My experience with meditation and vision with different entities

“Infernal push”

So, the meeting with Satolas was not in vain. I have already noticed more than once that sometimes meetings with infernals contribute to the “activation” of Attakeria, the disclosure of his essence. They seem to push him to the fact that he more and more manifests his true nature.

As I expected, the meeting of Satolas and Attakeria was connected with the Fiery World. I learned this a little later, as I managed to talk to him again. However, what I noticed. Satolas, like King Paimon, and Astaroth want me to show my true self. If literally: “Fiery One, show your true nature” (words of Satolas, he does not call Attakeria by name). And, apparently, the real form (well, or at least close to real or the most complete form) of Attakeria is a large, very large pillar of Fire Light, I will call it so, with a face (such a transformation happened with Attakeria during his second communication with Satolas).

Finally, I was able to return to the study of the symbols of the Fiery World and drew some of them. I would like to note that, like the first time, it was quite difficult to draw them (I will publish them a little later, but I will bring them to “normal” form first).


Signs of the Fiery World

The two columns on the left are the earlier characters, and the two columns on the right are those drawn the day before yesterday. I repeat that it was quite difficult to draw them and perhaps they sin with inaccuracy. In any case, I have advanced a little further in the study of the Fiery World. In any case, I have made some progress in studying the alphabet of the Fiery World.


Satolas, the “presence sign” and the containment of Attakeria

Perhaps I would not mention this episode, but it is directly related to what I will describe later. The first meeting with Satolas ended not with interruption of communication, but with the fact that Attakeria “left”, first taking the form of a pillar of fire, and then a large blue-white dragon (somewhat similar to the Chinese one). Moreover, the form of the dragon was chosen because it was “hard” for Attakeria (I felt it) to leave the cave of Satolas. So, in the form of a dragon, Attakeria found himself in complete darkness for a while and then “got out” into the desert (he seems to have returned to the location associated with King Paimon).

However, the next day (after the second communication with Satolas and receiving new signs of the Fiery World), when I began to meditate on the sigil of Attakeria, I again found it in the desert - which is surprising, since Attakeria never showed his image (a pillar of fire with a face) in this area. Moreover, next to it appeared a “glass stone” (let’s call it that because it is transparent and light blue), which appeared, as far as I understood, from the contact of Attakeria’s fire with sand. Why he needs this stone (Attakeria, at the beginning of my meditation, was sitting on it) is still not clear.

However, it became partly clear to me why the image of Attakeria’s sigil appeared in different places. I wrote about this in this post: Question about Attakeria’s sigil

So that’s it. The answer came to me in the form of an unexpected insight. A similar manifestation of the sigil in different places is associated with the “sign of presence” - that is, with the presence of the energy of Attakeria in these places.

I don’t know if you’ve encountered something like this before, but I would be interested to hear thoughts on this.

And finally, the last thing I wanted to tell in this post is the unexpected surge of Attackeria’s energy. During today’s meditation on his sigil, I literally physically felt how the signs of the Fiery World appear on my palms. I do not know what contributed to this activation (maybe work with the signs of the Fiery World? “Infernal impulse” from Satolas?), But when Attakeria took the form of a column of fire, its light and intensity grew and grew. At some point, I felt that this is “enough” and further appearance “is not necessary.” In this regard, I now seem to understand Attakeria’s words that he is “bound” or “limited.” Apparently this means that either Attakeria’s capabilities cannot manifest due to the physical limitations of the body, or I am not yet sufficiently prepared for them.

King Paimon also advised to “calm down,” and I sensed a more balancing energy from him, which helped to limit the manifestation of Attakeria.

Naturally, I still have unresolved questions related to the manifestation of Attakeria in the desert and with a strange “glass” stone.

P.S. I will definitely try to draw Satolas, a strange stone and Attakeria in the form of a pillar of fire.



So, Attakeria’s “adventures” did not end even in a dream. At first I saw myself in human form in the middle of a market. Next to me was a man - I remember very well that he had dark circles under his eyes. He was talking to me about something and continuing the conversation as we left the market and walked to my house. Near my house, I noticed two figures in the distance. Somehow I knew it was Astaroth and King Paimon. But I did not pay much attention to them and entered the house with this man. Together we went into the hall and this man offered me help (I don’t remember exactly what the help was).

