Inducing a heart attack with vampire box

So my last attempt on a target didnt work with something I tried to do. Now I am trying a heart attack. I have a piece of paper with the words severe heart attack written on it. Placed on one of the four input plates. And targets picture on the output slot. Will let it run for a couple weeks and see what happens.

I also thought of using a sigil from but I dont know if it will work. When I type in the phrase (targets name) has a severe heart attack. It draws the sigil. But then when I type in the same phrase again it draws it out differently than the first one. How do I know which one to use?

Whichever one you feel like. You’re putting way to much importance on props and not enough on your intentional working with the energy. Sigils are not magick by themselves they’re just ink on paper, you make them magick by using them. So use the one you like best.

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