Infernal divinities + Azerate gods + goetia sigils


Working with the demonic is important but the energy work through sigils should be done without a circle around the sigil. That circle is an attempt to dominate the Goetia spirits, other spirits and Gods. A black magician doesn’t need it as because blackmagicians and witches are attuned to the Qliphot

So just trace the sigil without circle if you are LHP*:

Chao ab Ordo!

*LHP = left hand path

No, it’s not. That is religious propaganda spread by demonolators like S. Connolly. The circle serves the purpose of aiding focus, nothing more.

For people who are supposedly adverse to the “lies” of religion, Left Handers sure like to spread a lot of their own disinformation and dogma.


Admittedly, I don’t much about the Qliphot, but I don’t think that’s how that works.

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Well the spirits don’t like that circle and as said that circle is actually not wanted. Just ask Qliphothic beings if they like or not. They will tell you what they think about that.

Have nothing to do with Dogma, has to do with LHP and the entities of the Qliphot.

I have used seals both with and without a circle and there was no difference in the response of the spirit, so I find that extremely doubtful. :man_shrugging:

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Are you sure it’s not your own dislike? I do notice you tend to preach the LHP like a religion from time to time and your own ideals blend into what “LHP entities” are like.


I use the sigils with circles :smile:


:flushed: :scream: that’s totally strange. Hmmm interesting point and is surely a positive constructive critic.

Depends a girl wjo use Greek magick use circle, bcse if she not use it. Nothing work. Kind like focus. Not proctecion. But it get results.

Hmmm probably is something very individual but Chaos magic is the most powerful