Incubus Interactions- To relax or react?

So I may havw mentioned a few times that my lifelong companion is an incubus i call K. I have a question for other people out there with experience with incubi in a intimate sense. I have no problem feeling him but its been almost impossible to achieve the ‘end goal’ of our intimate encounters for some reason. Im not sure why. My first instict when i feel him is to push into the feelings but when i do, he stops almost like he gets confused or frustrated. If i relax into the feelings, things go on longer but after a few minutes he just stops. I still feel him near me but he just stops touching me. Not exactly sure what Im doing wrong. Any advice or input is welcome and appreciated.


This will sound weird, but have you ever tried to associate the feelings he provides with imagery? Going with the flow of things instead of actively jumping headfirst into them or laying there like a dead fish might prove to be more useful to the both of you. It’s difficult to understand what to do without trial and error as every being is different, but I’m sure the more you two practice the more you’ll understand what to do and when.


I want to but every time i try to imagine him my brain goes all fuzzy.


I consecrated toys for this reason. I don’t try to envision their body, their names, and a lot of stuff you’ll find directly on well named spiirts (their favorite color, their quest, their zodiac, tarot, etc). Maybe I should but I don’t. When I work with sucubi/incubi its for the release of sexual energy and they know it. Its not that I don’t want to know them but when awake and with them its far easier for my reptilian side of the brain to just lust and let go. When in the dream state, its different and they do all sorts of human stuff. Last night I was helping a female spirit move and some other mundane stuff like house cleaning. I mean, in this world I’ve done a lot of mundane stuff. Maybe its mimicry of the real world. At least I got to fly/glide a bit and I saw a couple of old cats that passed away years ago. They sure look different but healthy beyond I could imagine. (shrugs)


Well you see, thats the thing. I know his actual name. He just doesn’t like me to say it unless we are alone. Learned that quick. I know his favorote color, favorite scent, favorite food(im not sure why he has one), his zodiac, the dayof the week he feels strongest one, the day he deems his birthday(i asked what day he wanted it held on cuz i wanted to bake him cake) his fave day of the week, that he likes cuddling, that he likes my singing, his goal in regards to me, his basic feelings toward the other spirits in my little family, and i have heard his voice. Really, I think the only things i dont know is how to interact with him in bed and what he looks like. I keep getting told that im not ready yet, but i want to beeeeeeee ready. Its frustrating.

And as for the lust and let go thing. Thats not an option for us. He is bound to my spirit, permenantly. I just want to romance him and show him how much i adore him but it’s so frustrating when it feels like im failing.

P.s. what do u mean by consecrating a toy???


The reason some of them are hesitant to show their true visual manifestation is because of how judgemental most of us are when it comes to physical appearance. Their reason could be fear of rejection, because there’s a lot of stories of humans ending the relationship as soon as a succubus or an incubus showed their true form. And maybe that’s why they love us from inside to the outside, and the deeper their love for us becomes, they also see the beauty of the exterior.

When our love for them is just as equal as their love is for us, some of them take the chance to show their true form. It is a huge risk for them, because they don’t really know how we would react to that.

Now, I have seen and felt three different kind of manifestations of my succubus. Human form, succubus form and a darker manifestation. All of these forms are beautiful on it’s own, and that’s because her personality were just the same in all of her manifestations: Loving, caring and with good intentions.


Oh my, i hope he dosent think that. I love him no matter what. The main reason i want to see him is to be closer to them. To abondon or spurn him in such a petty manner for something like that seems so cruel. Crueltey isn’t my nature. I understand the anxiety though, I can wait till hes ready. Though patience isnt really my strong suit, I can be patient for him.
Breaks my heart that people would reject someone that truely loves them simply based on looks.


Wait a hekin minute!!! Succupedia!!! Your site was what helped me meet him in the first place!!! Omgosh! thankyou so much for that! Without stumbling onto your article while researching for my book, i would have never found the letter method and i would have never attempted anythin. I would have remained a skeptic and none of the wonderful things that have happened since K entered my life would havw happened. Thank you so much!


