Incubus please help me get rid of him

So I met this incubus about almost 2 years ago I did not summon him he just showed up after a bad day at work when I met him he was a total asshole and would brutally assault me when I was not laying on my back for easy access I guess. Since then he has sort of calmed down but not so much he practically bullies me into having sex with him! When I’m at work he touches one of my chakras it’s the one above my private area I don’t know the name. So I could be thinking about spiders and be turned on and he will not stop unless I promise him sex. he pokes me until I knowledge him. If I am sleeping but not on my back or in a way he can get to me he will shove me, poke me, or pick my hand up. That one is extra scary we get along sometimes and he may tell me story’s or genuinely talk to me sometimes but if we have not had sex in awhile I get the silent treatment. I like the attention he gives me but it’s gotten to a point where if I don’t agree to be ready to have sex with him at all times he starts to scare me or say hurtful shit. One time I told him to go away and never come back and he showed up as the most horrifying demon I ever saw! The other day some women showed up and said she was his mom and told me to have sex with him. Lol fuck off! I get poked hard asf in the back like someone stabbed me with the end of a pen I wake up in sleep paralysis with him pissed asf. The thing is I am a very dominant women. I am known for not listening to anyone or any man. To be honest I kinda hate men and I’m aromatic so you can see my problem with him. He Is dominant and wants me to submit I am dominant and will not submit to no man it will be a cold day in hell before that happens. So you see I want him gone.

None of that is cool or remotely acceptable, in my book. I’d Banish and cleanse with extreme predjudice. Attacking it with fire works reliably for me. I generally find trying to kill entities shows them how strong humans can be, and parasities like this quickly find easier pickings elsewhere.

If you search for “tutorial parasite” you’ll find this is a common problem with as many solutions as the people suffering this kind of attack. Having a lot of choice gives you the upper hand, and never forget that as a human on your terf you are always stronger.


I am not advanced in witchcraft
I have tried many banishing spells but he goes away for like a day then comes back

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I’d suggest the bornless ritual (this invokes your power and authority), and then the lbrp:


You might also call upon other deities/entities as backup to send it packing.