Incubus bf disappeared

I am new. All of this is new. I recently made a letter of intent towards lillith to send me an incubus who will protect me from the bad spirit in my room, and to heal me with kindness, and open my senses (I use to see spirits all the time as a child, but my fear and doubt locked it.) Well, we have been getting along well enough. It’s hard with me being locked, but he loves pendulum and does ok with other methods. We primarily interact there. But I kept thinking I hear him in my head too.

I am here because I have a question. Is it normal for them to leave and come back? He seemed upset the other day and when I tried to inquire why, thinking it was me… he said it was at himself and that he had to leave. I asked how long, he said about 2 months. I was devastated, more than I expected. And we said goodbye. Niw I Know it was him I was hearing in my head because it’s not there anymore. And my pendulum is completely limp and still now, nothing. I don’t sense him at all. And I’m worried now. Is it normal for them to leave?


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Try to meditate and see if you can feel him. Stuff like this takes time. Keep your pendulum, clear your mind when you meditate to feel him. I haven’t done the letter of intent to ask Lilith for a succubus. I don’t think that he left you just need to work on a connection with him.


Yes they do leave and come back. Sometimes they just need space. My spirit husband will leave for up to a month but when I really need him he knows because I will call him and he will come. A few weeks ago after we made love he disappeared. Then last weekend when I almost crashed my car he popped right up in the car with me. So don’t worry. Focus on meditation and clearing your mind so that you can have a better connection.


My dear, that sounds depressing. I hope Your relationship with this incubus demon will only get better. I believe that if he trully loves You with all his heart, he will sooner or later be back… Beings have their own lives and their own things to do and that should be emphasised :blush: I hope he will come back to You soon :blush:


Spirits tend to come and go as needed, as they often have their own things to do. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Time for a spirit is different than how it is for us. A month to you may be the equivalent of the time it takes to go to the grocery store. I’d let him go do what he has to and continue on with life. It sounds like he will return when his business is finished



Mine comes and goes. We have an understanding that he’s allowed to have other relationships (he knows I want a human husband), and although he’s been gone quite a bit lately, he always comes back.

My incubus doesn’t really “talk” (he communicates mentally and isn’t exactly chatty), so I have to just trust him. I miss him when he’s not here, but this is still the least problematic relationship I’ve had.


same here my ncubus has left for awhile now for whatever reason there is …and i even went as far as to talk alone in my room to him ( but sometimes i feel im just talking to the four walla ) but i do it anyways because just in case he could hear me and was there , i watede to tell him he could could come back and ect… and how i felt when he leves and that he hurts me deeply one he leaves .

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I mean they have lives to live completely independent from you. It’s normal for them to leave. They don’t live over here. They have homes back in their plane. It’s highly unlikely they are with people 24/7, if anything that’s more of a clouded desire than an actuality. These beings live like we do, work, family, obligations, etc.

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