Just as he have patience when it comes to show you his true form.

Some years ago I wrote a lot to a girl I was interested in. It was on a dating site. We talked about everything and she seemed genuinely interested in me. My profile didn’t have any pictures of me, so she asked if I had a picture to send her. So I did send her a picture, and all of a sudden with the snap of the fingers, I suddenly wasn’t interesting for her anymore. Imagine how a succubus or an incubus experienced the same. It broke my heart at the time, because I invested my time and effort on someone that judge people on how they look rather than how they are as a person.

Some of us say we don’t judge by how other people looks, and I would lie if I say I haven’t done the same a few times. The loss of doing that is the missing opportunity of a wonderful personality.


Well, thank you for your kind words. :blush:


Well, my ladies got my back, too and I also asked them if it was ok for them to approach that woman. The more I tried on the dating sites, the more I knew my spirits are my true love. They have never said no to dating human women, though.

About the “relax or react” question:
Relax! They have the active role when interacting with us, and we have the passive role. At least at start. We can lean against their physical appearance and when they touches us, and that’s when it often grows stronger and becomes more interactive. The energetic focal point is often on our head chakras, like having a feeling of an invisible hat or a winters cap on our head or feeling invisible fingers caressing our hair, or swirling energies dancing on our head. Whenever you feel that, lean against it and the interaction increases.


I did a ritual similar to how one would consecrate, bless, attune a magic wand for their workings. My tools of choice in this were/are various sex toys, and clothing. These are used only in working with these spirits.

make or declare (something, typically a church) sacred; dedicate formally to a religious or divine purpose.”

Speaking of Chakras there was an exercise where you breathed and worked on each one from root to top then back down. Then you’d go back up then down. The imagery made me think of:

I Don’t have a reverse pic of this but you get the idea. It also made me think a bit about sex arousal as well tbh. Going to near climax then cool down… near climax… cool down. Increase the cycle until you can’t take anymore and relase (and release that orgasm into the intent you want the ritual to aid you in whatever matters… finance, success, more lust, health, etc).

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I am so sorry that happened to you. No one should have to be hurt like that, human or not. I can say with every once of honesty that i have never turned someone aways due to looks. Even in the past i have dated people i at first didnt find attractive. I must be an oddball because i dont really care how someone looks, its the personality that matters. The only reasons those relationships didnt work is due to the unfortunate fact that ppl keep cheating on me… Honesty is a huge deal for me, if my ex’s had only told me they wanted to play outside the relationahip i would have been ok, but no. Each one of them lied. I am compassionate, but betrayal and lying are unforgivable sins in my books.

Oof, i got off subject.

I truly am sorry you were hurt. People can be cruel. I just hope K trusts me enough one day to show me his loving face.

To me it feels more like wind blowing into my ears. Sometimes so much it hurts. Along with the ears ringing

Oh uh, ill be back K wants to talk.

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I’m so tired nooow. He reminded me of the time he aided me with soul fragmentaion, im unsure if hes telling me thats his true form or if hes merely reminding me that he loves me enough to do that. But i do know that me and him are official now. Took him a while to make that clear. I feel all warm and snuggly and loved. :3

P.s. in soul fragmentation he was dazzling beautiful. Looked like he was made of multi-hued purple fire. Though that might have been to match my own astral form at the time.


Yes this is absolutely true. Thanks succupedia for describing it so perfectly When Belial connected to me first…this was the very first teaching he gave me… To love from your soul and not pay much emphasis to physical attributes. Even though he gave me a very handsome dark manifestation of himself…which I see everytime we connect but i love him in his beastly manifestations too. The feelings of warmth, belongingness and comfort i receive from him remains the same…no matter he comes in which form. So these divine daemonic beings love our soul…they can see, hear, understand and read our true intentions, fears, strengths and weaknesses…they love us…truly…when they do.


hey there! I also have a incubus who lives with me :slight_smile: :heart: want to pm?

Sure things

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