But I suddenly grabbed his hand and said: “By the Power / in the name of the Fiery World, show me your real essence”. At that moment, the man’s body began to change and after a few moments he turned into some strange gray entity with holes instead of eyes. This creature began to growl, or hiss, but I, having turned into Attakeria, said something loudly to him, and the creature disappeared. The most interesting thing was that I woke up in a great mood and full of energy (this always happens when in a dream I take the form of Attakeria or Ignis Draco).

And again, I notice that a lot of Attakeria’s interactions with the outside world take place through his hands.

I wonder what this is connected with?

It seems to me that this dream may be related to the activation of Attakeria’s abilities. And the imposter spirit (I’m sure it was him) did not appear in him by accident. This could be a kind of “re-training” of Attakeria’s abilities. Why do I say that? King Paimon referred to Attakeria as “the seer of the soul.” Perhaps this dream was the impetus to actualize this ability.

Or maybe the verbal formula “By Power / in the name of the Fiery World, show me your real essence” - can really be a means for identifying imposter spirits?

What is your opinion on this matter? Or maybe this only applies in the case of Attakeria?


This is so powerful!!! Awesome!!!


Thank you! I hope this formula will be really effective.


Poetic text of Astaroth

For quite a long time I have not really actively worked with Astarot. We talked occasionally. But today I decided to try the method that I used when working with King Paimon, trying to feel his energy. So, I touched Astaroth and said: “By Power / in the name of the Fiery World, show me your real essence” (I decided to experiment with Attakeria’s phrase I heard in a dream). I saw blackness at the beginning. Then I felt depth and “antiquity.” I cannot, perhaps, describe it as accurately as possible, but it is something so old, so ancient that it is lost in the mists of time.

Then I again saw the rocky space and Astaroth in almost the same position as when I meditated on the sigil and the name of Mannatar. And poetry came to my mind (in fact, I always wanted to rhyme my direct experience with entities, and not just paint; but in general, I write poetry on a near-fantasy theme).

Unfortunately, I do not yet have the skills of literary translation from Russian into English, so sorry in advance for the “low-quality” translation of the verse (in Russian it sounds rather “melodic”):

“I am the one who is the flame that is black as a crow’s wing,
I am the one who rules in darkness and eternity for a long time.
Let them seek and find me among the cursed paths,
I will give a crown to truth, I am a pillar of dark power”

Everything without rhyme, but with the least loss of meaning


Infernal answer about the essence of the inhabitants of the Fiery World

So, after talking with @Velenos in this topic: Possible connection of the inhabitants of the Fiery World with angelic beings, I decided to ask Astaroth and King Paimon about the essence of the inhabitants of the Fiery World. Since Astaroth previously worked with Attakeria (when he was in the spirit world), then, according to my assumptions, he should have known about the creatures of this world and who they are. Here’s what Astaroth answered my questions:


“You are fiery beings. We call you: children of light, fire-faced, keepers of the highest flame. With regard to the four of you, we call you the gatekeepers, since you have the keys to this world. Through you is the entrance to this world. With angels you work and interact in terms of creative processes. You are not closed to them”.

And yes, Astaroth advised me to look “deeper”.

I also asked King Paimon to explain his vision of the inhabitants of the Fiery World, but in other words:

King Paimon

“You are the ones who are born with light, emanate from the light and live in it. We never call you elementals, since you are fiery and radiant, carrying the highest fire in your heart, zealots of good, looking into eternity. This is who you are. The entities of other worlds know you. Angels have been working with you for a very long time, but why should everyone know about this?”.

Again, I see a similarity between King Paimon’s answers and Roerich’s work:

“The Matter of this Plan (meaning the Fiery World) consists, like the bodies of their inhabitants, mainly of Matter Lucida - luminous Matter with different vibration frequencies. Therefore, the Fiery World is a self-luminous world in which everything shines”.

I asked Attakeria about whether Roerich’s work was connected with the Fiery World. Attakeria agreed that this book was written about his world, but noted that not everything in it was indicated correctly or correctly interpreted.

P.S. To be honest, they only repeated what I wrote about earlier in one form or another. Well, all that remains is to ask the angels themselves in more detail and look «deeper».

It is also important for me that King Paimon noticed that the evidence of the Fiery World and its creatures was preserved. That is, hypothetically, there are some, maybe mythological, maybe folklore sources in which there is a “memory” of this. Again, he echoes in this regard with Roerich, who also asserts that there is some evidence of the Fiery World.


