Insanity :

This is correct and it is true, the world is totally and utterly insane.

All on the path are called into a world that nearly 90% of humanity truly is terrified of - the unknown. We blaze the trails where others fear to tread. Tomorrows movie makers are the dreamers, they are making tech which will record your dreams in technicolour. Inadvertently this tech will prove astral projection as the people in your dreams are real people, the dream is your soul activating the memory banks of another sleeping person, who is activating the memory banks of another person etc etc. There are four permutations of what dreams could be to me at least - science says there is only one, electronic synapses etc of the brain.

Truly they are insane…!



I thought this was about the workout program and I’m not even bullshitting.

I’ve learned about a thing called social masking. At one point I was always about being truthful as possible, but then I realized what’s the point. Am I trying to be a less egotistical person that way? What for? Just to let the world trample over me? Fuck that. Anyways, I find it okay just to play a role to others, to a degree. Now I’m also an artist, so in my medium I will do whatever the hell I want, and generally, artist are not shunned THAT much, or AS much as regular people for crazy beliefs, paintings, lyrics in songs, etc. But it can still happen. Like Kanye West getting sent to a mental hospital or sth(just sth I heard). I’m sure it still happens. But I’m safer in my medium, the artist is lucky as hell that way to be able to express himself. But other than that, in social situations, I just mask, nobody knows shit. I can’t tell em if I wanted to. It just leads to results which are undesirable for both sides really. They simply cannot understand. So, whatever. Let me play the fool who knows nothing :P. Plus don’t we all mask already anyway? Ask that question. Peace


some people are weirdly ‘called’ from childhood or whatnot, then never had anyone to explain things properly to them (because seriously in this culture, who’s going to even)

so I have been that person, with terrifying visions, hallucinations, voices, etc and random powers here and there from childhood but I never had a good process for it - for instance seeing the entire earth and everyone you know consumed in a giant ball of fire is a bit much for an 8 year old LULZ

so by then you’re essentially ‘mad’ and taught you are mad or wrong

but my real point is from where I sit, the madness is:

  1. RESISTANCE powered by attachment to your upbringing’s cultural mores, ideas of good and evil, etc
  2. SELF DOUBT due to above, and not knowing what you’re seeing/doing/what you’re dealing with, because you have no toolkit and everytime you try to learn the tools you have to go thru the same crazy bullshit and then fear and then avoidance wash rinse repeat
  3. UNOWNED SHIT the Shadow Work, where you DO have to deal with some raging inner darkness/bad shit (IE childhood abuse is the typical one) and you will in fact be confronted by it over & over again till you deal with it and until you do, you can’t progress because every time you knock on that gate, what you will confront is that unowned shit

so if someone is experiencing madness on the path I would say that is the most likely culprit


After much time exploring I’ve realized that most beings do not make you insane but rather change your perception and some people just can’t handle it. Some neglect shadow work and jump into the intense stuff like I did and they either get scared shitless or do go mad. I’ve worked and connected with Tiamat, Nyx, Apep, Surtur and other beings who I begged to stay away from me and I’ve grown. Loki ended off being one of the nicest Gods, Susanoo is very similar to me, I worked with a forgotten Hindu Goddess who also wasn’t bad and not forgetting Ymir who’s silent but always watching. I’m not saying jump on board with every random being but rather accept what the ones you’re pulled to have to teach. Sutekh helped me take a leap of faith and well I’m still well on my journey. Follow your intuition too, I know if I work with Angels or Demons (besides AA Samael) I’m not comfortable and since it’s not tied to my path I don’t do those workings. I also know I’m connected to primordial Gods of Nature, Sun and Night and each play a role in balance. Just some insights after all this time


The difference between the sorcerer and the madman, is that the sorcerer is able to observe the madness without putting all eggs in one basket, it’s observes simply as the eye, it observes without being opinionated, to the Hindu mystics this is known the be the highest form of intelligence, because if you do not identify with any beliefs you then begin decoding and analyzing reality ethically and objectively, you find wisdom and potential in the madness/darkness, the madman is stuck feeding a story… it’s identifying itself with what he is experiencing, that’s why I see titles as a form of enslavement because when you become no-thing, you become pure energy, the eye of the soul :gem::star:


Samael, Adremeleck, is the peacock who teaches the wisdom of insanity. This is the nightside of Hod. Where Hod might help us trudge on with clearer understanding through trial and error, Samuel exposes us to it all and as pointed out, it is our task to successfully integrate it, or go mad.
However, look at clairs for example, regarded by psychiatry to fit in with society, puts you on anti psychotic or anti hallucinatory drugs.
Vs Meditation and holistic integration into the whole.

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