Induce Pregnancy

Is it possible to induce pregnancy in a woman through magic ? And to decide what the child will look like and what it can do after birth ?

Lol was just going to @DarkestKnight

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No, sorry. While there are spells to increase fertility, you still have to actually have sex. An Immaculate Conception isn’t physically possible.

We are magicians, not geneticists. We can’t actually alter human DNA. If we could, there are a lot of people in the world who would be turned into toads. That’s fantasy level stuff that just doesn’t happen.


Spot on @DarkestKnight. Either toads or a flock of geese. I’ve always wanted to turn someone into an inanimate object like a broom or chair. While fantasy, it is pretty funny to think about.


Technically there isn’t anything stopping you from changing someone’s personality and thought patterns to resemble something else with magick, so why not turn them into a frog mentally? Change their fate and luck to make them more frog-like. Maybe they end up getting sick with something that causes their eyes to bulge out as it disfigures their face?

Well thnx for the replies i just wanted to know if it was even possible to do such a thing as induce pregnancy in for example myself lol
I do not really know very much about magic yet

You’ve got to meet the Gods halfway in this case :wink:

do you have some sort of solid proof that we for sure cannot do this?

just asking for personal reference.

Sure. You could take a before and after DNA test. They are cheaply available these days, and would provide rock solid, scientific evidence, that someone is not human. The result, of course, would then be disputed, and likely run multiple times, before being declared faulty or the lab techs incompetent, or you accused of fraud and trying to gain fame, etc. :man_shrugging:

There have been scientifically rigorous experiments run by Duke University that have shown consciousness can affect physical matter, but there is nothing that shows one can actually physically alter DNA through the mind. Affect the body, yes. The placebo effect shows that. Rewrite the genetic code? Not so much.


Funny story on the toads! My fiance knows someone who can make it so that when someone tries to talk only toad-noises come out. He does like ancient generational magick (culturally traditional I guess). I still wish I could make a couple humans into a toad though, too bad.

Not possible. This is why I think people need to stop peddling “anything is probable/possible with magick” it creates a fantasy level mentality (not you specifically but generally speaking) and people start to think they can do anything so they waste their life trying to do something impossible instead of focusing on what is possible.

You can alter your own dna in a way that you alter what’s already there, not what’s not there because you cannot create something from nothing. Eye change is possible because dominant and recessive genetics, we look the way we do because we take bits and pieces from random ancestors within a 10 generation span. Which not always are the parents.


My son has blue eyes and both my ex husband and I have green. I’m 100% positive I didn’t fck anyone else and guess what blue is recessive to green but both my daddy and the fathers dad had blue eyes. The genes just managed to line up correctly.

I’m hit or miss on the rest of your statement about magic. I agree yet I think some of the impossible would be possible if we as humans could actually dedicate ourselves to things and our path and all of that, but I don’t think there’s many if any in our lifetime that can reach that level.

and eh immaculate conception I’d have serious doubts about, even if I thought there were people at that level alive today, that’s just one that doesn’t add up to me as far as impossible magic goes.


You just busted my bubble. That would be so much less mess the. The last time I did the pregnancy thing.

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Oh come on, the last time I did the pregnancy thing it took under 2 minutes and a busted condom…

The time before that when I miscarried I was on depo, so I refused to do bc again.

Prior to that the first pregnancy I was on the pill- but I probably missed a day, or taking it all different times of day or whatever messed it up. I actually felt awful, cuz I was 19 not even trying and I’d know people trying for over 8 years that couldn’t conceive lol.

No, when to people wanna have a child they have to have sex, its the mandatory summoning ritual for all humans.


Nah invitro and surrogacy is a real thing!

People a hundred years ago probably would have thought that technology sounded like magic, or impossible.

I am pretty sure that you can select certain types of genes too with that, at a cost of course, but I’m not up to date with how far it’s come, I just know they were doing experiments on it… at least ten years ago. I want to say gender and things like eye color, but I’d have to google it and try to figure out where we currently are on that sort of thing.

I know cloning is a booming thing, my kids had to look it up this past weekend and when I was kid, that was limited to sheep that didn’t live all that long.


Lmfao nice one

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Thanks man, I put my all into that one. No but seriously Op didnt already realize this…public education clearly is underfunded

In invitro and surrogacy/sperm banks you kind of can in the sense if you want the sperm of a man who has skills in music, or other arts you can get it it’s kind of a toss in the air on getting it and hoping the child is born with the same capability lol.

My “father” is good at art but I didn’t get it my youngest brother did and my mom is talentless so xD

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