İnfernal king paimon pathworking

For the last month, I have been looking for a spirit that would guide me and with whom I would like to be an alliance. I tried many options, but none of them made any sense. Finally, I chose King Paimon and I have a few books about him.

I am a soldier right now and I cannot use candles and incense in the barracks. I will compensate for this later. I opened this diary because I wanted to do a path work and in-depth initiation that will last for days. I am still a novice. I cannot hear or feel the spirits. I hope this will be successful.



I meditated with King Paimon for a short time, I couldn’t feel his presence etc., but I know he was watching and listening to me. I said I would call again tomorrow.

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Respect to you sir.

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thank you sir💝

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Paimon is definitely a powerful spirit to work with. I think you will enjoy whats in store.


I’m sure of this, but I can only summon him normally. The biggest obstacle for me right now is that I cannot use candles and incense. I will compensate for this later, but I believe that no matter what, he will help me and form an alliance with me.


I personally enjoy bare-bones invocation myself. Candles and insense can sometimes get in the way. Depends on the person I guess.

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A simple meditation on the sigil of the spirit is enough to make contact. Candles and incense are not mandatory to make contact with spirits.

Even without the sigil but listening to his enn/slowly vibrating his enn is enough to make contact with aNy demon.

Vibrating his name/his enn before going to bed is another way to communicate with a spirit while sleeping. (Through dreams/sleep paralysis etc).

The key is believing in yourself and that you have made contact with the spirit.

The folklore way for example of making contact with the spirits through dreams, mention the spirit names 3× then you say… I invite you into my dreams so that… (You state your petition). So mote it be.

You repeat that three times. If he won’t come in the first day you repeat it the second day and so forth but within three day you will know what you want.

Petition usually people ask for the information about things, situation, people etc.

Good luck



Since I was not available much, I looked at the sigil and repeated its enn, when the seal opened and started to shine, I offered my blood and burned the paper.


I made my call in the bathroom, the shitty light was bothering me, I got a momentary shiver and a feeling when I mentioned his name, I said I wanted to get rid of my procrastination habit and gave some of my blood.

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thank you i will try


I asked King Paimon to communicate in my dreams and I had many different dreams.

I saw my ex many times in different situations, I couldn’t make sense of it, I don’t know if we will be together again or not, but I don’t miss him or I don’t have any feelings for him right now.

Another thing is that there is no place where I can find a pendulum here right now. I saw that I was making a pendulum with my military dog ​​tag and I was communicating in this way (I could understand this, I think King Paimon knows that my senses are not developed and wants me to communicate with him with this method.

The others were so unusual and ridiculous that I couldn’t understand them.



I couldn’t focus because of the intense headache and the lights were on. I couldn’t open the seal because I couldn’t focus due to the headache, but I know you were there and listening to me. I put some blood on the wart and burned the wart and finished it. I will call again tonight.


Actually, I made 2 calls today, I made the previous one at around 11 at night, and I made my call again at 2 at night.

I don’t know, I went to a dark room, one part was completely dark, but I chose to go to a place with a slight light. I felt a chill and a little fear, I don’t know why.

Anyway, I put a white candle in front of me and started repeating the enn that I turned on from my phone. After repeating it many times, the feeling of taking my eyes off the wart and looking at the darkness in front of me appeared in my mind. When I looked into the darkness, I saw a small spark shining slightly, then I stated that I wanted him to communicate with me in my dream and ended the ritual.

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