Information on my "genius" Angel

I came to the board via research on “energy” work. One thing led to another and here I am.

Anyway, I get different ideas from different people - some people think it is some sort of 'blockage" others think it is “Karmic debt”.

I was looking at a video by this guy:

(that is not the video, that is the sales page but it has information on it)

Anyway, he says he will do a bunch of stuff to figure out what is going on with people and what spiritual path is appropriate for them.

then he says he will put me in touch with my Angel Genius.
A “genius” is a class of spirit isn’t it. Why would I want to talk to my “genius” Angel if he is the moron who watched me walk into this mess I have made for myself.

It just seems that my particular “genius” might be a little lazy. That maybe I should get a new one or something.
OR is it more likely that I don’t need a new Angel, I just have not been listening.

Would this “The Three Keys” thing tell me what was going on and how to fix it?
Is it really possible for a “genius” angel to be lazy or is it much more likely that I just don’t listen.

Blockage is more probable than karmic debt as karma is a subjective ideology that tends to only affect those who believe in it, even if you believed it in a past life to where it molded and shaped your current life (which is what karma is the actions of your past life affecting your next life) it wouldn’t hold true if in this life you do not believe in it.

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Thank you for responding. and thank you for doing it so rapidly.

Would something like the Three Keys help give me clarification?

For instance, I don’t remember any past lives. If I were going to be “punished” for them, shouldn’t I at least have some sort of idea as to why I am being made to suffer.
What I mean is, I do not necessarily believe in Karmic Debt. I don’t know if it is real.

Could I be cursed?
If I were cursed it would have had to of happened at an early age.
I have a royally messed up family.
It could also be that my subconcious is so full of hatred that I make bad decisions,

Is that what might be considered a “blockage”?

I read a book called “The Body Keeps the Score”. It is on PTSD. I have PTSD according to the book and to my pyschologists.

Is PTSD a blockage and can it be removed? BTW - the PTSD thing makes 10 times more sense than Karma, but what do I really know

PTSD can be a mental blockage, as for past lives there are ways to discover your past lives, things like meditation/guided meditation, there’s also some entities that can help do so as well.

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In my experience, PTSD has been a kind of attachment. Spells to dissolve attachments fixed PTSD symptoms with respect to a violent experience I had back in 2013.


So how would I tell if mine is an attachment too.

I am trying to figure out how to diagnose this thing, so I can then attack it (or placate it, or whatever is best in my situation)

I like that Baltahzar guys videos but he lives very far from me.
I am thinking something more close and up personal might be needed to actually figure out what needs to be done.

Can this sort of thing be done by phone (or however he does it) or is it better to go person to person for PTSD type problems

as you can see, I am very confused, I am looking for some sort of path to lead me out of this. I don’t care if it is a long distance call or Skype that leads me out or a visit to my local spiritualist

(if it is an attachment of some sort, would a banishing spell get rid of it - I might even be able to help myself, if that is the case)

So I am getting a Tarot reading to help me find out what is going on.

I can ask 9 questions during the reading.

What sort of questions should I ask, to get at the heart of this PTSD or curse or bad attitude in general question.

I only get 9 questions (I am told that is actually quite a lot)

How broad or specific should they be.

If I ask, do I have PTSD, he will just say yes, the doctors already told me that, So how do I ask questions that will give the reader a direction to look in but not restrict his ability to find answers.