King Paimon’s desert and «inner song»

My experiment with Attakeria’s phrase continues. This time, I ran a test with King Paimon. After this phrase, I first saw a white light, and then King Paimon appeared to me in the middle of the desert in a golden cloak, with golden eyes (I usually see him with gray eyes), but his palms and were black. Then very quickly I saw images of sparkling golden sand in the dark as well as a large golden hall (throne room?). Then I saw myself again in the desert next to King Paimon, who also asked me to show my true nature (of course, it was a pillar of fire, but more airy and transparent than before).

This time I did not write a poem, as in the case of Astaroth. But I felt what I felt a long time ago, before I started writing poetry. As if my heart or soul sang in me. This is a very amazing feeling. Because this feeling combines lightness, sublimity, joy, inspiration, and maybe something else. I do not know who provoked this feeling - King Paimon or Attakeria - but this inner “musicality”, inner “song” was felt all day yesterday and even today I feel its “echoes”. And an important point: this time I strong felt like “soft power” and boundless reliability emanated from King Paimon.

Let’s see what will happen next. I am interested to understand why I again felt my forgotten feeling.


King Paimon’s Desert (Part 2); Alphabet Experiment (Part 1)

I repeated the previous experiment with King Paimon. I again saw the golden hall, which for some reason reminded me of the buildings of the Renaissance in its layout.

This unexpected comparison has more to do with the general appearance of the columns, architectural transitions and other things related to this. In general, this hall gave a sense of the height and breadth of space. It did not constrain, but, on the contrary, seemed to give a feeling of freedom, beauty and admiration for its layout, elegance and golden color.

And again I also saw golden sand. To be honest, his appearance was worthy to be described in literary or poetic form, so much his brilliance enchants attention (I will really try to turn my impressions into a literary work).

Also, during this experiment, the feeling of the “inner song” was repeated.

And now I want to move on to an equally interesting experiment connected with the alphabet of the Fiery World. I said earlier that, most likely, this symbols can have a “magical function” and be useful in magical work. Well, the time has come to check it and I will check it myself.

I have a sequence of symbols of the Fiery World, which should positively influence / develop magical abilities. According to Attakeria, I will need to do the following: first, mentally draw them, then you need to run your hand over the symbols. These symbols must somehow flare up in a brilliant blue light. Next, you need to speak certain words and they should, apparently, dissolve.

Well, here’s the sequence:

I will not make any predictions about the results of this experiment yet. Naturally, I hope to see some results, but in what magical area they can theoretically appear - I don’t know yet.


They feel so alive did you try them in a fiery kind of looking colour, like fire a joyous combi of Orange and Golden yellow?


Thanks for the advice! Yes, I will try to work with them in that color. The main reason why I depict all symbols in blue is because this color is directly related to Attakeria. Perhaps (this is only a guess so far), the use of a different color and these symbols will be associated with another gatekeeper and will give a different result (yellow-orange color is associated with Ignar - the gatekeeper of the South Gate of the Fiery World).


Results of the experiment with the alphabet of the Fiery World (Attakeria variant); King Paimon’s Quatrain

I begin to feel and understand what exactly this sequence of signs of the Fiery World affects. I will call it “fire activation”. So, I did two experiments - last night and this afternoon.

I mentally drew these signs (before activation they were grayish-milky, misty in color), ran my hand over them and said the following: “In the name of the gatekeeper of the West gates of the Fiery World Attakeria-Amarhaba, I open these seals of power! Let the fiery power appear in this world. May it be so".

After that, each sign (starting from the top) began to flash with a sparkling blue light. When all the signs lit up, they turned into a shiny, silvery dust that settled on my palms and after a few moments turned into a light blue mist or vapor that enveloped me and then disappeared.

Then I felt how each of the chakras or energy centers, starting from the lower one, is being activated and cleared.

Today in the morning I felt a general upsurge of vitality, and I also had an indefinite feeling of “inner transformation”, as if invisible and not entirely clear, but beneficial processes are taking place inside me. It is worth noting that the sensations of energy and its manifestations have intensified, at least with Attakeria. As I meditated on his sigil, I felt a vibration in the crown chakra. Also, when meditating on the sigil of Attakeria, it was as if a fiery aura enveloped me and its sensation remained for some time even after meditation.

