Initiation into necromancy

Here is an initiation into necromancy. But a warning first: This is a point of no return and after this the spirit of death will be with you for the rest of your life. You are also expected to work for knowledge.

Here is what you need:

  • A candle
  • sigil of Akasha subterfuge(can be found in material of Dante Abiel)
  • Incense(stick)
  • Something to prick your finger with
  • Lighter or matches


  1. Place down the sigil of Akasha subterfuge.
  2. Place the candle on thop of the sigil.
  3. Call upon Akasha subterfuge and through Akasha subterfuge, call upon all of the spirits who are followers od azrael, to manifest rhemselves through the fire of the candle. Visualise the portals opening and light the candle.
  4. Prick your finger and drip your blood into the incense(Drip your blood, don´t smear your cut into the incense)
  5. Chant:By my blood, flesh and soul, in the name of Akasha subterfuge and all of the spirits that are the followers of Azrael, I shall be initiated into necromancy and I shall learn necromancy from Akassha subterfuge, Azrael and all of spirits that are followers of Azrael. Visualise yourself changing and transforming and light the incense using the flame of the candle.
  6. Prooceed to execute anything that is asked of you or needed of you

PS: Have fun.


I don’t understand this, and it seems a bit melodramatic but fascinating. As someone who’s worked with ghosts, ancestors and other recently-become discarnate spirits for decades, there is no ‘spirit of death’ around them? THey’re people without bodies - so what? The death has been and gone, it was a transition nothing more.

What are the Dante Abiel-type necromancers doing that brings this destructive energy to them?
It is specifically something to to with Akasha or Azrael? Are they creating it for the sake of drama? I don’t get it.


I mean, You gotta appreciate the melodramatics sometimes. But in all honesty, the quote has a grain of truth in it. Oh, by the way, Azrael is just another side of Akasha subterfuge. In all honesty it refers to the pathworking laid out in the Dante Abiels book necromantic sorcery.

I mean if you follow it to the tea, it is some dark shit. You have the book? That book itself is a gateway to currents where you are demanded to make certain sacrifices that some magicians would deem reckless. Or has he puts it, this sorts out the magicians from necromancers´´. Not only that but some of the material and instructions are in his own wordsvile´´. Not surprising though, the whole point of the idea behind his necromantic sorcery book is simplly this. the dead walk among us´´ andIn order to connect with the dead, you have to feel as they feel and and live as they live´´.

But if you really want to follow the material of necromantic sorcery to the tea, at some point there really is no turning back. What I mean by that is that you will be breaking boundaries in reclessness and vileness. And as fas as I know, Certain currents of necromancy demand it. I´ve worked with such spirits myself but the only reason why I didn´t need to break many boundaries is that I already had practises that replaced the need to break boundaries. The more seriously you steep in necromancy, generally the more boundaries you are demanded to break.

Before I went into Necromancy the way Dante Abiel went, I thought that I knew a lot about necromancy and I was relatively strong in necromancy(And I did know relativley well what it was about). Oh, boy did that illusion escape me as fast as it came and I realised that necromancy is like a bottomless well of power and knowledge.

The more I steeped into it, the more sacrifices it required. The basic component of necromancy is that the more you practise it, the more it lures you in. So to a casual eye it´s not really powerfull but combined with the right spirit mentors who will teach you and direct you to knowledge, it becomes EXTREMELY powerfull.

The only way to not make it bite you in the ass later on is to be creative.


It relates more to the difference between ‘fresher’ shades and those that have had time to have their original information corrupted by the decay of their energy. Those that linger close to the material often have a purpose that holds them strong or are already corrupted by intense emotional energies after that point though the original information rapidly degrades and is replaced by more destructive currents that want to vampirize other sources to sustain their existence.
You might be dealing more with ones able to sustain themselves longer or that still have an aspect of the persons original spirit inside sustaining them rather than after that transformation starts. Think of it kind of like Gollum from Lord of the Rings and the ring being the point he ‘died’ he is fine for a while after and fairly normal but over time he changes into that creature. More or less similar principle.
As to Akasha Subterfuge that is one vile spirit that has no good wishes for the living and does not in my experience care about his followers as anything other than tools and food. Everything he gives comes with a heavy price and even his name alone shows just how dangerous and untrustworthy a being he is. Not something I trust any being with a connection too any further than then the oaths and conduct they swear to uphold in a working.


