Influencing a powerful person

I work for a large corporation. To keep it short, I have his email address and office phone number. I want to call him up and have him take favor in me and make me the commissioner of a region.

Or better yet and probably easier, I can have them influence the president of a region. I have the President’s mobile number, office number and email address. The definition of commissioner is “a representative of the supreme authority in an area.”
I messed up bad at work so i was thinking i call him up and apologize, say im sorry have him take and interest in me and then just out if the view say something like"well I need to keep an eye around there so do you want to be the commissioner?"

Who would be best from the Goetia or gatekeepers ?




In my past experience with him, he has only helped me when I needed him too not when I wanted him too.

So I’ll still ask him but if he says no do you have any others ? Eligos Barbatos King Paimon Lucifer ?

I edited my question also

For my career matters, I always look to King Paimon and Belial, only because they push me to go for what I need…so yes, you’re right in a way. Belial does seem to give what you need sometimes.

It’s such a ballsy & bold thing you want to do, I would try Belial for the hell of it. He seems to dig when people have that sort of attitude.

Good luck in whomever you choose, I’m genuinely interested in what happens.

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Beelzebub throws his hat in the ring lol


Hmmm. He can help with anything else but especially powerful people right ?

He can help open the doors you need opening to get you where you need to be

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He’s going to work with your ambition and he is particularly good with businesses.

He’s often quite forgotten which is why I feel compelled to bring him up.

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Is this accurate ?


I did not know we had one, I’m going to add to it in the near future LOL

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Hiya OP! The higher up the chain you go the more magical support the person tends to have, even if it isn’t conscious, so you should divine as to the likely results of these works- if you get a strange feeling even if the cards are clear, that means you should definitely take another approach (like giving an offering to influence them) because you can get seriously messed up if you try influencing the mind of someone smart enough to set that up. :slight_smile:

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I don’t really understand that part. Mind elaborating ?

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It’s one thing to have protections from being influenced, but having enough power behind you to alter the outcomes of divination on action on you is a whole different level; if you feel in your gut like the divination is wrong even if it’s giving you the all clear it’s better to trust your gut. Your readings could be influenced to guide you right into a trap, and magical traps can tear your life apart if you don’t address them! :slight_smile:

I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about

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Ok, so, let me try and explain-

There’s five very very general ‘tiers’ of protective magic:

  1. Energy shields/active-based protection: these are things that you have to constantly focus on to maintain, otherwise, the protection drops. They’re generally used to block parasites and sometimes vampires.

  2. Wards/servitors: these are spells you create to protect you from something in particular, like injury, disease, or robbery, and function without your conscious attention to them. They’re generally used to lower the probability of getting sick, hurt, etc.

  3. Talismans: these are layered spells you engineer to protect you from something that’s either happening or already manifest, they are anchored in manifest reality and as such are better at influencing those probabilities. They’re all-purpose.

  4. Spirits/Demons: these are beings you have convinced or bought the services of to protect you, and will be constantly looking for probabilities of what you want to be protected from to dismantle. Most of them can tell when their charge is being divined about, and if a divination occurs about their charge in the specific context they were hired to protect from, they’re likely to retaliate.

  5. Deities/Angels: these are beings that are protecting out of their own volition and interests, and can protect from just about every kind of threat. Not only can they tell when their charge is being read about, some can tell when their charge is being thought about. The most dangerous ones will influence those who are trying to learn about their charge, simply for fun. This includes manipulating divination results to bait potential influencers/aggressors and remove them from the cycle of life- not just death, but eternal solitude in an empty void kind of power.

Your body is a better judge of power than your mind is. So, if you feel off or weird when divining about the outcome of a particular spell, it’s safe to assume protections are in place, even if the reading gives you the affirmative. Trust your gut. You never know who has what that’s just waiting for the chance to rip into someone and scatter their very being to the winds.

Or, don’t. It’s your life, I’m just trying to provide you with the information necessary for it to keep belonging to you, rather than becoming the plaything of a bored super strong guardian. :slight_smile:


Mark Alan Smith, VK, and others, identity Beelzebub with Belial. Just throwing that out there.

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What ?

Try the 72 Angels of the Shemhamfprash:

Heziel - Power to Obtain the Friendship of the Great
Laviah - Power to Influence the Famous
Michel - Power to Influence the Powerful


I’m very interested to act with these angles to be promoted at work. Any suggestions? :slight_smile: