Information About Asmodai

Hey everyone, I’m currently doing some research on Asmodai. Does anyone have any experience working with this particular spirit that they would be willing share, or would care to share any informative links. I would really appreciate it.

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I was having a rocky patch with my wife performed sigil magic and with in 12 hours she couldn’t get enough of me not only her but tons of women were hitting on me, I felt like I was in high school again lol. This lasted about 2 months and wore off I waited another month and performed it again this time it was more powerful and I actually saw him in a wall he seemed hot and aggressive not physically hurting me but I could feel he was pissed and not in the mood for my petty shit. After that one things got real bad real fast not only was my wife bitching at me and going nuts 24/7 but other people were not to keen of me to say the least lol effects lasted about a month, to date this is the only backfire I’ve experienced with entity’s. other more advanced magicians warned about Asmoday but I didn’t see it till after I worked with him, first working I gave an offering of semen second nothing maybe he was just hungry and pist I didn’t supply the wears. Good luck and Tread carefully and use caution while working with this powerful being!


I’ve only ever worked with him for love and lust spells, but gods he is efficient. I told the story here before about how a poorly worded ritual I did via his sigil ended up with me being sexually pursued by my gay friend who got stuck on this idea of me pegging him. So, careful what you ask for. But I digress xD.

He responds fast. The first time I officially left him an offering, I projected a few nights later and saw a picture of him drawn to the right of my bed. Not his sigil, literally the picture of him you see in Dictionnaire Infernal, so I knew he was hanging around and listening.

He seems big on respect. Initially standing when he enters the triangle, one of my titles for him is “King of Demons”. It’s not mindless ass kissing, he is a king, and he is powerful. Approach him right and he’ll pull weight for you! He also seems to like “sexy” food offerings in my experience: good chocolate, wine, that sort of thing. I’m not sure if he’d want something different from men, you’d have to ask him.


Money: He gives you what you need to get by; No more, no less.

Lust: He makes you sexy… It’s still up to you to make the rest happen… but I’ll say my body & confidence has changed dramatically since working with him…like…errr…I don’t want to say I’m sexy, but yea I’m sexy. Reduced my bodyfat, high muscle mass, extremely strong now. Girls flirt with me quite a bit. Maybe I’ll get back in the game one of these days.

Still up to you to close the deal; but yea bitches recognize.



Revenant, don’t overlook the obvious - using the search function on this site, also using the spelling Asmoday - there are 2 pages of results for that name going back to April 2012 and you might find something useful there. :slight_smile:


Thank you all for the replies. Looking up “Asmoday” instead of “Asmodai” definitely helped here in the forums. It’s most appreciated.

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Comes off like a Big Baller, Shot Caller to me.

Like, he’s got the money, the women, and the power.

The sort of Swagger a influencial, successful, and rich
Young guy would have.


Are we talking about the same being here? I’m saying Asmoday, first I thought it was a typo but the post above me spells it Asmodai. I’ve only heard of Asmoday and Asmodeus.

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As far as I can tell the etymology is the same, it seems to be simply a cultural spelling variation. Here’s a snippet from Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible (Ddd)

ASMODEUS 'AouoSctio; I. The etymology of the name Asmo-deus is not beyond any doubt but it is most plausibly derived from the Avcstan words aeSma- and daeuua or their Middle Persian (Pahlavi) compound cognate xesm-dew, both meaning 'demon of wrath'. As Talmudic texts sometimes give the form 'RlCSt* or IQUtf for Asmodeus, his name has been connected with Hebrew "ICO (to destroy, exterminate), but this seems to be folk etymology. Asmodeus does not occur as a demonic name in the Hebrew Bible, but the apocrypha twice give the Greek 'Aauo5aio<; (Tob 3:8.17). II. The earliest occurrences of the Avestan demon aeima- are the Gathic texts Yasna 29:2 and 30:6; those who choose the way of evil go the way of Aeshma and thus bring harm to the world, while otherwise the followers of Ahura Mazda's teachings become cxpcllcrs of him (Yasna 48:12). With the help of Aeshma the evil powers of Zarathustra's dualistic cosmos can bring sickness and evil to mankind so that men behave like Angra Mainyu's creatures. It is also worth mentioning that Aeshma is the only demon who occurs in the Gathas. Outside the Old-Avestan corpus we find Aeshma in Yasna 57:10.25 (cf. Yasht 11:15), a hymn to Shraosha, who will smite and crush Aeshma and protect people from his deceptions. Yasht 10:97 tells us about Acshma's fright of Mitlira's mace which is the most victorious of all weapons (cf. -►Mithras). As his standard epithet we find "of bloody club", so we can imagine him pictured as a savage ruffian. Of further interest is also Yasna 10:8 where we read that Aeshma brings drunkenness to men. The further development of Zoroastrianism brings a revival of the older Iranian gods and also the growth of the number of demons. Thus Aeshma occurs as a separate demonic being in the Pahlavi scriptures: Aeshma (xesm-dew) has now become one of the chief evil powers. He is equal to Ahreman and is the companion of Az; the deities of Ohrmazd's (Ahura Mazda's) good creation are his antagonists, mostly Wahman and Shrosh. According to the Bundahishn (1:3). he is one of the seven dews who were created by Ahrcman; the Pahlavi Rivayat (56:13-15) gives the account of a conversation between Aeshma and Ahrcman in which the former is enjoined to corrupt the good and efficient things of the creation. Aeshma is now the embodiment of -►Wrath who in legends can bring all kind of (puta-tivcly) historical disturbance and uproar into the world. Thus Aeshma and the usurper Dahaka fight king Yima and kill him. In the Zadspram (9:1), Aeshma is one of the ancestors of five brothers who arc the enemies of Zarathustra himself, while an account in the Denkard (Book 8) states that he incites Arjasp to wage war against ViStaspa, the protector of Zarathustra, and thus oppose the Iranian prophet. These texts lead to the following conclusion: Aeshma (the personfied Wrath) has a separate existence and he is one of the powers of the evil sphere within Zoroastrian dualism. There he plays an important pan in the struggle between good and evil and thus has a considerable influence upon history. In view of the spread of Zoroastrianism in the last centuries bce from the Iranian areas to Mesopotamia and Anatolia it is possible to find traces of his influence in both Jewish and Christian literature. III. The apocryphal book of Tobit probably shows some Iranian (Zoroastrian) influence (cf. Boyce & Grenet 1991:414). namely the importance of generously dispensing alms (Tob 4:9-10: 14:2), the account of the little dog (Tob 6:1; 11:4) and the mentioning of the demon Asmodeus. In Tob 3:8 we read that in his jealousy he has already killed the seven successive husbands of Sara during their wedding-nights. Therefore -►Raphael was sent to free Sara from this demon (Tob 3:17). The angel can tell Tobias a way to expel him by performing a purifying (?)ritual and banishing him to the Egyptian desert (Tob 6:8; 8:1-3). On the whole, Asmodeus does not figure prominently in the book of Tobit; but, once intro- duced into Jewish literature, he made his way into folklore. He is depicted as a malefactor bringing discord to husband and wife or hiding a wife's beauty from her husband (T. Sol. 2:3). Aggadic texts also say that Asmodeus is connected with drunkenness, mischief and licentiousness. In the Talmud there is a famous account (Gil. 68a-b; cf. Num. R. 11:3) of Solomon's dealing with this demon: Asmodeus, the king of demons, was made drunk and led to King Solomon whom he has to help build the temple in Jerusalem. Then, however, the demon took the king's seal and seated himself on the royal throne so that Solomon must wander around as a beggar until God shows mercy on him and restores his kingship. The whole legend does not depict Asmodeus as an evildoer: his actions should open the king's eyes to the emptiness and vanity of wordly possessions. Such legends gave rise to the popular belief of Asmodeus as a beneficent demon and a friend of men—though he still remained king of the demons. Another tradition remains closer to the malificent Asmodeus of the book of Tobit and to the Iranian concept of Aeshma as a demon of wrath. The Qumranic and Pauline scriptures (cf. Boyce & Grenet 1991:446; Pines 1982:81) know a conception of Wrath as a nearly autonomous entity; so it is possible to see in that also the Iranian conception of aeima daeuua, though there is no linguistic link. But we also have to take into account that this Qumranic and Pauline concept has one root in the OT's references of -►Yahweh's wrath and is thus part of the divine sphere. This difference should not be ignored because Aeshma is the main auxiliary of the Iranian evil sphere. But nevertheless it cannot be ruled out that the apocryphal demon Asmodeus stemming from Iran is the other root of the hypostatized wrath as a destructive entity and for the creatures of wrath.

In on of my dreams I saw Asmodeus.
He had the feet of a spider and hands of a crab or mantas. He moved extremely fast and agile.
I watched him grab a man by the midsection with his crab like hands and swung him like a rag doll when he picked him up. He was extremely pissed with wrath. He opened a portal and was about to leave, but I stopped him. I asked him to take me with him. He stopped and looked down at me and said, “I will take u with me, but u must be my queen.” Without hesitation I said yes. Then he dissapeared through the portal with the man still in his hand.

Ever since that dream I’ve been lustful and yearning for Asmodeus. My lust for him has gotten worse over the years. He is constantly on my mind. I can’t think or say his name without feeling lustful.

Here’s a thread about him:


I’m always lustful and I’m in love with Asmodeus.
My lust has increased drastically since I invoked him. He only appears through my dreams though.
He is amazing and very sexy. I haven’t been able to find any human that can satisfy my lust.