Except you don’t have to do that at all? I mean, why? Some of them are still here, and in that case they’re literally right there, there’s as close to the Earth as a discarnate entity can get, since they still have a qi body.

The more seriously you steep in necromancy, generally the more boundaries you are demanded to break.

Maybe this is it - what boundaries and why are they important? I mean, a human is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, you just have to remember it, no need to jump through hoops, just do it.

You were a necromancer before you you’re aware you can just talk to them normally, or journey and call then to a place in the astral you can both visit. What’s different before vs after? I can’t believe it’s just “power”, we’ve already got that.

It’s not that you can’t tap into the energies of decay and the fear of death, but I’m an energy worker, I have some understanding of how to use and transmute energy, and I don’t see why that’s valuable. Why make it so hard? I wondered if it was all about huge gobbits of rhp guilt given he went back to xtianity after, to be honest.


Live as they live, like… sleeping in the dirt occasionally I Imagine? No sarcasm intended. It would give a different perspective.

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Oh! Ok that makes sense now. If I understood this correctly, what you basically have is a personality cult around a lesser/parasitic entity. Of course you have to feed it to get it to ‘give you’ power. Nice scam if you can work it.

Pfft. FFS. Right. Thanks, that clears that up for me :slight_smile:

My opinion, for every human reading this, know you are more powerful than anything discarnate that needs to manipulate you to feed it and enjoys damaging you to boot. The fact that humans generate and cultivate their own energy is the tell. It might look like a nice shortcut, but do your own work, build yourself so you are doing the magik not an entity, that’s power.


Here is the deal; First about first point. Yes, I agree on that. Frankly I think that Dante abiel went too far on that statement but in reality that is true what you stated.

The quote is also true. Now to the second point:
In the pathworking you would be working with the lords of death. Necromancy has dark roots in history, it wasn´t always divination. There is a reason why necromancy is called the darkest black magick that exists, it is.

That is the one reason why necromancy has never been for the masses. Akasha is a traditional spirit in necromancy to learn from but there is one one aspect of him that is obvius, he is destructive as hell. And quite honest about it. In fact most people are not even fit to to work with Akasha subterfuge.

And about working with the dead? well, best way to compare it to is to compare it to just a different fuel source. Different fuel sources have different attributes, effects and aspects. The energy of the dead is very much the same.

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Ghosts (which I define as humans who have not died the 2nd death to discard the qi body) don’t generally hang out where they are buried, some don’t even know where they are buried, or even that they’re dead - they gravitate to the living, especially people they used to know, trying to get them to talk to them. It’s like soul traveling, only with no body to go back to.

Depending on why they are still here, they generally go back to what they were doing when they were alive, usually in an astral copy of the place when they lived in it but not always. They have a connection to their bones but you have to call them from wherever they are.
That’s why people are reluctant to buy houses that people have lived and died in.

I don’t know if necromancy always is trying to reach ghosts though. Many of the random graves don’t have Earthbound spirits, so necromancy is calling them from the other side. Hence astral travel being an easier way to reach them. As I see it, any remains or dirt from the grave is basically a link, same as if you needed a link to do a sympathetic spell on someone - needed more for the benefit of the practitioner rather than the spirit.


Besides, this is not a scam. More or less a dare for people who are experienced in necromancy. Working with Akasha requires experience. A LOT of it. Akasha hardly has a cult around him, it´s more of a experienced necromancers because most people are not cut out for it. He is a destructive power with knowledge, nothing more, nothing less.

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This highlights part of my mental block - difference pov re ‘dark’. What is death but change? A door to go through? So the ‘lords of death’ are what, psychopomps? That’s a good thing, there’s not enough people trained as psychopath in this society imo, it’s a tough transition and a lot of people mess it up and waste time they didn’t need to. I think humans would do well to get out of having so much fear around death, it’s not that bad.

So I don’t see the darkness. You’re having a chat a human who happens not to have a body, why is this in any way dark? Bit rhp/xtian, no?

(What IS ‘dark’, to me, is violating free will, in any way, which hinders ascension for ALL of us - the ripple effects slightly fuck everybody up - thanks for nothing. Any useless psychopath with no hope of ascension can do that. That’s the real dark and that’s why it’s not worth embracing, it’s just not how you remember that you’re a god. Anything else: not dark at all.)

