Infernal poems

This idea was born in my head quite suddenly and I decided that it was quite an interesting creative idea. I decided to write quatrains in this thread (and in general how it will turn out in volume) related to this or that demon, with whom I will be able to communicate.

Since the poems will be translated into Google translator, it is natural that the harmony of the rhyme will, unfortunately, be broken, but the meaning (and this is the main thing) will be preserved.

Perhaps, in the future, this topic will change somewhat if I manage to get rhymed texts from other entities.

The first two quatrains have already been published in this topic: My experience with meditation and vision with different entities, but I would like to include them in this collection as well (so sorry for repeating).


Poetic text of Astaroth

“I am the one who is the flame that is black as a crow’s wing,
I am the one who rules in darkness and eternity for a long time.
Let them seek and find me among the cursed paths,
I will give a crown to truth, I am a pillar of dark power”


Poetic text of King Paimon

“I am the desert wind running along the light dunes.
I am a secret oasis, giving shelter to the exhausted.
I am a shadow and a vision of starry, sleepless nights,
Behold my gold in the depths of bottomless eyes…”


Poetic text of Asmodeus

“I will appear before you in a black flame.
Follow me, not knowing doubt,
Where there is delight, where passion reigns
And in the battle of love one will want to fall”.


This text appeared literally immediately after the creation of the portrait of Asmodeus. It seemed that the lines of the poem were formed in the process of drawing and they needed to be transferred only to paper.


" Look up into the blue sky and you shall see me.
Render yourself to me and there I will be.
Waiting for you, my child, my pet.
Drink from your blood and take the lights off,
the darkness will come and soon you will feel a net.
It will surround you and it will manipulate you.
Embrace it for now you belong to Sahkmet. "

Thank you!
I honestly, just got a bit speechless now.
As soon as I saw your post, I knew I had to see it, loved those poems you wrote, but then I’m looking at what I wrote and , . . .
But wait, who Is Sakhmet…funny thing, I did a very little research and I was astonisheD.
so once again, thank you.


I’m glad you liked this poems! Thank you!
And, of course, I really enjoy getting to know the work of other authors. Therefore, write more, you have a wonderful poem!

I actually was going to write Shakmet, because thats what it sounded like until i did the little research and I edited the name.

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