Infernal energy question

If i summon infernal energy inside me, will cleansing banishing grounding or centering send it away?

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Why would you not want to become part of the Empire?


Yes, you are the operator, what you can summon you can cleanse.


I want to become a part of the infernal empire, however i will have to cleanse, banish, ground and center to get all the other harmful energies out of my body won’t I? And if i do that won’t the infernal energies go away?

Not necessarily, set your intention to clear what you want to clear, and not what you don’t.

One rule: intention is everything.


OR, you could clear all the other energies with infernal energy.


Yeah thought about that wasn’t sure if it was possible. How would you go about it though? Visualize the infernal energy burning all the others or banishing them.

Grounding and centering are totally ok with infernal energy and workings: Sex, consagrated Drinks (red wine or juice) and consagrated infernal cakes

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I am embodiment and living human form of Infernal energy. So is anyone that completely becomes it. We are the Empire and the Empire is us.


That’s definitely one way.

With visualization the only limit is your imagination and ingenuity.

Try it and see what feels right.


hey rav, i tried messaging you but couldn’t

dm me! need your expertise and insight

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I had so many strange pms that i had it restricted. I send a private Message in a sec

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