually claimed to be his spiritual father…

Which got me wondering to myself, who or what would my spiritual father be?

Now, fatherhood is a complicated issue for me. I have my adoptive father who brought me up. I have the man (Victor) that for thirty odd years everybody (bar him) thought was my blood father. Then we had the man (Roy) who could not bear to raise another one of Victor’s children with my blood mother, hence my adoption. Only when some blood siblings met me 33 years later, their reaction was 'Oh my Lord, you are Roy’s!"

So, even in this world, I have three to pick from. Like I said, far from a simple issue.

Within two minutes of my thinking this, a friend of mine who has a baby butt-dialled me. He could not hear my replies to his call. He was playing with the baby, sounded like it was a nappy change.

“Are you ready? Are you ready now? Are you ready? Daddy’s coming. DADDY’S GOT YOU!”

(Emphasis added to try and express the volume and tone.)

Then the call went silent. Not disconnected, the call was still there, just silence. Dead silence.

I hung up my end.

So. Freaky. ‘Daddy’s got you’. Huh. I thought you guy’s might appreciate the tale.

In my intro, I mentioned that I had had a decade away from magic, spirit and what I affectionately call hocus-pocus. I had forgotten how weird it can get, and did (calmly, as I am sure you can imagine), take a moment to question why I would return to the path.