Preliminary findings: So “fire activation” seems to have an effect on the energy centers, activating and purifying them. It also, most likely, sharpens the “feeling” of energy and gives some vitality and good mood. Of course, a good mood can be associated with the fact that an energy akin to Attakeria is activated, which will naturally have a beneficial effect on him and me.

Well, that was the first, not bad attempt. In the near future I will again experiment with these signs, but in a different color and with the call of another gatekeeper of the fiery world - Ignar.

P.S. Small literary “achievement”. Now I have a quatrain from King Paimon. I don’t know if I will ever be able to publish this as a book, but perhaps I can create a series of “infernal quatrains” derived from each Goetic spirit.

This is a quatrain:

“I am the desert wind running along the light dunes.
I am a secret oasis, giving shelter to the exhausted.
I am a shadow and a vision of starry, sleepless nights,
Behold my gold in the depths of bottomless eyes…”

Google translate was even able to construct a kind of rhyme at the end)

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Hall of Knowledge

This is another interesting vision related to King Paimon. As it turned out, the Silk or Canvas corridor leads to the Golden hall. At one end of the corridor, I saw golden doors to this hall. However, there was another hall at the other end of it. This hall was completely dark, except for a small elevation in the middle, on which there was a transparent bowl with glowing water. The light from the water was greenish blue. According to my feelings, this room and, in particular, the bowl of water is somehow connected with cognition. In any case, I had a sense of mystery, focus and “depth” in this room.


“Brother” Ignaa’r

So, on the recommendation of @Rav, I decided to use the sequence of signs of the Fiery World in a different color - yellow-orange. But before embarking on this experiment, I decided to meditate on the sigil of Attakeria. I will skip the Attakeria transformation and note that this time I saw another pillar of fire, now a sparkling yellow.

It turned out to be Ignar or, more correctly, Ignaa’r, the “brother” of Attackeria. Apparently he came in connection with my experiment. Interestingly, I felt something similar to that when I met Archangel Michael. However, the sensations of his energy were different. His energy was similar to that of Attakeria and I felt like I met a close relative. Therefore, the joy, mixed with the bitterness of remoteness, was again felt with all clarity.

Together with Ignaar, Attakeria repeated the experiment again (he drew the signs, said the necessary formula, replacing only the name of the gatekeeper and location (in this case, it was the Southern gates of the Fiery World).

The signs flashed in a sparkling yellow-orange color and then turned into a small fire tornado that engulfed my body, but its effect was not scorching, but somehow “soft” and gave warmth. Ignaar said that working with these symbols in his key is associated with "cleansing”.


Awesome!! Ignaar feels really positive and enthusiasthic.


Thanks! It seems to me that Astar or Attar, the getakeeper of the eastern gates of the Fiery World, is somewhat similar in character to him.


Study of the past (spiritual) life of Attakeria

It was not in vain that King Paimon showed me “the hall of knowledge”. Today we worked in it on one of my memories from the “spiritual” life of Attakeria, which I wrote about in this post: Memory from a past life connected with Attakeria

So, it seems to me that this memory is directly or indirectly connected with Asmodeus and his desire to establish a connection with the Fiery World. I suppose this is because when I again “saw” this event from my past life, this battle, it turned out that Attakeria in the form of a dragon was fighting a man in dark armor (I saw a new episode from the same fight). I saw Attakeria grab the sword of this man and literally melt it in his hands, then pushed the opponent away and shouted “Get out!” and and “The Fiery World is not for black fire”.

I associate this memory with Asmodeus because a little earlier, when I was clarifying the issue related to my future spiritual child and Asmodeus’s (this is the main topic of discussion of this issue - Spiritual child and Asmodeus) desire to take him, Attakeria said the following about Asmodeus: “Let him not climb into the Fiery World and its creatures. Let him keep all his interests to himself. The highest fire is not for him”.

I do not know what Asmodeus is interested in in the Fiery World and why his relationship with Attakeria “did not work out”. But I definitely assume this past life memory is related to him (it seems that Asmodeus has been interested in the Fiery World for a long time).

I have to study this situation even more.


Sigil of Ignaa’r

This is the sigil of Ignaa’r. For me, it is a bit like that amazing tornado that I saw during the experiment with alphabet of the Fiery World. At the same time, it differs from both Attakeria’s sigil and Astar / Attar in form.

Well, I’ll definitely experiment with this sigil.


Amazing!!! :clinking_glasses:

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