Anyway, so, what is this ‘energy of the dead’? They’re just people. They might be fucked up people… Or is this basically the sickness and stagnant energy from the dead qi body that would probably linger in the grave until the usual astral wildlife can process it (like funghi and bacteria process physical bodies, there’s astral equivalents to recycle unused energy bodies). The emotional and metal bodies can hang around as well for a bit - but these bodies are not the spirit. You can kind of talk to them, animistically, but they are unsustainable and as Nemesis said, decaying.

Wait - “fuel source”? Vampirising the dead qi body of a passed human, is that what I’m hearing? Oh no wonder necromancers doing that die or go crazy. Do you even filter it? I think live human qi is gross enough, but this is like eating rotten meat, it would likely make someone taking it in sick, especially if they take in the energy of whatever killed the person.


So yeah, I’ve been drawn to this and then intellectually dismissing it for a while, but I’m definitely going to get it now. This is fascinating and I have to get to the bottom of it.

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Now that is a word salad(just joking), You don´t like working with psychopomps? Can´t blame you though. They are destructive indeed. You should also know that necromancers who go too far the road are bound to to be insane or die. It´s how necromancers are. You will finally realise it when you are lifting your eyes from a book and a disturbing thoughts come to your mind. I do disagree with you on the dead people, while shades are not complete there will always stay a sliver of shades energy. Energy to the grund and somewhere else astrally and what remains is a weak spirit in the beginning.

And yeah, some of us do filter the energy but. I personally don´t because I´ve found ways to combat its effects and thus no need to filter out energy. Took a lot of experiementing though and creativity. Effort and creativity, necromancers best assets.

Besides, I don´t mean dark as in negaitive(emotionally). Just as an energy that has what I call opposite ``charge´´. Also, the reason why the practise is dark because it also darkens your chakras too. When I see darkens, I mean it in the more transformative way. My corpreal being has changed a lot from the practise and that I own to necromancy for the most part.

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You should, it´s an interesting read indeed.If you can get it from somebody.

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Personally the rare times I do work with a god of the dead rather than solely on my own I prefer Hel. I seem to have a connection of sorts with Hel and Loki and I can understand their particular code of conduct so Hel is rather understanding. Still need protections of course but I don’t need to worry about her intentionally trying to rip my spine out.
Death energy itself also comes in different spectrums. Some of it is lighter easier to tolerate more akin to stagnate qi but the deeper stuff is more akin to a devouring void. I would say it is very literally anti-life in much the same concept as matter and then antimatter tend to consume and annihilate each other. How deep you go into it kind of determines what kind of variety you get and vast majority of work is more dealing in the lighter stuff. When you dig down deep more into the realms of what we would deem malicious and pure ‘evil’ is where you get the devouring void type energy.
One analogy that while might not literally apply can kind of be used as a conceptual model is Hades ruling the underworld and realm of the dead but then within that is Tartarus where the real messed up stuff is kept.
These beings are fueled by the stagnate and devouring death energies same as the living are fueled by vibrant vital energies.


You put it into words perfectly. The deeper you dwell, the harder most people tend to fall. I don´t think that most live through it in perfect health. I do have a theory on why Akasha strikes the spine with his venomous bite. but to be honest I would be spoiling it if you have the danta abiells book already, You have it?


Yes I have it and the spine is basically the chief core of the energy body and physical body. The location where the majority of connections with the astral and physical matrix exists that is used for possession and control especially the base of the skull. In Taoist methods it is the Taiji pole which channels the energies not only of all the chakras and kundalini but also of heaven and earth energy. You break into that and it is rich feeding and easy possession and control of the victim if they aren’t strong enough to kick you out.

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My understing of the bite is little different. See, I did this ritual a long time ago wher I called upon the spirit one would call the serpent. Inspirations of such a ritual can be found in youtube channel of a black magician named Raven something. In the ritual I called upon the serpent that then filled me up with its venom, thus aligning myself to to the infernal current. As intended, it worked as a initiation. you catching what I´m trying to say?


Same logic applies as the central core of the physical and energy bodies. The energies there are reflected throughout the rest for better or worse.

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Interesing, I have felt his fangs on my spine and they do spread venom indeed.

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